Huawei Mate X hands-on review

24 February 2019
"Foldable" is clearly the buzz -word of 2019. Well, that and 5G - a rather confusing situation that has been causing some evident confusion among manufacturers. Huawei clearly decided on a Pokemnon, "Gotta Catch 'EM All" approach to the situation with the Mate X - a truly head-turning device that both rocks a foldable display and what Huawei claims is the faster 5G connectivity around.

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  • Abrar

How are you
I am fine .
I was also finding such a phone.its look very nice .but l need long battery timing.

  • adashti

Huawei is clearly telling us that, phone is manufactured during the week days and go on sale on Friday :)
What I'm curiously about is why not sale it on their showrooms around China!

I think we should make a fair comparison between brands.
Samsung is a good smartphone, but still need to do something about the memory optimization to maintain faster memory.

Apple is a disable turtle for technology issue..
Clearly we can say Huawei and all other Chinese brands is the best nowadays.

  • farhan

BTW7_GABRIEL, 17 Jul 2019why are you say that? awesome device

  • Neelabh110

Omid 12 Omidvar, 13 Apr 2019Dearest the wise that hardly earn money.No doubt that it is... moreUhh.... What??.. mmmmhhhmmm

  • Sunny

Omid 12 Omidvar, 13 Apr 2019Dearest the wise that hardly earn money.No doubt that it is... moreI still don't see a problem with this. It's their concept/design if they want to sell it for 1k or 50k its their right!! They are not obligated to make phones so that everyone can buy them. If you can't afford them(me included) just watch and don't buy. Even if it doesn't go to market this is still a step in the right direction and I applaud Huawei for taking the risk.

I love big phones the most as they are my life(as in games/bills/work/books everything is on my phone) and I love this design the most, especially the thicker part you can use to get a better grip. Though I wonder how you can protect the screen when putting it down....


Anonymous, 03 May 2019Bro this person is defiantly not ok.why are you say that?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 May 2019u ok broBro this person is defiantly not ok.

  • Anonymous

Omid 12 Omidvar, 13 Apr 2019Dearest the wise that hardly earn money.No doubt that it is... moreu ok bro

  • Omid 12 Omidvar

Dearest the wise that hardly earn money.No doubt that it is good TABLE without audio jack and necessary radio with rds recording ! But is it fair with $ 3000 almost price that in x place it becomes $ 12000 !!!? I am wandering that if it is made for super stars of cinema or children of highest rich VIP politicians !!!? Anyway it doesn't belong to absolute majority of 99.9 starving that work just to earn bread for feeding their children wishing to have just a smartphone for whole their households !!! Dearest Huawei innovation ,invention and creation are the best but making a VR tablet make of even gold in world of Walt desiny !!!Thanks gsmArena for releasing the facts and Huawei just for innovation !! Justice Rights defends facts even if they are not released or published !

  • rambro

K.S.H., 02 Mar 2019Samsung's Galaxy Fold is far better than it.How so?

  • houli

K.S.H., 02 Mar 2019Samsung's Galaxy Fold is far better than it.ahhh no

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2019How is this a hands-on review? Nobody got to touch it other... moreCheck YouTube. Huawei invited some Malaysians to a dinner and surprised them with a Mate X for hands-on experience.

  • K.S.H.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold is far better than it.

I Wonder how the soft plastic "glass" will endure scratch when in Pocket with dust or keys. The good point is it will be more shatter-proof than usual glass.

I'm going to be buying this phone especially if unlocked and US available I think it's awesome design

It looks cool man..Hmm, since Samsung exposed their teaser for Galaxy Fold, so this competitor don't want to be defeated by their rival (Mr.Big"S"). However if we want to purchase this sophisticated phone, so the Question is how to protect this phone from scratches or fall down on the floor? I'm curious, what it looks like on the back side?

Hands on... the glass... review :)

RMN, 24 Feb 2019Nobody's got anything yet. Samsung & Huawei are on thei... moreWell yeah both are ridiculous. But Huawei is much, much better concept. And please dont put Samsung and practicality in same sentence, cause it would be an oximoron.
Mind you, a normal looking phone with a side roll out flexible screen extension is a concept I always had in mind when considernih flexible screens. But looking at these two, we are a long way from anything practical and foldable, and affordable.

  • Daladin

Love it, cant wait to have it

not eye watering, doesn't matter