ZTE nubia Red Magic 3 review

26 July 2019

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  • 07 Dec 2019

Hi guys! I just want to ask. Is it worth to buy Nubia Red Magic 3? I am planning to buy for myself. So i just need your advice if it is worth or not before getting one. Thank you for those who will answer. Have a good day everyone.

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    • 24 Oct 2019

    Hi! I don't know if anyone experienced this on their red magic 3 yet but mine's showing a pink line. Any ideas on how to remove it?

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      • 25 Aug 2019

      Can GSMArena or anyone here confirm if the phone supports LTE Carrier Aggregation? I can't seem to get it to work on this phone. I know the Snapdragon 855 and X24 modem support it. I fear that Nubia has intentionally disabled this feature on the phone.

      If anyone can chime in, that'd be great. Thanks.

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        • KMB877
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        • 24 Aug 2019

        ja, 26 Jul 2019thanks for the review, it's clearly a pass on purchase for ... moreUSB 3.0 on their website: https://na.redmagic.gg/pages/red-magic-3-specs

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          • 15 Aug 2019

          Carl232L, 03 Aug 2019for those who have it, the speakers are equal in output? or... moreSo far, with my experience, the speakers are of equal quality. They sound balanced and they get plenty loud even at the half volume setting. They sound great when watching videos from youtube or video players.

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            • 06 Aug 2019

            Amazing, the best gamer phone!! Loved its design since the very first one, then with Red Magic Mars things got even better, but now this one... simply no words for this beast!
            After all I think the most amazing thing was how nubia (well, ZTE) moved forward despite Trump prohibition.
            And now looking forward to a RM4 with SD855+

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              • Carl232L
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              • 03 Aug 2019

              for those who have it, the speakers are equal in output? or rather like huawei do

                Ewanpandora, 27 Jul 2019I owned s10 plus exynos 9820. That processor can't even run... moreWell, what if you set the quality options lower?
                Also, is it possible to choose a battery saving mode, so that less resources are assigned to pubg, this should let the device remain cooler.

                And since it has a 19:9 display, is there a mode to make apps run in 16:9? This will make less utilisation of GPU, as lesser pixels are processed. Ideally, this should make your device run cooler.

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                  • 29 Jul 2019

                  Mmo games most of those that around last years have auto game play future which means non stop 24hours afk farm,this phone is the only one that supports the future of running the app(game) without closing it when u turn off the screen(to save battery or simple don't burn the screen for whole day usage) or to not use emulator in pc

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                    • Wendel
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                    • 29 Jul 2019

                    Don't know if any of gsmarena staff will read this but, coul you guys try to make cool names for the reviews again? old phones like the xperia arc for exemple, the review name was "Android de triumph". it's a little touch but makes every review feel unique and fun.
                    have a great day!

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                      • 28 Jul 2019

                      Ewanpandora, 27 Jul 2019K20 pro n mi9 many of u guys said is a gaming phone. Come o... moreWhat you said makes no logical sense. Oh wow...its no good in comparison with the same chip because it might throttle a little more....
                      Grow up.
                      And oh wow. Becauwe it's a gaming phone the camera doesn't count. So in that case why even have a camera at all??? Or be a phone? Why do anything but play games?
                      In fact it shouldn't be able to install anything but games.....

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                        • 28 Jul 2019

                        THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 27 Jul 2019I was waiting for this phone's review eagerly. Now the ... moreWell if you wait for that then you might as well wait and see what the red magic 4 offers that is supposedly coming later in the uear

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                          • 28 Jul 2019

                          Red Magic 3 User, 27 Jul 2019very well written review. All your complaints will be answe... moreIs there red magic 3 in taiwan

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                            • 27 Jul 2019

                            Ewanpandora, 27 Jul 2019I currently owned black shark 2 blue version. I love the ga... moreI need one

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                              • 27 Jul 2019

                              very well written review. All your complaints will be answered by Chinese ROM its dope, with bundle of feature and better camera output. Trust me you will never feel you don't have an extra camera at back. For games it's the best budget gadget without any compromise and it tops charts. i have overclocked my cpu n gpu. And never disappoints the magic..

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                                • 27 Jul 2019

                                Fantastic review guys. This was really good and informative.

                                Someone said it here: you get what you paid for. For the hardware that you get, that price tag is unbeatable. $600 nets you a large battery, 90Hz AMOLED panel, stereo speakers WITH headphone jack, 12GB RAM, 256GB ROM, and phenomenal cooling system with IP55. You'd be sacrificing GREAT (it has 'good' right now) camera quality, any shred of customization with software (tinkerers can use Command Prompt to toggle some stuff if needed), and some chips (NFC and MicroSD card reader). I think the positives outweigh the negatives for the price tag as Software can be fixed. It's just a matter of either side-loading the Chinese ROM to get updates and the nicer features like audio tuning and refresh rate toggle or praying to the good Lord above that Nubia recognizes they gave the Global ROM nothing and are willing to give it more updates to add more features and fix the camera quality; ESPECIALLY night shots.

                                Honestly, Nubia should have just given their phones Android One if they really wanted to leave it be. Some people would actually be ok with that.

                                  I currently owned black shark 2 blue version. I love the gaming phone even it is heavy. I like the black shark 2 thickness gave my hand firmly grips the phone well for better controlling such like cod battle royal, pubg. I made my ordered red magic 3 global rom via one of the mobile shop here in Singapore. Can't wait to see red magic 3 in my hands.

                                    Samath N8 808 owner, 27 Jul 2019Yes, this is most probably correct. I think I've noticed... moreI owned s10 plus exynos 9820. That processor can't even run pubg after 5 mins. The 9810 can run well on note 9. I'm not saying s10 sucks, the phone is nice, solid feel but the 9820 is really shit. To bad in my cauntry don't come with s10 plus with snapdragon 855 processor

                                      Anonymous, 27 Jul 2019So because you game, you dont need a proper good multi lens... moreK20 pro n mi9 many of u guys said is a gaming phone. Come on K20 Pro is not a gaming phone n it doesn't have gaming feature. I own black shark 2 n K20 pro. K20 Pro heat up real fast. A snapdragon 855 in it that doesn't mean it makes a K20 Pro 100 percent gaming phone. K20 Pro is just good to use day by day, random photo taking. Why would u need a gaming phone to have good camera? Red magic 3 has at least 1 camera cuz red magic 3 is focus more to performance n gaming. Just like my black shark 2, camera is shit but I can understand why. If u looking for something fancy , look away gaming phone.

                                        Kangal, 27 Jul 2019Well, thought-out and researched review. Excellent, kudos t... moreYes, this is most probably correct.

                                        I think I've noticed this with S10 (non plus), which got an excellent rating by Gsmarena, but in real life, its really not as much loud. Its very good, no doubting that, but not as good as I had expected from.
                                        My Redmi 2 Prime, rated at "Very Good" came pretty close to it.