Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e hands-on review

06 Aug 2019

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  • DaneLaw

binay, 29 Jul 2020s5e don't have sim voice calling.No usb etc what are you talking about, The LTE version with sim cards has Sim-calling and full fledge voice calling and sms and with the insane good quad-speakers, it sounds great.

If this tablet had a 1080p display and sd 765G processor along with included spen under $300, I'd buy this tablet. But alas, Samsung only knows how to troll their customers like Apple.

  • binay

s5e don't have sim voice calling.No usb etc

  • ShukaroMeidji

I didn't know why the review on GSM Arena and many reviewer are take negatif for this tab s5e.... its a great tablet i have seen... ok, tab s6 and ipad pro is better... but the price so expensive...not valuable to use... ipad and s6 just waste the money... with no far use experience with this tab s5e

  • Lavish

Nice tablet! Runs smooth and a great value.Plus the screen! Chill out Grinch!

Oh my goodness, that reviewer hates it so much. Everyone on youtube pretty much just praises it. This guy probably had a bad day :))

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2019Is it worthit to have it for taking notes and typing thesis?Yes. Just buy a keyboard accessory and mouse (wired or wireless).

  • Anonymous

Abd kt, 10 Aug 2019I've been using the tab s5e for more than a month now and i... moreIs it worthit to have it for taking notes and typing thesis?

Ok, maybe it could have a better processor and memory, but i bought this for watching TV, WRC, Formula, NBA and other stuff like that and i must say it's perfect for that. Beautiful screen and good battery i think.

ProJames-CHM, 15 Aug 2019The Surface Go is underpowered (dual core 14nm Pentium?! gr... moreI was actually comparing the Surface to the iPad. But isn't the upgrade to full Windows free, tho? That's what I heard at least.

What really puts me off with the Tab S5e is the lack of S Pen. Seriously, I much prefer DeX UI over One UI like in Tab S4 or any other Pie running Samsung, but Samsung's decision on not putting S Pen is a no-no.

  • Jeramia1982

I've had the tabled for just over 6 weeks. and I think its a great tablet, for the price, and what I use it for. general web surfing, videos and emails. display is responsive, display is clear and its very light. wifi is great [as long as your wifi router is good].

For all those complaining on performance, this isn't the tab for you. you'll need to get the s6. more power and speed. and obviously near double the cost.

for what it is, and basic use. I would highly recommend it.

Jun1250, 14 Aug 2019A more detailed review: moreThe Surface Go is underpowered (dual core 14nm Pentium?! gross. In benchmarks it is weaker than the SD670), heavier, has a lower resolution display, Windows 10 Lite (S) and the 128GB version is pricier than the S5e's 128 (although with 2 more gigs of RAM). But if you are dependent on a specific Windows app and are willing to pay extra to have a full OS, then the Surface Go could have a certain advantage.

  • Xbasit

Josh, 13 Aug 20192019 and a tablet still rocking 4gb, 64gb. Steupsss come on... moreActually this 4g/64g is different u see processor are not the same even if they have the same memory and storageas time goes on its ability/optimisation is improved even if they have thesamevalues.

A more detailed review:

I doubt an iPad actually beats this in value and a tablet's actual usage case (e.g. Battery life, display, portability, multimedia). Besides, whoever's looking for portable productivity and gaming while not instantaneously considering a Surface Go is just insane.

  • Anonymous

iPad users keep on bragging about the iPad's superiority in terms of raw processor speed, software update support and the best tablet optimized apps, but really, what do 99.9% of these iPad users do with their iPads? Watch photos, watch Youtube videos, download Netflix movies for offline viewing on the go, read news, ebooks and Facebook feeds, browse and shop online, in addition to playing Candy Crush and other low processor intensive games on their tablet.

In short, what 99.9% of tablet users (including iPad users) really needed was a tablet that provides unlimited media enjoyment: a tablet which has a huge, gorgeous high resolution screen, a capable processor and a huge battery, excellent audio from quad speakers, expandable storage up to 1 TB, a highly customizable operating system, and a file system where there is ease of file transfer and sharing of their media files to and from tablet to PC's and TV's: in short, an upper midrange to premium android tablet like the Tab S5e and not those overpriced crippled iPads that are nothing more than kids toys.

  • Josh

2019 and a tablet still rocking 4gb, 64gb. Steupsss come on nah samsung..

  • Anonymous

When will the review go live? And can you please include full in depth display analysis. Thank you.

  • Bartosz

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2019Wow, such nitpicking review by Gsmarena team on a great aff... moreExactly!

  • Anonymous

prasad-gsma, 07 Aug 2019You're right in thinking that the iPad is in a different le... moreGreat. So the alternative to this landfill-material tab after 2 years is a product that treats all it's users like kindergarten students?

What a messy world.