Sony Xperia 1 review

08 June 2019
Sony has completely revamped its Xperia series yet again, and this year the common denominator is the cinematic screen. Every new Xperia smartphone gets a 21:9 panel for the most immersive viewing experience, but the Xperia 1 is special. It is the Xperia Premium reborn, with a large 6.5" OLED 4K HDR display and today we'll get to know it better.

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  • Evva

Great phone, I have it, still worth it in 2021!
Mostly because of its great chipset snapdragon 855.
Boought my phone used recently. It was a bit too expensive after my opinion, when it first came in 2019.
This phone can handle ALL games and apps.

Am impressed after reading the the reviews i love it and i may live it

  • DG

silbier.hell, 01 Mar 2020ebay or amazon, probably get the Hong Kong versionAre hong kong versions are different form other versions?

Audio output quality is the same as Samsung Galaxy S10. Really, don't make it lower than it's worth it. It's the same flagship as all others

Ko Thura, 28 Dec 2019Where can I get this phone in myanmarebay or amazon, probably get the Hong Kong version

supremo, 02 Sep 2019promise because i still buy sony xperia xa2 plus because it... moreTry to use sony PC Companions. Depending on the region and the bundling program, you might need to update it manually using PC Companion. My Xperia 1 can update automatically using OTA since it's not bundled with any provider. But my XZ2 which is softbank version needs to be updated via PC Companion

  • zulzz

Is there any way of removing pattern to open?

Where can I get this phone in myanmar

  • potato

not a bad phone, just wish there is more legacy app support (e.g. 16:9 or 18:9 compatibility mode) like the samsung devices 'Conventional' mode. A bigger battery, seriously 3330 mAh at this price, at least 4000 mAh thats more like it. Sony please listen to your customers i am slightly disappointed again, everytime i buy i always find some minor flaws even on a flagship like the xperia 1. maybe i should have get the samsung note 10+ instead. This phone supports HDMI out but unless you have a 21:9 monitor or TV it is kind of awkward as there is no settings for HDMI. Ethernet doesn't work as usual, but luckily wifi is pretty decent about 450mbps down over 5GHz wifi. I think Samsung note 10+ is a better buy but if you are a sony fan you will most likely like it as long as you don't need cool features and its as good as any sony phone can get, buy it when there is discount. Not worth $1300, maybe lesser $300~400 i would recommend it.

user unknown, 16 Aug 2019Can anyone explain one thing to me. I have read many many r... moreGSMArena sample shots speak for themselves.
Being good or not depends usually on the reviewer on what's good enough or not for him/her.
I'm telling you, this Xperia 1 deserves to be in the top 10 best camera phones in 2019. Especially its ultra wide angle camera, which is very sharp and takes almost the same level of detail as its main camera, which is to say, beats the Galaxy Note 10+'s main one.

user unknown, 16 Aug 2019Can anyone explain one thing to me. I have read many many r... morego in store and test the phone. I have the gray one, and is amazing, camera, display, sound are great, battery is ok but not great.

Zibby, 18 Jul 2019Note 9 is one of the best smartphones. Xperia 1 has no chan... moreNOTE9 Doesn't even have better screen compared to XZ3 LOLZ

  • P D

Is it available in India?

  • Kachy

Where can i get dis phone in nigeria

  • Rk

Sony is best technology

  • bb

sony xperia 1 is best and beautiful phone ...

  • supremo

promise because i still buy sony xperia xa2 plus because it is frustrating .. i have low battery and can't update the system always say pending network even though i have tried data or wifi..Don't update yet ... No I always buy sony phones

  • Anonymous

I have seen a night battle between Xperia 1 and XZ2 Premium.
Premium wiped the floor with 1.
The mono + aube is giant advantage.

I don't really care what everyone says.
This phone's ultra wide camera is far better than a lot of flagship cameras I've seen. The level of detail is insanely good, even for a smartphone camera, and others would take the need of using night mode just to achieve a nearly as good result.

meef moaf, 27 Jul 2019It's literally in the iphone 5s specs it can shot 10fps.10fps in full-resolution??