Sony Xperia 5 review

18 Sept 2019

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  • L1g
  • 30 Jan 2024

Android 11 not come my system 901SO

end over hitting problem

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    • Anonymous
    • uNV
    • 26 Sep 2023

    Sony Xperia 5
    Model 90S10
    Recoding system actives?

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      • Danush
      • ter
      • 17 Jul 2023

      Is it xperia 5 have camera pro

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        • Kurnikov
        • wrh
        • 20 Jun 2022

        Can you switch camera in the middle of recording video?

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          • Fajarrr
          • tDU
          • 27 May 2022

          I plan to buy a second handed phone, sony xperia 1 6/64 version, i've read a lot of comments and reviews about this phone, is it really worth it for US$190 considering the battery only last a couple hour within gaming?, And for the temperature problems, when playing a heavy games like genshin impact, let's say about an hour, is it really getting hot on the backcover?

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            • Anonymous
            • tZ4
            • 21 May 2022

            Manasa, 08 Feb 2022Is this phone got android 12 ???Sony said Xperia 1 and 5 only getting 2 OS updates from Android 9 to 11.

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              • Manasa
              • KxY
              • 08 Feb 2022

              Is this phone got android 12 ???

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                • Allan amesani
                • Nsi
                • 23 Jun 2021

                I have a problem with my sony xperia android which has complitly lose its internte still such three month since google email stop working i'm requsting for resuscitation for oparation resume

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                  • Gunnar
                  • mh3
                  • 17 May 2021

                  Today I found out what I really really miss on my X5 . A slot/loop hole to fasten a safety lanyard/lasso.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • px4
                    • 08 May 2021

                    Too tall, no jack, too expensive
                    My LG V30 is almost 4 years old and has thinner bezels

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                      • Graph
                      • fn1
                      • 03 Apr 2021

                      I use SONY electricals only, about Xperias, if you upgrade, try to mainten the 5'2 screen size. They're comfortable in hand and pockets too. The front and back glass, that was a really creative art work.

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                        • Aky
                        • mE0
                        • 01 Aug 2020

                        Had Sony Xperia 5 now for obout 6 weeks now got good bargain phone opens but brand new with headphones brand new etc 😊 good on battery and it's got a lot of stuff on the phone need to spend more time on it

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                          • Big V
                          • nav
                          • 07 Jul 2020

                          FN, 02 Mar 2020I don't see how a device 158mm tall is consideren anything ... more+1. I totally agree. Bring back the small ones!

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                            • Akhan
                            • mE0
                            • 05 Jul 2020

                            Good phone got a bargain used but brand new wires charger head phones etc great phone and camera good on battery 👍

                              Anonymous, 18 Mar 2020Is anything less than 7mm of width called "compact" now????... more Be on the lookout, for the 2020 Apple SE.

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                                • BanB
                                • 63P
                                • 29 May 2020

                                Anonymous, 12 Apr 2020Not sure why my comment got cut off. The lack of Androi... moreTotally agree! I need a phone that's less than 150mm or even 145, S10e was perfect last year, but Samsung didn't release S20e unfortunately

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                                  • BanB
                                  • 63P
                                  • 29 May 2020

                                  Ragerino, 27 Apr 2020People talking about good battery life don't understand th... moreActually I use the Sony XZ1 everyday for browsing, YouTube, streaming, video calls, voice calls, messaging,...etc. my usage isn't extensive but it isn't light either, and battery life is never a concern I usually charge it in the morning or before i sleep to 80-90% and it takes me through the day except if I'm using it ALL the time I might have to charge it again by evening. it's a great phone actually except for the camera performance in low light conditions, it's looks are just getting old with these bezels, my wife's s10e is a bit smaller and has a bigger screen

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                                    • Dar
                                    • sxs
                                    • 14 May 2020

                                    Unni Menin, 20 Apr 2020I am an ardent Sony fan more than two decade. I am happy wi... moreI like to have one of this kind.model Sony.which one is good to buy.not so expensive..hopefully soon.

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                                      • Wandering Minstrel
                                      • g0y
                                      • 07 May 2020

                                      Unni Menin, 20 Apr 2020I am an ardent Sony fan more than two decade. I am happy wi... moreThat's funny you say that because u feel the opposite about other Sony products vs their cellphones.

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                                        • Ragerino
                                        • 3k6
                                        • 27 Apr 2020

                                        People talking about good battery life don't understand that in real life, the conditions of use may vary from the ideal test conditions. The famous XZ1 with it's 2700mAh battery, won't even take you to the late afternoon if used for messagging (like 100whatsapp msg) and some 9gag browsing, on cellular network.
                                        Who the fk cares if the phone lasts long time under wifi? Almost every phone does so. The real problems come out when you're out of the building. Any modern phone should have at least 3500mAh for the smallest screen, up to 5000 for the biggest. I use an XZ1 and a samsung A50, 2700vs4000 battery, and the second one carries my all day long with still some battery to spare in the evening, while the Sony dies in the afternoon.