Honor 20 Pro review

01 June 2019
Following recent events, the Honor 20 Pro might turn out to be one of the best value smartphones you wonít be able to get, ever. No matter how things unravel in the next few months, we decided to make a review just in case because this is Honorís great alternative to pricey flagships. Of course, itís not the Huawei P30 Pro but it does give the phone a run for its money.

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So, the camera isn't all that super sharp, somehow none of the 48MP's I've seen are, but this one is below them. :(
The macro lens has been proved redundant. I'm surprised that Honor staff didn't check this?!

And the audio quality, where the hell is it going?

How will this phone compete against the best out there?

Only good if it came with Huawei OS.

Whackcar, 01 Jun 2019Seems like a very decent phone, but i prefer the design of the V... moreYeah, this one seems too flamboyant and mimics it's more premium brothers. The View 20 looked unique.

  • Shubham

The Rating of 4.0 doesn't seem to match the description in the Review. Other recent phones with a similar "Cons" list were rated 4.3-4.4. Why is that ?

The Best desin caméra batterie hardware... Ecran lcd ð¬ü¬ė¬ē

no video stabilization samples???

vrvly, 01 Jun 2019In person output seems good, but when you compare it to the like... moreKeep it in mind that the "clarity" from Xperia's photos are coming from extremely aggressive oversharpening, which is similar to or even stronger than Samsung's processing. I saw the samples from Xperia 1 and while colors and white balance are very consistent and accurate, the amount of details captured is certainly inferior to Pixel 3, iPhone XS and P30 Pro, although it was still better than S10 that uses equally strong noise reduction to sweep away all the textures. Dynamic range wise it performed surprisingly great except for extreme lowlight.

I wish they could go for F1.8 aperture lens instead of F1.4 one, the lens seems to be really soft compared to P30 and it's especially evident when Auto HDR is triggered - despite having higher megapixel count, the details are really mushy and looks more like oilpaintings. AI Ultra clarity mode works fine but is still not as good as View 20 in terms of detail capture. The rest of the phone is fine(albeit rather disappointing display and audio output), though I gotta say I'm really impressed with its battery life. Overall a very solid phone, but would've I got this phone over P30 if it was available in my country? Even if it was significantly cheaper, certainly not.

Nicolas F, 01 Jun 2019> "Mesmerizing 3D gradient effect" It's not an advantage, ... moreI know, it's stupid. So called reviewers seem to care more about how "pretty" a phone is than the specs/features on offer

That 48mp image of the snail and bushes is probably the worst camera capture i've ever seen! Look at those bushes--if that's what they actually are--they just look like random blurs.

  • Pajson89

Pritam923, 01 Jun 2019Hmm..camera quality is awesome specially in low light photograph... moreWhat a joke😂😂😂&­#128514;

  • JiM

I don't understand...
"it's definitely not the loudest one around"
But 87,4 db for ringing tone, which is the maximum value of all phones in the list.

  • Anonymous

"and detail are inferior to the 12MP samples" No, I compared the image with the clock and the 48 megapixel image has more details. Though it is soft at pixel level, the lens is not sharp enough for sharp 48 megapixel photos.

> "Mesmerizing 3D gradient effect"

It's not an advantage, it's a gimmick. All decorations should be optional, not an integral part of the device.

In person output seems good, but when you compare it to the likes of xperias, colors and clarity is so bad on this 20pro, view20,...
Not to mention xperia1's even comprimed shots looks like real, so much for the quality.

Pretty good phone and with Huawei ban its price will go even faster making it even more sweet

You have a mistake in phone's description: "Body: 154.6 x 79.97 x 8.44 mm" - it's actually 74mm width. Still too large, but not that bad.

I miss the sunlight score and comparisons why did you stop it in reviews Gsmarena ?

Seems like a very decent phone, but i prefer the design of the View 20 more than this.

Hmm..camera quality is awesome specially in low light photography...but sorry Huawei I will not purchase your phone because you have been banned by Android...a phone without Android !!! I can’t believe it...so, sorry ! Huawei...