LG V40 ThinQ review

16 November 2018
Why choose between ultra wide and telephoto, when you can have both? That’s precisely what LG thought when designing the V40 ThinQ, the first smartphone to go both wider and longer than ‘normal’.

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  • Drobo

Does the selfie cameras on V40 have auto-focus? (both) or not?

  • Hdhd

Ork, 01 Feb 2019i had lg G4 and also v10 camera was very impressive but the... moreV30 n v35 can last almost 2 days with moderate usage. V30 by far the best of lg phones. Not sure about v40 or v50

One plus 6t or Lg V40 .. and why . please suggest .. thank you so much

How Do You Order This Phone ?

  • Anonymous

Martin, 18 Nov 2018Battery life is stellar as well. While it's not quite as ro... more"V40 makes the most of its 3,300mAh battery" - this is truly a genius sentence :))

  • Jason

A question for anyone who has LG V40:
Does it support H265 codec? At what bit-rate?
2160p@30fps: bit-rate =
2160p@60fps: bit-rate =
1080p@30fps: bit-rate =
1080p@60fps: bit-rate =

(It is not mentioned in the review, and I can't find the relevant information from the internet search.)


I've owned a number of LG phones: LG Leon, G4, V20 and most recently, the V40. I've had no problems with any of these phones. The thing with LG is the issue of Quality Control or lack thereof. I escaped the boot loop debacle with the G4, my V20 made the transition from Nougat to Oreo without the problems some of my fellow owners experienced, and the Leon was handed down to my sister and just recently passed on to android heaven. You look at LG-focused sites and it looks like posters are talking about 2 very different phones. Some are happy with the performance of their device while others think they own the biggest POS to ever be produced. I suggest that once you have the phone in hand you put it through all of its paces during that first week...I mean test everything. Start with getting it set up right there in the store and have someone call you, start taking videos, etc. I have an almost 3 year old T-mobile branded V20 that has been my daily driver right up until the purchase of the V40 about a month ago. I actually had no intentions of purchasing another LG device after they decided to become more Samsung/Apple like and took away all of the features that made the V20 a stand out phone. I decided since they were going to be more Samsung-like I might as well cut out the middleman and bought a Samsung device. But when I was offered a new in the box V40 for $400 I couldn't pass that up. The is phone is feature packed, functional and fun. Those who don't own the phone complain about the battery size. The Phone and battery are optimized so it lasts me the whole day during which I use navigation continuously, stream I Heart radio, exchange emails, make phone calls, access the company website for client info and browse the internet for news stories. The camera/video special effects are fun and inspire the photographer's creativity. I am very happy with my purchase and hope to enjoy it for some time to come.

  • JamesB

I travel and the battery life is really very good since I can easily get through the day, which is all I care about. I really like the speaker which has a booster which I need and the HIFI DAC is great since it provides incredible sound through my headphones. The camera has flexibility, since you can shoot in manual mode for photos or video which I believe most phones do not have especially for video.

  • Ork

i had lg G4 and also v10 camera was very impressive but the thing is their poor battery!
They should focus on battery first!

jury, 26 Jan 2019lots of camera, they should've invested on RAM and ROM inst... more6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage is fine. Instead more should have been invested on the battery.

  • jury

lots of camera, they should've invested on RAM and ROM instead. too bad.

  • AnonD-793004

Do companies like LG, SONY and hTC not learn from their past mistakes? They're making the same phone again under a different name. I just don't understand it. Why?

  • Anonymous

Wow that battery is a real show stopper. . I mean thats one of key points today when making a decision on your next device. . So many competitors do it so much butter. Unbelievable.

  • Reno

Vvvky, 26 Dec 2018V30 great battery but LG did something weird with the V40 a... moreHi I'm An English guy I'm using currently the LG K10
it's a good phone my free upgrade is due on.. feb12th
So I'm going past the others to get the latest. Battery I'm okay with. They look great v40 q

  • Atinka gh

I have bin using lg phones for long but g6 is very very durable...i was on motorcycle & it fell from my pockets to de asphalt but it didn't spoil. only the back cracked small

  • Stefan

Vvvky, 26 Dec 2018V30 great battery but LG did something weird with the V40 a... moreI have V30 , indeed great great battery. BUT , Lg had poor battery life for ALL their models. Only V30 was the exception

BTICronox, 17 Nov 20181. Take a look at the V30 here as well and see how wrong yo... moreV30 great battery but LG did something weird with the V40 and also the G7. Although G7 battery endurance rating is good but V40 sucks.

Shanti Dope, 18 Nov 2018V30 has a 3.5mm jack and even has the ability to output aud... moreNote 9 ???
Better go for the S9+ and save some cash.

  • Sim

Skip this phone. You'll thank me later.

  • CX2

Does this phone has WIFI calling? Would this fully work with Google FI and have all the features like VPN? Lastly, the video mention a dual SIM version. Where can I located one?