Sony Xperia 1 review

08 June 2019
Sony has completely revamped its Xperia series yet again, and this year the common denominator is the cinematic screen. Every new Xperia smartphone gets a 21:9 panel for the most immersive viewing experience, but the Xperia 1 is special. It is the Xperia Premium reborn, with a large 6.5" OLED 4K HDR display and today we'll get to know it better.

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Zibby, 18 Jul 2019Note 9 is one of the best smartphones. Xperia 1 has no chance in... moreNOTE9 Doesn't even have better screen compared to XZ3 LOLZ

  • P D

Is it available in India?

  • Kachy

Where can i get dis phone in nigeria

  • Rk

Sony is best technology

  • bb

sony xperia 1 is best and beautiful phone ...

  • supremo

promise because i still buy sony xperia xa2 plus because it is frustrating .. i have low battery and can't update the system always say pending network even though i have tried data or wifi..Don't update yet ... No I always buy sony phones

  • Anonymous

I have seen a night battle between Xperia 1 and XZ2 Premium.
Premium wiped the floor with 1.
The mono + aube is giant advantage.

I don't really care what everyone says.
This phone's ultra wide camera is far better than a lot of flagship cameras I've seen. The level of detail is insanely good, even for a smartphone camera, and others would take the need of using night mode just to achieve a nearly as good result.

meef moaf, 27 Jul 2019It's literally in the iphone 5s specs it can shot 10fps.10fps in full-resolution??

Shui8, 20 Jun 2019I've own a lot of Sony flagship phones, since Ericsson days, S &... more"especially its 4k OLED 21:9 display." no no no no terrible format for a mobile

  • user unknown

Can anyone explain one thing to me. I have read many many reviews. On gsmarena they write top notch camera experience, whereas on the other webpage i read medium quality pictures. So what is the truth? Are the pictures and videos good or not?

Cinema Pro

  • meef moaf

Fake Chuck Norris™, 08 Jun 2019You must have hit your head or something. What makes you think y... moreIt's literally in the iphone 5s specs it can shot 10fps.

"the well-hidden tri-color (R,G,W) notification LED"
It's also blue, so RGBW

  • Jeremy A

Ok I'm waiting for mine still. Best buy. I refuse to cancel the purchase I was told the 16th today is the 23rd I kinda expect to wait the 30 day max due to only advertised 2 at the store and I suspect shipping is the issue at hand.
I came here for reviews not personal conversation between 2 people arguing back & forth.
Or others completely disadvertising saying 9 note is better. Read 12 so far like wow private message each other. The others didn't even buy or use them.
I was looking to hear about the camera.
Certain phones have a serious issue with 2 objects I will only name one which is taking a picture of fire which comes out blue. The other just comes out as a black void cause of focus. I'm gonna continue reading. But these are supposed to be reviews not a chat room.
I'd like to see actual comments on the phone and your interactions with them. How they operate and frustrations if any. Not comparing them. To me the stats are very good I'm highly interested in the camera system and how the pictures come out. Not really interested in gaming ex gamer apps aren't like a pc. Not to happy how gaming IS BEING DESTROYED by corporations for greed only. When my phone comes in I'll be back to leave a proper review.

Shui8, 23 Jul 2019I ditch the Superior Auto on my Z2 long time ago. I dont find my... moreAre you care about rating since it could be manipulated. The rating isn't the simple way to know someone...
For your upvote if it is me to give the upvote to you, then I also have right to revert it.

Is it you Pro, 23 Jul 2019Since 5 years ago, I use my Xperia Z2 camera superior automode t... moreI ditch the Superior Auto on my Z2 long time ago. I dont find my Mate 20 oversaturate colors, period. And its not 'China style', its a street photography style (google about it), hence Leica involvement. Please, photography world is huge, its about capturing moments that tells story, not some dull food that looks unappealing with no photography skills at all, worst than real life subject (yeah your satay photo).

I see that u've been working hard downrate my ratings on my every post recently. Its pathetic u know. About 200 times already. Seems like GSMA should block your account. Maybe i will direct email to them.

Shui8, 21 Jul 2019Well when the timing is right and choose the right scene, Master... moreSince 5 years ago, I use my Xperia Z2 camera superior automode take better photo without "China style" oversaturated like Huawei's AI camera. Huawei isn't my favourite, the color styles isn't my taste.

Is it you Pro, 21 Jul 2019The Huawei's AI camera isn't great, the oversharpening oversatur... moreWell when the timing is right and choose the right scene, Master AI can produce an explendid results, edited & ready photos.

U have to know when to choose with AI on or off. Using Pro Mode without touching anything, both Mate 20 & P30 can produce a very natural results.

Shui8, 20 Jul 2019I can confirm its not. Both on Mate 20 and P30. The only scene i... moreThe Huawei's AI camera isn't great, the oversharpening oversaturated and the over-dept blur, over "makeup" for selfie. Just a bad stuff 😂