Motorola One review

14 November 2018
Motorola is clearly no stranger to experimentation and soul-searching. To be fair, we can't exactly blame the legendary brand for this in any major capacity, considering the financial turmoils, several buyouts, management and business changes in its relatively recent history.

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  • Bkrs

I also was with apple, and defected.
Love my moto one. even in 2020 it still works great. I will definitely be getting another Motorola, have not missed apple in any way.

  • Zibobo

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2020I have had only iPhones, chose to defect from them-. I coul... moreU damn right

  • Anonymous

I have had only iPhones, chose to defect from them-. I could'nt be happier with the Moto one.
It's fast, looks beautiful, does everything I need perfectly. Definitely will have another Motorola
after this one, garaunteed.

  • Jesse

The best phone I ever had. I literally have no case and this phone has dropped 29 times. Seriously better than. An iPhone

Milan, 16 Nov 2019 Please see thi... moreOnly, I don't know about the frame.

Holding the Truth, 31 Jul 2019No, it's full plastic.
Please see this video. You will see that Motorola One has glass back. I was also in doubt.

  • Holding the Truth

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2019You really should update your review. It's not made of plas... moreNo, it's full plastic.


nice model

  • kamrul

Baronik, 15 Nov 2018Please, please, please test Motorola One PowerIs this Good?

  • Anonymous

You really should update your review. It's not made of plastic. It's glass and aluminum. There's even a video of a guy removing the glass back with a heatgun.

  • Mohsen kanani

A P SHAJAHAN SHAJU, 03 Dec 2018I am using these phone ..starting sw Android 8.1 working fi... moreall the phones with Android 9 have the same problem. it is because security that doesn't let background app have access to MIC !

  • Sagar

Very bad and too heavy phone like 1 kg so Android is so poor it has camera mention 12 megapixel but open camera constancy look like 2 megapixel only front plse help me

  • dmz

Henji Honk Honk, 17 Nov 2018motorola 1?! more like motorola last!! lolmotorola one, "one" is for andoid one not motorola first from it series..

  • Anonymous

Specwise virtually identical to the Nokia 5.1 plus except for CPU/GPU, NFC and price.


I am using these phone ..starting sw Android 8.1 working fine..after upgrade to Adroid 9 not good..Very important item not working that is Voice call Recorder not working

I like the idea of the phone but the Snapdragon 625 is definetly too weak

  • Abhi

Till now I didn't get any updates on my moto one power
Please help me.

  • Henji Honk Honk

motorola 1?! more like motorola last!! lol

  • Joey

why not just get rid of the notch and put the chin at the top....

thgun2, 15 Nov 2018That's never gonna happen. Lenovo own the Motorola name so... moreI’m sorry, I don’t quite understand what you are trying to say