LG V40 ThinQ review

16 November 2018
Why choose between ultra wide and telephoto, when you can have both? That’s precisely what LG thought when designing the V40 ThinQ, the first smartphone to go both wider and longer than ‘normal’.

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  • Martin

PapaRafe, 16 Nov 2018What happen with 5MP front camera LG so in love with?! The... moreWho has wide selfie camera with f/2.2 1.4µm? Nobody.

How is THAT even possible? THAT much lower battery life than V30? With just slightly more pixels in height? Same battery, almost same 10-nm SoC (which should not be any difference in these kinds os tasks)... I just don't understand, how is it possible, and I don't even care about LG smartphones.

  • Andy

I knew the battery life would be terrible. What were LG thinking? A phone with a screen this size needs 3,700 or higher

Just read through parts of the review. This phone turned out quite similar to what i predicted. It is a rehashed V30 with an additional telephoto camera and a notch. Don't get me wrong. I like the phone, it seems like a good one. I'm just disappointed that LG is not fixing their traditional issues like small batteries (this time even the endurance rating is mediocre) & poor selfie cameras. Still, at least LG replaced that low-grade 1.0 um primary camera from V30/G7, that alone makes it a considerable purchase. Hoping LG to fix their weaknesses next year!

What happen with 5MP front camera LG so in love with?!
They FAILED miserably on V30, and looks like wanted to repeat the same disastrous recipe for V40.

Wide front camera 5mp f/2.2 in 2018 !

It is unheard of, even for cheap chinese craps! LMAO..