Motorola One Action review

16 Aug 2019

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  • Anonymous

"Action" smartphone, but the question is, how its gonna survive with an all glass body?

161mm tall? No, thanks.

Thought it was funny how i had to go 2/3rds of the way down the second page just to see what the front of the phone looked like. You guys sure like the back of this phone eh? :D

Great in-theory, poor execution?

Well, at least Lenovo would likely price this cheap in the market. The Moto G7 Plus (4GB/64GB) can be had for a steal when shopping around, and that's a pretty decent phone. Here's a comparison of a couple decent ones:­ne3=9647&idPhone2=9533&idPhone1=8699

  • Anonymous

Let's see if there will be any comment against this 21:9.

  • Anonymous

Just because the a50 has an amoled doesn't mean it's a superior display