Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e hands-on review

06 Aug 2019

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The price of S5e is its main problem, aside from those mentioned in the review (and they are really strange); e.g., the real prices in Russia are:

iPad (2018) 128 Gb Wi-Fi: $390;
S5e 64 Gb Wi-Fi: $410 (just arrived, may get lower);
S5e 64 Gb LTE: $460;
iPad Air (2019) 64 Gb Wi-Fi: $480;

    Blowntoaster, 07 Aug 2019This was a half harted review at best. You could have put i... moreYou're right in thinking that the iPad is in a different league, but only in terms of performance. In terms of market pricing and positioning, the Tab S5e is at the same level as the base iPad and only slightly cheaper than the new iPad Air. Yet, both of those device will absolutely destroy the Tab S5e with both their hands tied behind their back when it comes to performance, usability as well as software and accessory ecosystem. Both the iPads also have Apple Pencil support. Both will also be supported for several years by Apple while the Tab S5e will largely be forgotten after about a year or so.

      i like the concept but noit the specs it would have been good with sd 845 or 855 or even exynos 9820...... Still nice piece of tech can sugeest someone who hates ipad 2018 and has a low budget.

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        • 07 Aug 2019

        xui xeo, 07 Aug 2019Samsung should make this tablet with top midrange 730g cpu ... moreWhy? No. Price! Ring a bell? Price would be around 800 eur. No, thank you. For 700 eur I could get a powerful modern laptop... No tablet is worth buying for 700-800 eur...

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          • 07 Aug 2019

          Uf, this tablet is quite good. Chipset is OK, powerful enough for everything but gaming. Snapdragon 670 is slightly more powerful then 660, but far more economical (10nm manufacturing process). Compared to my good old S2 with Snapdragon 820.... This tablet is definitely better. I think this is currently tablet to go, price/performance best buy...

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            • 07 Aug 2019

            Is this s5e model having option of using s pen can v use s pen to write in tab

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              • 07 Aug 2019

              Really? No comments on the wifi issue?

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                • 07 Aug 2019

                This was a half harted review at best. You could have put in a little more effort into the review, as you are trying to compare this to I-Pads when clearly it is in a different league.
                Like comparing an Galaxy A50 to an IPhone XS. This is what happens when the reviewers spend too much time with 1000 dollar/euro devices and tend to get stuck in that light speed, ADHD driven mindset.

                From other reviews I've seen the performance isn't as bad as it is made out to be.
                Gaming and multi tasking is do-able on this device.

                  Samsung should make this tablet with top midrange 730g cpu and 6gb ram as base model.

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                    • 07 Aug 2019

                    The Tablet is nice looking but I wonder if after a year or two, how will the performance be? My Tab S3 lags like..... Sometimes it freezes that I almost want to throw it. Better get an iPad than this. I regret buying a Samsung tablet.

                      I think android tablets have come a long way but the biggest problem is lack of support from Android itself.Andriod needs a tablet os like what iOS is doing now .The lack of tablet apps kills the tablet and it is rather unthinkable that phone apps are still used for tablet because they were optimised for phone not tablet

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                        • 07 Aug 2019

                        So for 100 Euro more you can get the excellent Tab S4 with Snapdragon 835 cpu.. tab S5e is overpriced

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                          • 07 Aug 2019

                          Yes, I'll use this just for media consumption, especially to read manga

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                            • 07 Aug 2019

                            I got one of these a month back primarily for reading ebooks: textbooks, magazines, comics, because my ereader sucks at that task. For that purpose the tablet is great. As the review said, it's also great for watching videos. For everything else it's mediocre.

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                              • 07 Aug 2019

                              How about the wifi issue!?

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                                • 06 Aug 2019

                                Fair review but sounds like you guys had flagship expectations for this Lite model (the e is here for this reason and the device code is gts4vl, Tab S4 Value Edition, aka Lite)

                                My biggest problem with this tablet is indeed the low RAM and such background closes. Otherwise for reading and watching stuff it's excellent.

                                  Kinda expensive for what you get...