Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) hands-on review

13 October 2018
The world's first quad camera smartphone. Kind of has a ring to it, doesn’t it? Depending on how you tally up the snappers, that statement is true and unquestionably so, if you only consider the rear camera setup. Frankly, we can't exactly say we are too surprised. It was more or less a matter of time. But, if we had to place some predictions, our money would have definitely been on a more obscure manufacturer finally polling out the quad camera card, rather than Samsung.

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  • Anonymous

Why woukd someone buy this phone when the OnePlus 6T has top notch specifications such as a Snapdragon 845 chip for a cheaper price?

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2018Just a mirror on the back is enoughBro, mirror will never give the accurate picture....
Also, it makes video calls impossible.... You can't be looking at a mirror.

My idea on the other hand, replaces 2 front cameras with 2 simple motors, which rotate inside the device, not outside.... Saving of cost, space, weight, everything...

600$ are you kidding? wait, waht? euro? ohh sh..t
4 camera is a good way to rip peoples pocket
300$ price is fine, but not for me for samy lovers

  • Anonymous

Samath N8 808 owner, 13 Oct 2018You know what my thoughts are, on the 4 cameras? You have a... moreJust a mirror on the back is enough

  • Anonymous

Gun, 15 Oct 2018Not interesting at all, the 4 cameras do nothing to increas... moreThen buy sony A7

  • Gigi

Vakil sahb, 17 Oct 2018Even it has not IOS camera. Tele x2 sensor is not great dea... moreHuawei has 80mm eq tele camera, samsung is about 50-60mm. Sorry to burst your bubble, but start thinking instead of trusting everything you hear

  • aajhu

i get the a9 mobile is awesome i give the star 10 out of 10 samsung has a number one cell phone company forever

  • MGL

Really samsung? Kidding ppl???
Not a 50% of my A7 2017!


Seriously SAMSUNG! Nobody needs a TELEPHOTO LENS! Even GOOGLE doesn't need one! So stop adding this lens and lower your Cost!

Just a Regular Camera and a Wide Angle Camera is already PERFECT! Nobody needs a QUAD CAMERA! That costs the same as a FLAGSHIP phone haha.

  • niki

600 euros for a mid ranger? Taking notes from apple samy?

  • Mao

Is this SD660 chipset AIE? no mention on official website or in this review

  • ren rath

have or not ip68?


  • EHK1982

It could be a nice camera phone but the "Pro" mode on camera app really sucks.

  • Tony

Can you PLEASE include the shooting aspect ratios in the reviews/previews you do ? Seriously, it's beginning to be silly...

  • Anonymous

A smart Shooter, 14 Oct 2018I think samsung A9 is a test for the market. If people acce... moreSamsung is the best.
Sony can only follow it very very very slowly. LOL

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2018This is one ugly phone. Looks ridiculous!Same

This phone's camera let me wanting more. Sorry i'll go for the too of Huawei.

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2018This is one ugly phone. Looks ridiculous!is this phone is ugly, see vertu's latest phone XD

  • kobir

good samsung