LG V40 ThinQ review

16 November 2018
Why choose between ultra wide and telephoto, when you can have both? That’s precisely what LG thought when designing the V40 ThinQ, the first smartphone to go both wider and longer than ‘normal’.

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  • Xeph

Revelation, 14 Jun 2021Please guys does the lgv40 lag when used for some timeNo. I bought mine November 2018 and it still runs beautifully.
I am a power-user. I play games, watch 4k movies on it, I use it for everything, and I haven't seen any slowdown at all.
Also, I have not done a factory reset. I'm still running this phone with the original OS.
The battery still holds a good charge too, almost 3 years of heavy use later.

I'd definitely recommend this, or any other, V-series phone.

I olan

  • Revelation

Please guys does the lgv40 lag when used for some time

  • codeprince

Maybe the oled don't turn off completely to avoid black smear

  • lqbinh

Max fps (240fps available)? Thank you!

  • Anonymous

Please ,how can I retrieve my LG v40 Thing stolen or track it.I have the necessary information about the phone.

  • Metalix

Simply the best phone at that price.

  • Mattmatson

Hdhd, 26 Mar 2019V30 n v35 can last almost 2 days with moderate usage. V30 b... moreLg v30 has low selfie cam

Shav, 06 Jan 2020Does the pie update bring dark mode to LG V40 ThinQ?I haven't found a true dark mode yet. Though, thefe is a dark mode setting in the developers tab and another type of dark mode setting in accessibility settings. But, neither are a true dark made. I just downloaded a dark theme from LG's own little app store that has backgrounds and themes. Most of which are free. I basically was able to combine a few of each themes and made my own dark theme. Regardless it can be done but, not in pie for the V40. Maybe Android 10 will have it on board.

  • LMV405UA

Been waiting for this opportunity since V40 launched into market and finally got mine at $180 unlocked set. Purposely bought it for the sake of doing my vlog.

Honestly, the camera has got both winning and losing point compare to my current Huawei Mate 20. The AF is quite sluggish compare to any other Dual-Pixel out there but once it is focused, the end result is spot on! Both Ultrawide Angle & x2 Zoom are quite similar but V40 had better outcome on lowlight. Other than shorter battery life compare to my Mate 20, V40 advantages are on availability of Micro SD, louder speaker, lighter body, and most of all, the Video taking is truly next level plus the Quad DAC simply blown Mate20 away. Standby hours are better too when left it idle.

  • Anonymous

I recently bought LG40 thin for my upgrade from LG V20.
Csn someone help me with CONTENT LOCK. the screen shows Privacy Content unlock with fingerprint. But going to the screen only shows enter PIN set up & no FINGERPRINT feature. I used the PIN to unlock phone but that PIN will not work with Privacy Content. I didn't key in any other. PIN number, why then my PIN is not accepted? Appreciate any assistance. I thought the transition to new phone would be a breeze.

  • Shav

Does the pie update bring dark mode to LG V40 ThinQ?

  • Tellucas

AnonD-793004, 17 Jan 2019Do companies like LG, SONY and hTC not learn from their pas... moreIt's called follow the follower, they are all caught in a design loop. That's how we ended up with sealed batteries, camera notches, headphone jack delete, hdmi delete. Ect.. What we really want is a second port so we can connect these phones to screens and keyboards while charging and run it like a thin client or laptop

  • Medstar1

As with most LG devices the V40 is underrated. I purchased mine from a seller on Offer Up for a great discount 10 months ago. During this time this Snapdragon model has made the transition from Oreo to Pie and has performed flawlessly. The camera/audio/video set up is 2nd to none, the processor is fast, phone/data connectivity is excellent and as is the case with LG phones in general, good deals are easy to find. You get flagship level performance at mid range prices.

  • Everist

I pray I get LG v40.People are pleased with it really.

  • mounish

g7 thing process very good game perfomence also very good and very low is price with water proof battery also good

  • Drobo

Does any of the selfie cameras have Auto-Focus or is it Fixed focus (I presume that ultra wide is fixed but I will never know)

  • Medstar1

Wasim, 11 Jun 2019I am planning to buy LG v40thinq. Guys plz suggest me The LG V40 in my opinion is the best device LG has produced since the V20, which I also own. There are many deals to be found. I purchased a new in the box one from a local seller on Offer Up for a deep discount. The video/audio set up is second to none and the cameras are versatile and fun, with lots of special effects that will take your photography game to the next level. Battery life lasts me a full day with no problems. Call quality is also fine. You would be hard pressed to find a more feature-filled device for the most bang for the buck.

  • Wasim

I am planning to buy LG v40thinq. Guys plz suggest me

Hdhd, 26 Mar 2019V30 n v35 can last almost 2 days with moderate usage. V30 b... moreAgreed. Used to have both V30 and V35. Apart from photo quality and mono speakers, probably the best phones I've used. V30 was a 2-days phone indeed.

  • Sumi

Freakfor1, 15 Mar 2019One plus 6t or Lg V40 .. and why . please suggest .. thank ... morelg v30 is best