Sony Xperia 10 review

22 March 2019
Sony's newly revamped smartphone lineup revolves around the digit 1 - there's the flagship Xperia 1 that's not quite ready for prime time and the Xperia 10 and 10 Plus in the midrange, the two very much in stores as we speak. We had a closer look at the 10 Plus recently, and now it's the smaller 10's turn.

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  • Pissedpirate

Worst phone ever has the computing process of a screaming 3 year old it's slow crashes and unrespons

So disappointed.
Second Xperia in a row where the mic doesn't work properly
Looses mobile connection
Camera is very poor, takes about a half hour to load, an exaggeration, but the time isn't acceptable
But worst off all crashes way too often
Fortunately I googled hard reset, power and vol button together.

  • Anonymous

Worst smartphone I have ever owned . From day one it has been clunky and unresponsive. The camera is slow to respond and apps regularly crashn battery life is a joke. Will never buy Sony again.

  • Sage

I have been using Xperia 10 for about a year now. Only good thing is the shape as it is easy to hold. Apart from that, nothing special about the phone. Received a notification to update the software to 53.1.A.2.2 which I did. I regretted updating to the new software. The new software has problem making a basic call. If you try to make a call, the phone goes black and you can't do anything afterwards; you can't end the call, put on speaker or make a selection if you are calling a company call centre. If the number you are calling goes to voice mail, be sure that all your airtime will run out. After about five minutes, the phone comes back to life with the call ended. I can't believe that a phone is having difficulty making a simple call. Sony needs to check this problem.

  • tom

AnonD-82756, 31 Oct 2019Your talking complete and utter rubbish!how are they wrong state your case or just be a bell end.

  • diakrino50

Having used Sony phones for a long time I previously owned an XA1 which after a couple of months stopped charging, unless you tweaked the cable every five minutes. I trashed it. I then spent a considerable amount of money on the Xperia 10 which is a wonderful phone (great for streaming, good storage management, great performance, nice camera etc.) until it started freezing up. Literally thousands of Sony forum entries complained of the same thing, and the occasional answer from Sony was to restart, hard reset, check apps for bad performance... the usual lame response phone companies have been giving us since the days of feature phones. We know all the tricks. The main problem is that it will only unfreeze by locking and unlocking (literally every few minutes) which after a week or so I bought a Motorola G7 Power which has more RAM. Admittedly, it has less style and visuals than the Xperia 10, but it works. So there's my take on the latest Sony phones. I am disappointed at the lack of performance and the lack of response from Sony. Familiar story by now, I know. And don't waste your money on the Xperia 10 Plus either, because the Sony forums are packed full of complaints about the same fault. No update, no patch, forget it.

  • AnonD-82756

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2019Wrong. Xperia 10 has worst camera and screen. My friend has... moreAgain this is not true at all

  • AnonD-82756

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2019I have 3 sony flagships and battery life is bad in all 3. I... moreYour talking complete and utter rubbish!

  • Anonymous

Always had xperia phones. Got this and what a piece of junk. This is the worst phone I've ever had. Slow. Finger print reader never reads. Really poor. A5 pound phone would be more reliable.

  • Anonymous

The outlook is good, good for watching netflix, bad for pretty much everything else.
Touchscreen become more unresponsive over time. It becomes better for a short while if let it contact some metal surface. So it might be because static charge accumulation on this badly designed plastic phone.

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2019Sony, Sony, Sony... Here's what you needed to. Omnibalance... moreYour so right - 21:9 in a mobile - It only for the Art-film lovers - This one is no wider (which is what you need) than a 5.2" 16: 9

Bought this Xperia 10 Blue 64GB / 3GB as a brandnew ,in open box, warehousedeal for 180 euro.
Nice and slim device, but the snapdragon 630 struggles sometimes.
Replaces my old and faithfull Galaxy S6.
Looks better than Moto g7 witch is in my opinion the main competitor.

-design /shape
-Great DAC/ audio (with Fidelio X2 headphones)
-Display does very well in bright sunlight
-Videocamera Quality
-reasonable bare Android 9, pixelphone-ish
-Nice fingerprintscanner

...The 180 euro i've paid should be the retailprice.

-Battery life for me 06.00-20.00, half an hour more then a 3 year old S6
-'Point and shoot' Photo results in general, compared to my old S6, not bad but disapointing, little shutterlag.
-this Snapdragon and the 3GB seem to struggle now and then with the clean Android 9; again, compared to my old S6 with also 3GB and Android 7.
-This phone , in my opinion, is'nt worth the EUR 270-350 (What it cost now, at the time)
Mainly due to the used SoC

  • Anonymous

Does it has VPT surround and clear bass feature in Music app?

  • Selvi

Sony xperia mobile I love you

  • JAVE

From cellphones got into our life, I used Sony (Erricson, XPERIA) and never had problems. Now using XPERIA Z3 and upgrading again with Sony. Wife had one for more than 8 years and no problems. Thought it was gone.

  • Angela Manuel

I bought the Sony 10 a few days ago and I just love this phone. I always had Sony and will take it over and over again.

  • Carrie

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2019Yup yup so true and well said mate! Hehehe Yeah, nothing wrong with sony.

  • Carrie

Ag please, nobody is ever happy with anything, i used to have nokia and moved to Sony and never looked back. No matter how hard Sony tries, its never good enough. I love Sony and will use Sony until there is No more Sony's. I have never had a days issue, and think the looked of the Sony 10 is awesome. Their phones always look neat and tidy, and elegant. No worries about where you have to download, i phones need i tunes or apple and plus you cant save the songs on your pc. Their phones always provide. Im due for an upgrade now. My xperia V i have had for four years and No days of problems, still going strong. There phones last. Im upgrading to xperia 10, i cant wait Im so excited. My sister was a nokia fan, i told her try Sony. She has never looked back. Thank you Sony, hope i can purchase more of your beautiful phones for the future. Im sooo excited to test out xperia 10 and i know it wont dissapoint. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2019Can you stop misleading people? Buy any brands you love an... moreYup yup so true and well said mate! Hehehe

  • Anonymous

The last Oracle, 28 Mar 2019WHERE is the Xperia 1??? Sony announced it with some great ... moreIt's simple read the cell info on thus GSM website in release dates mate! Lol