Realme XT review

13 Sept 2019

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Guys, I'm fed up with every next phone having not good audio quality!! What should I do to replace my ageing Redmi 2 Prime?

Even this phone disappointed, and 3.5mm jack and music is very important to me.

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    • Rick
    • 7tW
    • 15 Sep 2019

    Gsmarena must change the shooting spots for photo and video testing. It's getting too monotonous and boring. Specially for videos it's hard to access the quality of the subjects from such long distances...

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      • Anonymous
      • t1{
      • 15 Sep 2019

      Wow..64mp camera!! Interesting.I will buy this at INR15999.

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        • TheArtist
        • YQS
        • 15 Sep 2019

        Just check the picture with the snail. Zoom and have a closer look at the grass and greenery, there you have a 64 MP Camera in a smartphone. Useless period.

          Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019After seeing this I am not hopeful for Samsung 108MP 64... moreYou forgot about the lens quality, which really sucks on this phone's camera. Looking at low light samples in auto(not night mode), the sensor itself seems to be really capable with really good detail retention in the center of the frame and low noise across the frame. It's mostly just a lens sharpness which is spoiling the image quality.

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            • ali2020
            • G}H
            • 15 Sep 2019

            This phone looks great but to me, every 2019 smartphone is too small. The only good proposal regarding size this year it's the Samsung a70 so far and the Samsung a70s will come with this 64mp sensor in few weeks.
            I don't get why any smartphone maker can't make a 78mm or 80mm wide phone. In previous years we had these choices but seens we are not getting anything on those sizes anymore.

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              • Anonymous
              • D0h
              • 15 Sep 2019

              After seeing this I am not hopeful for Samsung 108MP

              64 MP is not even on par with SONY imx586

                Shardul, 15 Sep 2019Can we use the wide angle camera for video recording? Not possible

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                  • Shardul
                  • YTY
                  • 15 Sep 2019

                  Can we use the wide angle camera for video recording?

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                    • Khuan
                    • vV5
                    • 14 Sep 2019

                    Nick Tagataka, 13 Sep 2019Realme XT seems to be using a very cheap lens with low reso... moreYou already said that, midrange phone is midrange phone, you cannot use a midrange phone camera performance and compare with those flagship phones.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • YQ8
                      • 14 Sep 2019

                      Riaz Madappally, 14 Sep 2019Some people may think why should we invest 1 lakh for iPhon... moreSoftware and camera optimisation matters

                        Riaz Madappally, 14 Sep 2019Some people may think why should we invest 1 lakh for iPhon... moreIt’s gimmick

                          Some people may think why should we invest 1 lakh for iPhone or note series instead we can purchase this, because note and iPhone has only 12 mp camera where as Xiaomi realme etc offers 64 mp for just 1/5 the price

                            48 mp, 64 mp 32 mp etc are just software gimmicks

                              About time gsma update their mirrorless samples in photo comparison, for some time now are those pretty weak when comparing to new phones, no competition when comparing to RXT.
                              A7RIV with 61mp and 240mp with pixel shift would be great.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • bLx
                                • 14 Sep 2019

                                Anonymous, 13 Sep 2019the most funniest thing in the world is THE 1000$ PIXE... moreI'll tell you this. That is not the case. This Realme XT uses a lower quality lens, and will never match Google's flagship lens, that is of high quality. Google's flagship isn't a joke. You're just blind to the fact that this is a budget phone and no budget phone(except Pixel 3a line which is just a midrange and not a budget phone) will be able to beat Google's flagship.

                                  16mp is great, but 64mp is oversharpened and some places look like oil painting after denoise. It catches more detail than view20 in full res but overall look is less natural. Would need to compare in the same conditions though.

                                    AnonD-706668, 13 Sep 2019Despite having large camera sensor...low light camera perfo... moreOr simply OPPO couldn't design the lens with good edge-to-edge sharpness?

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                                      • Andra
                                      • rJ3
                                      • 14 Sep 2019

                                      This won't support 64 mp cam. It's supports only 16mp. How many companies are still exist to cheat innocent people.

                                        OK,GSMA,now we are all waiting for Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Realme XT comparisson test...