Asus Zenfone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy A80

02 August 2019

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  • 7tV
  • 02 Aug 2019

Hey writer of this article, not even a single mention of the fact that the Asus camera lets you adjust the camera at any angle? What about the fact that you can take fantastic panoramas by using camera motors?

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    • Drvenbly
    • uvr
    • 02 Aug 2019

    This not good
    You have to compare b/w 2 equal's
    This is insulting Samsung
    You are comparing midrange Samsung to a flagship phone of Asus
    Yes both may be sold around 30+k

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      • FarFan
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      • 02 Aug 2019

      Whackcar, 02 Aug 2019This is not even a contest. The Zenfone is a better phone o... moreI agree, it's obvious

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        • 02 Aug 2019

        I wish Asus made a Pro version of Zenfone 6 with these specs

        Same 6.4 but with AMOLED

        UltraSonic FP

        UFS 3.0

        SD 855+

        Same rotating cameras

        Basically OnePlus 7 while being compact.

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          • n9u
          • 02 Aug 2019

          Putting cameras aside, the zenfone is still more versatile.

          Samsung may offer more software updates on the long run for what it's worth.

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            • porkataBG
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            • 02 Aug 2019

            no contest...
            asus is a flagship for less money than the sammy midrange.

            And eve if we neglect the price,still the asus is better device in all aspects.

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              • 02 Aug 2019

              I want to know is whether the Galaxy A80 is able to pass JerryRigEverything durability test

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                • 02 Aug 2019

                This article seems to do everything possible to avoid stepping on Samsungs toes.. Zenfone is by a long shot the very clear winner here..

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                  • 02 Aug 2019

                  Whackcar, 02 Aug 2019This is not even a contest. The Zenfone is a better phone o... moreI concur, not to mention Zenfone's "free" camera angle rotation that impossible to do in A80. It's all about brand (A80) vs feature (Zenfone 6).

                    This is not even a contest. The Zenfone is a better phone overall, and gives much better value without any doubt.

                    Zenfone Pros:

                    Lighter (190g vs 220g) & better for one-hand usage (A80 is oversized)
                    Gorilla Glass 6 vs 3
                    SD855 vs SD730
                    More Storage options (64GB, 256GB) + SD Slot
                    Stereo Speakers + 3.5mm Jack
                    5000 mah Battery with impressive endurance rating

                    A80 Pros:

                    Sammy Logo (lol)
                    AMOLED screen (but oversized, and sub-400 ppi)
                    TOF Camera (for gimmicks)
                    Faster battery charging (but on a much smaller battery)

                    It's a simple choice really.

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                      • 02 Aug 2019

                      Asus did a wonderful job on Zenfone 6

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                        • 02 Aug 2019

                        The Zenfone 6 massacres the Samsung Galaxy A80 in photo and video prowess. And we're only talking about photo and video capability. When you consider the sd 855 flagship processor of the Zenfone 6, the huge 5000mAh battery, the feature set - dual sim with dedicated slot for micro sd expansion (no expansion on the A80) , headphone jack (none on the A80) and the significant price difference (the Zenfone 6 is $166 lower), the A80 comes down begging for mercy.

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                          • 02 Aug 2019

                          even if camera of a80 is better then the zen 6
                          i'll go for asus 5000mha battery smaller screen better cpu gpu and headphone jack
                          more importent price in euro the a80 is 560-650
                          the zen is 480-570 so choice is clear