Samsung Galaxy S10 review

05 March 2019
Step by step and year by year, we're now at 10 - the Samsung Galaxy S-series have matured over the past decade with big and incremental upgrades alike bringing us closer to that elusive 'perfect smartphone'. The Galaxy S10 is by definition the best one ever, so let's see just how good the best is.

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Thanks GSM Arena
Please do review for the petit S10e!

  • Harry

Jordytjes, 05 Mar 2019What is up with the endurance rating on both the S10 and S1... moreMight be because GSMarena got to review the exynos version. The snapdragon version might be more efficient based on its manufacturing process and track record.

Yeah, tell them the Chinese phone users that have their phones lasting beyond a day, and also has better performance.

I just wonder where Samsung got inspiration with their reverse wireless charging feature on their new S10 series.....

I pre-ordered S10 and I'm sure I'll be happy with the jump from my current S7 but I must say that Samsung needs to wake up. Huawei is becoming way more powerful and they start to be the leading company that's innovative and breaks the boundaries like Samsung did couple years ago. If Samsung won't take it serious, with Xiaomi and others that already a problem as their products are getting better and better with the price that anyone can afford, soon there will be no money in Samsung pocket for any innovation anymore as fans will go elsewhere. Wake up Sammy!!

  • Harry

Are the tests run with the snapdragon or exynos variant (e.g battery life) ?

  • k25

Guys, what is better choice: S10 or Note 9?

As for me most important are:
Camera (usually daily pictures),
Stereo speakers,
Android update support

79h battery? Ugly, asymmetric, punch hole, that eats away 15% of the screen when hidden and all the upper part cant even host the notification bar, at least that...
1000 euros for, for what? For the extra cameras? What if i am not a photographer or Instagram model?
And in Europe we get the exynos which is inferior in battery, gpu and overall performance, but still paying full premium price.
The time has come that a Xiaomi is actually better and the galaxy has the compromises, fair well sammy...

Jordytjes, 05 Mar 2019What is up with the endurance rating on both the S10 and S1... morebro all of you chinese crap fan are going all over samsung, where ever i read a review you are talking about (mi sh**) these are flagship and premium phone well know brand it seem to me like you are trying to convince prople to buy that how much they pd you to troll around, because it ain't working.

  • Anonymous

S10e review?!

  • Sean

Camera images as usual with Samsung look like a painting with grass and trees with a certain plastic look. Horrible and always a yellow tint with Samsung and this S10 has drab colours and crap night shots compared to Huawei & Pixel

  • greg

i am very disappointed with battery life and other drawbacks.This phone definitely does not deserve for its price!!

  • Anonymous

i m very disspointed with this, i almost bought a galaxy s10 cause all the youtubers said was the best phone of 2019, but actually is just the average, lazy, easy flgship. I m now thinking about buying the Xiaomi Mi9 cause have better features. sad!

I am quite disappointed. The battery life is actually good I've heard, just the endurance rating isn't too good, but they're really pulling punches for no reason. Like, you could totally put more battery if you kept even some of the old 8.5 mm thickness. The cameras are great but lack the Night Mode and uniqueness of other camera systems, the charging port and the scanner are irreplaceable, and not to mention, they're forcing their users to stick with Bixby and keep the punch hole on. I'm not liking this at all, it's not what the most Android like phone should be doing. Hell, this is just like what Apple does.

  • Jordytjes

What is up with the endurance rating on both the S10 and S10+? Even the Mi 9 gets a better 95h endurance rating than both and that one has a 3300mAh battery.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-82756, 05 Mar 2019What do you expect?S10 should have scored 86h and S10+ 99h

Should've reviewed S10e first. S10 is too similar to S10 Plus, so a quicker review wasn't necessary.

  • Zim

No comment about the hole punch in the conclusion? it's plain weird and out there.

  • Zero

downgrade from last year S9+ , in battery life ... Shame

  • Nick

The S10 series has any video recording time limit???

  • AnonD-82756

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2019LOL that endurance for 2019!What do you expect?