Samsung Galaxy S10+ review

27 February 2019
Punch out a hole in the display, add an extra camera on the back, do the mandatory yearly updates to the internals and you'd end up with a Samsung Galaxy S10+ - that is, if you started out with an S9+ if it wasn't obvious. Only that would be oversimplifying it, and we'd rather explore the nuances.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-97765, 28 Feb 2019Gsmarena battery tests are too flawed. Nowhere near real li... moreTotally agree with this. Their battery test does not depict real world battery life usage and endurance. Its flawed and no one should determine a phone's battery life based on GSM's test. I know this cause their test states tht Galaxy A7 2018 has better battery life than Mate 20 Pro but in real life its the complete opposite when I compare my Mate 20 Pro to my friends A7 2018.

  • Basil

Why photos with s10+ are worse than s9+ which are worse than s8+ in photo compare tool?
Are cameras getting worse?

  • AnonD-97765

Gsmarena battery tests are too flawed. Nowhere near real life usage. I have had 6-7 smartphones & all of them have had different battery life than what's on this website.
The difference is night & day. 👎👎👎

  • Maria

While Samsung has been re-designing the User Interface from Samsung Experience to OneUI or above, the only thing that I hate from Samsung is that I have to wait for few months or even a year or two to have this flagship ones as their price is surely downing to earth.

  • Anonymous

cannot imagine life without my apps edge

Kunal Raj, 28 Feb 2019I have 2 main disappointments here. Barrel distortion and 9... moreTry below link to see for batter life of the S10+ in FullHD+ resolution, its quite impressive;

  • Anonymous

Is there still a time limit on 4k recordings?

please do the S10 Review....

  • Zen

GSMArena.... you're not supposed to press the fingerprint, you should just tap it slightly and it will unlock really fast!

I heard that Samsung was going back to their innovative ways like the S3, S4 and S5 did. All I see is beefier hardware from their latest Galaxy S. There's no sensor innovations (which some people like to call gimmicky though they can be very handy if you know how to use them at the right moment).

I thought Samsung would come with something really special for their tenth edition of the Galaxy S. It turns out that ONLY the usual yearly updates happened...once again. I still believe the Galaxy S5 is probably their most impressive of the bunch. I still have my S5 and I'm feeling Huawei's innovations more and more these days.

I miss Samsung of yesteryear.

  • A

Thanks for the audio review of the Exynos S10 guys! A very important aspect of the phone for me. pleased that you guys found it impressive.

  • realitychecker

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2019Samsung > everyone other Samsung copycat ! #HailSamsunglols. where u think they got the idea of wireless powershare? everybody copying from anybody now, even samsung. face it.

  • Anonymous

Photos under low light looks like painted. There is no even single detail. This is the case with note 9 also. They have not improved it at all

  • Note9 User

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2019Where is the s10 review!? The S10 review will be coming very soon, did you see the video review on page 1: Introduction, specs, unboxing:
GSMA full Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus video review:

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2019The S10 low-light sample images are really terrible. Terrib... moreActually you are used to the huge noise reduction of other manufacturers. Samsung leaves the images with more noise and more detail. I personally find this approach much better, even a DSLR has trouble in some low-light scenarios, if you look at pixel level there is terrible noise apparently but at normal size the image is sharp and detailed.

I have 2 main disappointments here. Barrel distortion and 91h of battery life? Seriously Samsung? The barrel distortion is just unforgivable. Even Xiaomi's Mi 9, which most consider as an "underdog", has a toggle to correct the barrel distortion in its ultra wide lens. It's a nifty option to have. And this 91h of battery life rating? is this a joke right? you slapped a 4100mAh battery and all you get is a rating similar to Mi 9's 3300mAh. We're not yet even talking about your super slow charging (wired and wireless) and the price difference here (Mi 9 is only $450). What are you doing with your R&D department? You're a big company and you are more capable of this. We understand that you want to milk us our cash. In turn, we expect high-end specs and features that tops the industry. No excuses for you. Totally disappointed with the results. Sorry for bad english. Love from india.

  • Anonymous

Seems even Exyonse 9820 performance not that good yeah better than Exyonse 9810, but still not on par even with Kirin 980 that sad.

Was the battery test done in highest resolution ? The Phone comes with Full HD+ resolution out of the box. Wonder if they left it like that.

  • Anonymous

DxOMark said Galaxy s10 cameras are better than the pixel 3 one so if they say it, is because is true! !!

  • Jarret

hamdon, 28 Feb 2019As a mate 20 pro user, I saw the camera quality from a sams... moreMaybe this all-new Galaxy S10 could throw-out your sadness