Motorola One Action review

16 Aug 2019

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  • Anonymous

Is it ideal for gaming?

Is it better than S9 to listen to music?

  • Anonymous

Nice long screen, and amazing punch hole to go with it.
Now seriously, wasn't the punch hole idea meant to take up less space than notches? This one extends way beyond notification bar that it puts the pixel's droopy notch to shame!
Well done moto!

  • Anonymous

Ao basically the main difference of this one to the vision sibling is ultra wide camera ? I really don't get this one but ok....

Let's wait to see the G8 or the one zoom instead

This phone supports Hifi Music?

  • Anonymous

I'm generally quite forgiving of notches and punchholes and the like, but I don't really get doing it on a 21:9 screen. Part of the pitch is watching films without black bars or any other interruptions, but that's a big fat interruption anyway. It's rather self-defeating.

21:9 madness

What is that format for.? Filmnoir?? Does one bother seeing it on a mobile ?? By far- for most other video use - 16: 9 is still preferable (anyone would even think 4: 3 - those are the ones who take the human field of view as a reference point) And of course, the accompanying video in this review is also 16: 9

It's a strange race mobile-makers have begun to make their screens so absurdly elongated.

We are used to think that a 6,3" screen size is big - but actually it is no more than 6.98 cm on the smallest side, which is actually the same as a measly 5.6 "mobile with a 16: 9 screen - so much for" the big screen ".
I really don't know why you should pay for the space wasted here (the extra space in height)? Some extra icons on the home screen (and more clutter) ??

It is usually always in the width (if you keep the phone upright) or in the height (horizontal use) you from time to time need some extra space - this is certainly not what you get with this mobile here in mail-slot-format (letterbox).

And a tip to the good people at Gsmatina - Please add a screen-ratio filter to your phone-finder function, so we can sort the elongate from

Mr. Anonymous, 16 Aug 2019161mm tall? No, thanks.With 21:9 screen is impossibile to stay below 160mm in standard 6"+ size

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2019Let's see if there will be any comment against this 21:9. I already found it, personally i think is not necessary because the phones will be too tall

Why does only One Vision has a night mode for photos and not One Action or Moto G7 plus. I don't understand it.

  • Ganga

Does it support ,2 Sims of ,4G

  • Anonymous

"Even better, it suffered next to no degradation when headphones came into play. The output remained very loud, and the increase in stereo crosstalk was far lower than average. A great showing by the mid-ranger."

Take that, Galaxy Note 10 Series has been "shot" in the foot!!

Under Cons:
"Selfie camera hole seems too big and interferes with content in some apps - a notch would have likely been better."

Are you sure about that?? A pop-up camera or the flip camera tech from Asus would have been much better instead of suggesting FUGLY NOTCH!!

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2019Amoled is ALWAYS superior than ips lcdNot always. For example, look at Samsung as #1 manufacturer of Super AMOLED but never actually used the technology for their TVs. Their flagship TVs were still using QLED, a variation of an IPS display which costs thousands of USD.

  • Abdoulaye

I need this mobile phone and i want to know how much it these mobile Motorola one action.just because i love the Motorola marque. I use one this Times moto G3

  • Anonymous

Mi 9t and honor 9x are way better

  • Erick

Is this another alleged centered camera phone? Because that cameras aren't what you expect from a "camera phone" and in low light a joke.

Should'n be a super "Camera, Action"? A big fail even in its range.

  • Fareed

Cast screen mirrng screencast

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2019Just because the a50 has an amoled doesn't mean it's a superior ... moreAmoled is ALWAYS superior than ips lcd

  • Hari

Already Lenovo killing Moto, now exynos(Samsung) also join to kill Motorola

Poor battery, narrow screen, hate 21:9, love 18:9, it's a NO!