Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro review

19 Oct 2018
It's been almost nine months since the Redmi Note 5 series premiered, and it's already time for an upgrade. The Redmi Note 6 Pro is now official, shaking up the lineup with one of the most recognizable and controversial features on the market - a frame-to-frame display with a notch.

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  • Eli
  • 75S
  • 06 Mar 2019

Greatest budget phone

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    • anoniem
    • rii
    • 04 Mar 2019

    Knecht Ruprecht, 11 Dec 2018micro-usb port in 2018!!!!??? no!!!Noo it's a very bad camera

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      • har
      • KZ8
      • 04 Mar 2019

      Ali Khalaji, 07 Jan 2019Which is better? Mi A2 or Redmi note 6 pro?which one are better?between ni ai2 and note 6 pro,please help me

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        • Kishor
        • Dkd
        • 01 Mar 2019

        I have purchase redmi 6pro 4gb 64 gb,very bad experience to use application like fb showings error facebook keep stopping send bug report to mi analysis?

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          • abi
          • U@E
          • 21 Feb 2019

          Ali Khalaji, 07 Jan 2019Which is better? Mi A2 or Redmi note 6 pro?mi not 6 pro supar

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            • Kiran
            • DkQ
            • 16 Feb 2019

            Battery very wrost

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              • Anonymous
              • IWR
              • 16 Feb 2019

              Great review but you forgot something important. It supports quick charge 3.0. It isnt given in the box, but its totally worth buying.

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                • Anonymous
                • X%j
                • 15 Feb 2019

                the worst mobile ever used...
                its not been 2 months to my mi note 6 pro mobile and i m facing many issues in it....


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                  • manibiz
                  • KSw
                  • 08 Feb 2019

                  i am facing network issue in my note 6 pro handset...😣

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                    • Anonymous
                    • X{X
                    • 04 Feb 2019


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                      • tiger
                      • PvB
                      • 02 Feb 2019

                      Ivo, 22 Dec 2018Help me choose between Redmi Note 6 pro vs Mi 8 lite. I nee... moreRedmi Note 6 Pro for Batery, Jack 3.5 display is nice too.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • DkQ
                        • 31 Jan 2019

                        I have getting a problem with map

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                          • Anonymous
                          • MCJ
                          • 28 Jan 2019

                          Given that this phone doesn't actually support a stylus, I find it highly dishonest to market this phone as a competitor to the Samsung "Note" devices. I guess you get what you pay for.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • K0c
                            • 20 Jan 2019

                            It does support quick charge 3.0. Checked it myself.

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                              • Android
                              • X06
                              • 14 Jan 2019

                              Ali Khalaji, 12 Jan 2019What is the best phone ranged between 160 to 220 dollars?The"best phone" can vary depending on your usage. Some value durability, some battery endurance, some camera and others gaming performance.

                              If you ask me, I'll suggest adding $30 or so to your budget and buy Nokia 8. It can run PUBG on ultra HD with ultra frame rate. The battery is decent enough to last 5-8 hours of heavy gaming & about 1.5 days of normal usage. The camera is good enough but if you want the best camera, then this phone is not for you... But that's the only real downfall of this phone. It even beats S8 performance wise.

                              But if you'd prefer to stay in your budget, then:
                              1. Motorola Moto Z2 Force
                              2. Xiaomi Mi 5 (not too sure about it because of SD 820/821, which are said to have heating issues)
                              3. Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2
                              4. Realme 2 Pro
                              5. Vivo V9 6GB
                              6. HTC 10 Lifestyle
                              7. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016)
                              8. Xiaomi Mi Max
                              9. Xiaomi Redmi Pro
                              10. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI Dual Camera
                              11. Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro
                              12. Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 ZB601KL
                              13. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

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                                • Bobby
                                • X06
                                • 14 Jan 2019

                                Loy, 09 Jan 2019I baught redmi note 6 pro at 14,500₹ before few days. Both ... moreHi, can you share how well it handled PUBG at High graphics & how long the battery lasts playing it?

                                Also, how is its built? Do you think it can last at least 2 years?

                                  What is the best phone ranged between 160 to 220 dollars?

                                    • L
                                    • Loy
                                    • rKQ
                                    • 09 Jan 2019

                                    nina89, 16 Dec 2018Can anyone suggest me a good option between Redmi Note 6 Pr... moreI baught redmi note 6 pro at 14,500₹ before few days. Both phones are actually almost equal. Just asus zenphone comes with advanced processor snapdragon 660 better than note 6 pro( snapdragon 636). Just a few benchmark difference not a big deal. For example: i ln PUBG redmi note 6 pro wont support HD graphics level but asus zenphone does. So for gaming asus zenphone is little bit better but it doesn't mean note 6 pro is bad. But, when it comes other features like camera then note 6 pro wins. Note 6 pro comes with MiUi USER INTERFACE which will provide you updates continuesly but asus comes with stock android which i dont like. now lets talk about display, note 6 pro is little bit better. Now, battery backup. Zenphone has 5000 mah whereas note 6 pro has 4000, which will make difference of 1-2 hours. Or may be more but not a big deal. Zenphone comes with gorila glass 3 and note 6 with cornila gorila glass. But i saw one video where zenphone gorila glass failed in test. So this is what i experienced.

                                      Ali Khalaji, 07 Jan 2019Which is better? Mi A2 or Redmi note 6 pro?Mi A2 has no card slot, no 3,5mm jack and only 3000mah battery. In my opinion, the faster 660 processor on the Mi A2 isn't enough to make it better than Note 6 Pro with SD 636 and all its features.

                                        Anonymous, 07 Jan 2019Should I go for Xiaomi pocofone f1 or Redmi note 6 pro?Pocophone is a flagship phone, Redmi Note 6 pro is midrange. Different prices, both good products. I say if price isn't a major concern go with Pocophone F1, but the Redmi Note 6 Pro is a great phone nonetheless at 2/3 of the price a Pocophone sells.