ZTE nubia Red Magic 3 review

26 July 2019

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Kangal, 27 Jul 2019Well, thought-out and researched review. Excellent, kudos t... moreFrom my experience with the BS 2 with bass enhance on, the screen acts as a vibrating surface which further enhances sound output, holding the screen to halt vibrations slightly reduces volume but quality is the same (human ears).

Is it time for the Xperia play 2?

I was waiting for this phone's review eagerly.

Now the decision is made: Getting the Asus ROG Phone 2. Whenever it launches.
The only thing that concerns me is that I am currently using a phone that weighs 205 grams(which I have zero issues with), but the ROG Phone 2 weighs 240 grams. I want to pick the phone up and use it to gauge the weight, but I do like the massive 6000 mAh battery...on long trips, a user could probably switch to 60 Hz or even 90 Hz and enjoy unprecedented battery life.

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So because you game, you dont need a proper good multi lens camera setup ZTE ?? I dont think this is worth the compromises in camera and software. If I buy a K20 Pro, I get great performance, great camera and battery life, and good price

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read this article on my blackshark2....

bs2 with serious heat trouble.... oh really??? :D

Well, thought-out and researched review. Excellent, kudos to the team!

My only gripe seems to be the Loudspeaker test. It looks like the S10+ is louder than the RedMagic 3, but I've noticed the opposite to be true. After a little digging around, I think I found the culprit: GSMArena test.

It looks like you're aiming the Noise Meter directly at the mono-loudspeaker of the S10+, and possibly amplified by a vibrating-desk. That's not a good metric in to record the loudness of the device, and its not inline with real-world use. I believe, if you put the phone on a desk, with a cloth underneath, a kickstand to hold it upright, and with the Screen aimed towards the Noise Meter, you will have better testing. Why? The cloth helps to prevent reverberation of the table, which can act like a boombox and skew results. While the kickstand and screen direction ensures, when people use the loudspeaker for proper real-world scenarios like watching Youtube, Video Footage, or Movies. This means phones with backwards firing loudspeaker, or sidewards firing loudspeaker, that their true performance is captured, and not inflated. Front-firing loudspeakers have a natural advantage here, but that is by-design for practical purposes, but this usually comes at the cost of either more internal space, or a smaller speaker module. So by aiming the sidewards speakers directly at the Noise Meter, you're essentially handicapping the front-firing designs, which is unrealistic. It is akin to running a Synthetic Benchmark that cannot use more than one core; not a reliable measure for real-world use, or only select scenarios.

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there really is no competition for the flushed-out and tightly-integrated hardware and software ecosystem Asus has crafted for the ROG Phone II.

I think this should shut up every hater complaining about ROG Phones price tag.

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thanks for the review, it's clearly a pass on purchase for me. once again, ZTE dropped the ball on software...and once again, it's clear they have a problem with their internal culture and philosophy. the deficiencies of the Red Magic 3 software betray that, as a company, ZTE simply doesn't understand responsive, user-centered functionality.

one note: the review text clearly reiterates several times that the USB-C port is a 2.0 affair wholly incapable of wired video output...but the initial specs listing on page one described the Red Magic 3's port as USB 3.1. you guys may wanna correct that typo.

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"And we have also seen pictures of the said frame with a controller on either side. Screenshots from the OS appear to show the handle mounting upside down on the right side, exposing a different set of buttons on the top."
That's right, but the right gamepad joystick doesn't work well at all as you can see here https://youtu.be/aO9EXIgtnYI?t=2018 at 33:38

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I know this is a gaming phone, a decently-priced one, nonetheless. However, in the end, you get what you pay for, huge raw performance but compromises everywhere.

Still, a pretty good basis for zte to build upon.