Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro review

19 Oct 2018
It's been almost nine months since the Redmi Note 5 series premiered, and it's already time for an upgrade. The Redmi Note 6 Pro is now official, shaking up the lineup with one of the most recognizable and controversial features on the market - a frame-to-frame display with a notch.

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  • Stranger

It looks same design to iphone x max😎

when does xiaomi/redmi give this phone night mode feature for its camera? it's only software right? I don't want to install 3rd app party (like google phote) to get this night mode feature..

Kahn83, 04 Apr 2020Why my Redmi Note 6 Pro do not share internetGo to setting, portable hotspot, set up portable hot spot, select ap band to 2,4 gh band..I hope it works..

  • Kahn83

Why my Redmi Note 6 Pro do not share internet

  • Vishal

My bug report is not working properly

  • Anonymous

How much zoom work on it

  • Nabeen

Why there is no Wps option available in mi note 6 pro

is it still worth to buy this phone ?

Worst smart phone I have ever used. Unable to add/modify/delete accounts in phone after initial set up, App search function missing, continuously gives message to not block earpiece when nobody has even touched it, screen does not respond always... Continuous PROMPT for Mi Video and Tools download, DESPITE ME STATING EXPRESSEDLY that I DO NOT WANT Any Mi Account or Mi Video or any Mi Software Tool, the phone is already filled up with far too many Mi Software, and its eating up space and memory.... NET NET, IT IS A BAD PHONE TO BUY! A very frustrating experience!

  • Loki777

Last time I've experienced my gps and certain apps not working smoothly but since I've updated to miui the issues seems fixed. Tq xiaomi

  • Mo Hussien

Kishor , 01 Mar 2019I have purchase redmi 6pro 4gb 64 gb,very bad experience to... morePlease check with service. As it never happened to me.

  • pentusuk

Brilliant phone.

  • Father

Loy, 09 Jan 2019I baught redmi note 6 pro at 14,500₹ before few days. Both ... moreYou don't know anything, and still writing crap in comments. Gorilla Glass is a registered product manufactured by Corning, just as iPhone os manufactured by Apple. Please gather some knowledge before spreading it to others. Thanks.

  • JPR

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2019the worst mobile ever used... its not been 2 months to my ... moreMay I know what s the issue?

  • nikhil

its sub standard version of note 5 pro .... lot of issue with OS , its hangs

  • Loki777

Ritik nagwani, 18 Dec 2018Does it actually have a face scanner to unlock ?Yes sir I've tested it and it work well

  • Anonymous

Worst camera, camera not working. Always showing unfortunately stopped.

  • Superphb

anoniem, 04 Mar 2019Noo it's a very bad cameraCamera is fine. I've had no problem with it. Popping colours and decent detail.

  • Superphb

anoniem, 04 Mar 2019Noo it's a very bad cameraCamera is fine. I've had no problem with it. Popping colours and decent detail.

  • Eli

Greatest budget phone