Samsung Galaxy S10+ review

27 February 2019
Punch out a hole in the display, add an extra camera on the back, do the mandatory yearly updates to the internals and you'd end up with a Samsung Galaxy S10+ - that is, if you started out with an S9+ if it wasn't obvious. Only that would be oversimplifying it, and we'd rather explore the nuances.

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I traded my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus which I got from Best Buy brand new unlocked in for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with no regrets. While I was waiting to cash out I actually talked a lady who was purchasing the newest iPhone at the time into getting the S10 Plus by explaining to her how much extra she have would have to pay just to have more storage and how more high tech and more advanced the cameras are in the S10 plus VS the iPhone. After that she said thank you and told the employee she changed her mind and they went and got her a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus instead. I own my own photography company and I was very impressed with this camera and settings. I take landscapes mostly. I used to use my Nikon for shooting sunsets now I use the S10 Plus. I also am able to work off it. I have read many reviews on people bashing the camera in this phone but when I reply to the review. I explain you have to adjust the settings to the type pictures you want to take whether they are landscape or indoors, there are adjustments that have to be made first, and not to say I want my money back just yet. Apple makes their phone (cameras) more user-friendly that's why I think people tend to leave more positive feedback on iPhones, But I work with $5000 professional cameras all the time I am constantly firing back at bad reviews bashing the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Saying you just are unfamiliar with the camera that's all, it's a very sophisticated type smartphone. And you just need to get used to it. And that there are sites that offer assistance if needed and they list the best camera settings for basic picture taking.

  • Raj

Ken, 27 Jul 2019Hsve you slresdy decided to buy s10 plus and dispose your iphone?Why bro

  • Drobo

Next year when it gets under 450$ it will be all mine.

  • Ken

Reggie2001, 19 May 2019I’ve honestly been a Apple user for a while now, and it’s g... moreHsve you slresdy decided to buy s10 plus and dispose your iphone?

  • Anonymous

Was SD or Exynos used for reviewing camera / picture quality?

  • Bikash oraon

Samsung Galaxy A10


which colour do i buy ? Green or Black ?

  • nk


I wasn't convinced to spend that kind of money on this device.

  • mp

Dual SIM version available at USA ?

I’ve honestly been a Apple user for a while now, and it’s getting kind of boring, it literally the same phones every year. But I’m still deciding if I should switch to the S10 Plus, I’m hearing a lot of good reviews about and the specs don’t lie, to me, it honestly makes the XS Max look standard. Therefore, I don’t know if I should switch, it’ll be a tough choice…

I went to check how much is the battery life improvement over the s8+ and found that S8+ wins in all tests except the talk time where the s10+ is longer around 30min.
Having said that, the overall battery score of the 10+ is higher than the S8+. 😂

It must be the larger display but still, one would expect much better result in the talk time test as it does make use of the display

Shaun, 03 May 2019That waterdrop notch, this is a subjective topic. some prefer the watedrop, some prefer the punch hole on the s10 series. i personally prefer the waterdrop since its more symmetrical to my eyes and no wasted screen space unlike the hole/pill on the s10 lineup since basically the upper and rightside of that is basically a wasted screen space for me. but dont get me wrong i love both devices.

  • Shaun

realitychecker, 06 Apr 2019that punch hole cutout tho... That waterdrop notch, tho...

  • dp

IvanBG, 19 Mar 2019Hi my S10+ is yellowish screen :( Anyone with the same issue?you can turn off the blue light filter menu

  • Pupone

I hesitated longly between S10+ and P30 Pro to buy it as a gift for my wife.
I finally went for the P30 Pro. It has indeed a great camera, insane battery life and everything is cutting edge. I cannot compare it with the S10+ but I got the feeling that both are tremendous and then it depends on what you need the most.
Last year I also got a Mate 20 X while hesitating with a Galaxy Note 9 and I do not regret!
I have the feeling that it is also more relevant to wait for the Galaxy Note 10 (Pro) which will have some upgrades VS S10+....but the same story for P30 Pro VS Mate 30 Pro...
In the end, nowadays Samsung and Huawei are mastering the world of smartphones!

abid957, 06 Apr 2019Samsung S10+ is better than P30 Pro, except for camerasthat punch hole cutout tho...

Samsung S10+ is better than P30 Pro, except for cameras

  • RHen

IvanBG, 19 Mar 2019Hi my S10+ is yellowish screen :( Anyone with the same issue?it's on the settings.

  • Anonymous

One thing I did not see mentioned, can you switch between cameras in the middle of video recording? Assuming it's 4K@30fps