Samsung Galaxy S10 review

05 March 2019
Step by step and year by year, we're now at 10 - the Samsung Galaxy S-series have matured over the past decade with big and incremental upgrades alike bringing us closer to that elusive 'perfect smartphone'. The Galaxy S10 is by definition the best one ever, so let's see just how good the best is.

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  • Anonymous

Samsung Galaxy S10, 20 Sep 2021Samsung Galaxy S10Sumsung s10

  • Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10

  • Hamida

I start with Samsung Galaxy S10

  • K

I have s10 phone but my voice mail is not working.
What should I do?

  • 101935

Anonymous, 20 May 2021No. It is not good. The batterySamsung

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2021Is the battery performance of S10 is satisfactory? It has o... moreNo. It is not good. The battery

  • Anonymous

Rossy cakes, 12 Oct 2020I recently bought a S10 for a decently cheap price of €420 ... moreIs the battery performance of S10 is satisfactory? It has only 3400 mah.

  • Anonymous

SP, 13 Aug 2020do you mean the huawei p30 pro?He means the Samsung Galaxian P30 Pro + Ultra Zoom .... Of course he means the Huawei P30 Pro :D.

  • Mick mcconnell

samsung galaxy s10 best phone on the market. you can't go wrong with samsung.

  • Rossy cakes

I recently bought a S10 for a decently cheap price of €420 brand new. It is the perfect phone for the price, amazing display, decent enough battery, great performance, great cameras and overall it feels super premium, I would highly recommend this phone to anyone looking for a good phone for a cheap price

  • Mehtab Qamar

I'm like Samsung Galaxy S10. It's batter mobile in mobiles,

  • SP

AnonD-784107, 08 Feb 2020Heres my review having owned it for 3 months. 1. Averag... moredo you mean the huawei p30 pro?

  • Nikhil

I purchased from amazon on 25-07-2020. seriously its not worth for 50k
Software is there alot. wen we are playing any audios always its playing from top speaker.
always i have to restart the mobile. in video cal its audio not taking from Bluetooth headset.
even we in YouTube also same audios cuming from top speaker(call speaker). please dnt purchase s10

  • Piyfvnm

Shaikh yusuf, 11 Jul 2020Display issue green line on display automatic visited to s... moreOnce I had a problem with booking a hotel, but doesnt mean Im not gonna do it ever again

  • Shaikh yusuf

Display issue green line on display automatic visited to service centre they told internal problem mobile was is warranty but the didn't solve problem so please dont purchase samsungs phone

  • JK

Cool phone

  • Chifundo


  • Rizal

justjey, 16 Aug 2019I haven’t try s10 yet but I’ve heard from some friends that... moreat first, for updating some app., but then its normal

  • fdk

Vinay, 13 Apr 2020Any one of you guys facing green issue on Samsung S 10 post... moregot a display issue,green screen fade and had to get it replaced

Trump Fan 1980, 21 Feb 2020 Thank you for your input. Question: would you say that it ... moreYes, very loud in headphones both wired and wireless. Speaker is loud too, dolby armos ON makes it even more loud!