Samsung Galaxy Note10+ review

21 Aug 2019

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hahahahaha, 22 Aug 2019hello....P30 pro boasts of superior photography. Though Note 10... more­s-Huawei-P30-Pro-vs-Google-Pixel-3-vs-iPhone-XS-­Max-LOW-LIGHT-Camera-Comparison_id118315

You need to see that because if you calling Samsungs night shots pathetic and it beat the P30 Pro then I dont want to know what you call that :D

Dxomark, Supersaf and MrWhoseTheBoss have all done texts and your P30 Pro with its "superior" photography gets beat :D

Didnt even need a RYYB sensor to do it like most fanboys claimed

  • jack

oneplus 7pro has far better camera then s10+ and note 10+

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MarkusLeto, 22 Aug 2019Samsung released their P30 pro.hello....P30 pro boasts of superior photography.
Though Note 10+ does have better video, its not half as good as P30 pro.
Day shots, ok its not that bad, night shots is pathetic still.

I posted a comment under the nickname terryeesti that describes all I think about this phone. Unfortunately it has not appeared as I did not use the app as the review was put on Facebook before the app! Why?

  • Terryeesti

It may come as a surprise to some but I think this roofing tile size glass sandwich of electronic components rather ugly! Its rather utilitarian businessman's proportional precision design with a "Let's make them happy" back slapped on is so bland it is ugly - and to be honest rather 1990's in ethos.
Radios, TVs, toy cars, boats, plans, even war machines are nowdays remote controlled, do we need a phone that is remote controlled too? It's pen is just so awfully useless it is now a remote control of the camera's focus and photo taking etc. What exactly is the phone good at? Its battery life is not the best, its screen is not the best ppi (Especially as it has a piece of its screen missing!) its speakers are not the best, it's chipset is not the best etc etc. So you may say, 'It has the best all round performance!'. Well for its price one can buy a small apartment or house in the Moldovan countryside, fly to Amsterdam and enjoy a week of exotic smoke, travel to South America and enjoy a life changing ayahuasca journey, travel to India meet a real guru and eventually become an enlightened one. In short one could change one's life forever for the price of this phone.
Yes phone is what it is, despite all its glorification it is still primarily a phone, it may connect to the Internet and do wonderful things but so do many cheaper phones of today. The Realme 5 Pro for example, or any phone available in the last 10 years or more. It may do somethings better or worse than other phones but it is still a phone, though over designed and overpriced like every other phone we have to pay to use it. We pay for electric to power it and we pay our telecom provider to be able to connect it otherwise it is useless. So once we have committed ourselves to its cost we have to consider its running costs and depreciation - just try selling it in two years time for anything like you paid for it - even if you have never used it!
However, it is a phone, like any other phone it will continue to send a never ending stream of adverts on its OS or from apps like Facebook, Twitter, any news or weather app etc. Yet we bought the phone so we must enjoy receiving adverts as they help show us what we can no longer afford since we bought this exorbitantly priced phone.
Alas, that is not the end of it! I phoned up a local chemist to ask about my heart medication...I am now receiving adverts for heart strengthening pills etc! So was it not only aware of who I phoned but also of my questions? The phone listens to my phone calls! Similar things have happened on a number of occasions. Another thing I hate is I am looking for a building I can't find and look to the maps on the phone, which then tells me I inquired about this place 3 months ago and visited it two years ago! It may seem strange but I do not recall wanting to be tracked, followed, and generally stalked by my phone!
As indicated, this phone does things overall better than most, so you will be stalked, received a never ending stream of adverts that one pays a telecom company to deliver to us because we want to make phonecalls when needed, text when needed, surf the Internet when needed, or send our friend a photo of our empty wallet when needed. You can be certain this remarkably ugly and huge phone does this better than most.

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Samsung Galaxy P30 Pro. The back cameras placement annoys me more than the hole in the device's forehead

Dealler, 22 Aug 2019You completely misunderstood the purpose of this phone. There ar... moreEven if someone has a thing for the S-Pen, then Note 9 & Note 8 make great budget options.

They have all the essentials of the Note 10, plus the missing features (The jack, the no-hole display, etc). Yes the chipset is older, but they'll still perform well for most users.

So yeah, there are cheaper alternatives to Note 10 with your beloved S-Pen.

Also, there's the Mate 20X with it's M-Pen. It is pretty much the same thing, and you could probably find a case that comes with a holder for it's M-Pen. So yeah, another alternative.

I think if we compare the preorders of the S9 series vs. the Note9, and S10 series vs. the Note10, we'd get a better idea of the impact of the jack.

Dealler, 22 Aug 2019You completely misunderstood the purpose of this phone. There ar... moreBut unless your life depends on s pen, there is pretty much 0 reason to spend the extra money over the s10 plus, which is much cheaper by now.

Walter C. Dornez, 22 Aug 2019It's an excellent review. It talks about both the highs (screen ... moreYou completely misunderstood the purpose of this phone. There are no cheaper alternatives because there are none and won´t be in the near future. If you want S-pen, you have nowhere to go.

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Athulmiriam, 22 Aug 2019Pixel 3 xl or s10 or oneplus 7 pro.... Which is hel... moreIf you can bear the punch hole, S10+ is the best option. The display is great and stereo speakers are amazing. Pixel has more bass to it, but the Galaxy is well balanced on all audio ranges and most importantly sound much clearer AND louder than the other two without any distortion.

Pixel 3 xl or s10 or oneplus 7 pro.... Which is help me choose... For me the display and audio are the most important... Budget 1000$

Samsung released their P30 pro.

  • DarthVlader

Try comparing this camera to P30 pro's one

123, 22 Aug 2019so they dropped the 3.5 jack making note series better and ahead... moreYou just talk for yourself, it is YOUR opinion, nothing else

Borland, 22 Aug 2019Huawei Mate 20X with its M-Pen and the largest 7.2 inch screen i... moreAgreed. Huawei Mate 20 X should be mentioned as a competitor too, and GSMArena's view on the comparison.

  • SaMy

I am very curious about the difference in battery time between the Galaxy note 10 and the Note 10 Plus. I hope your Note 10 review soon.

  • Borland

Huawei Mate 20X with its M-Pen and the largest 7.2 inch screen is not worth to mention as a competitor?

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so they dropped the 3.5 jack making note series better and ahead of others (2nd place after s-pen 1st place doing so)
lg v50 5g has all that note10+ doesnt, plus its a lot cheaper
oneplus 7 pro after latest updates makes better photos than 1100$ note10+
7 pro is 700$ device. on the web is even 600 like 2 weeks old on swappa
well done samsung
you are going apple way removing stuff, not adding.
which leads to people not trusting you, sales down profit down everything down

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Jake550, 21 Aug 2019In mrwhostheboss and supersaf vids you can see the note 10+ nigh... moreYa I too saw that, Samsung did a great job🤗