Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) review

03 January 2019
One of the first phones with five cameras on board and, several months after the announcement, still the only one with four on the back – it’s the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018). We set out to discover how well the impressive specsheet translates into real world performance.

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It's better to settle for a phone with a great single or dual camera setup rather than going for 3-4 pathetic ones.

IMO, the A9 (2018) is a major fail, mostly because it is primarily marketed for it's cameras & it totally fails to deliver on that particular front.

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    • Genza
    • thv
    • 03 Jan 2019

    See... if there is no chinese companies who make affordable smartphones with great quality, specs and features most of us will stuck with this kind of garbage.

      I predicted this result as soon as they announced the phone

        Hoffmann, 03 Jan 2019Year 2012 has just called, it wants its Galaxy S3 camera qu... moreEven S3 is better lol

          MadMel, 03 Jan 2019lol...this even isn't in top 100 best buy for your money.Probably not even in the top 200

            basically all 4 cameras are disasters

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              • Anonymous
              • Js{
              • 03 Jan 2019

              FHD , oled and almost 4000mAh..

              Still could not reach 90h. That is a big fail

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                • Anonymous
                • MnE
                • 03 Jan 2019

                This is very disappointing

                  • A
                  • AnonGuy
                  • Dkp
                  • 03 Jan 2019

                  Strangely, my A7 (2018) takes way better photos than this one, none of that purple tinge and much more detail, even though i suspect both of them have the same 24MP sensor

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Jwu
                    • 03 Jan 2019

                    the cameras at mediocre at best, you can get a 6/128gb SD660 processor for 240 bucks, long live Xiaomi !!!

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                      • Hman
                      • 3Rm
                      • 03 Jan 2019


                      Pros Great screen all around.
                      Cons poor image quality.
                      GSM are a at its best.
                      Powerful chipset? Really? SD 660 a powerful chipset?

                      Great job at misleading people into giving 600 euros for a mid range chipset poor image quality and poor camera quality

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                        • Hoffmann
                        • MUa
                        • 03 Jan 2019

                        Year 2012 has just called, it wants its Galaxy S3 camera quality back.

                          Walter C. Dornez, 03 Jan 2019Yeah, this isn't exactly the best buy for your moneylol...this even isn't in top 100 best buy for your money.

                            • Q
                            • QMinh
                            • b8x
                            • 03 Jan 2019

                            This is indeed very disappointing.

                              Yeah, this isn't exactly the best buy for your money