Sony Xperia 5 review

18 Sept 2019

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  • Anonymous

Steve H, 04 Feb 2020Sony needs to learn how to make bezel less phones, as they ... moreNo they do not. The bezels on these phones are absolutely fine and make it easier to handle. Sony's designs are superior to the stupid notches and holes of the competition.

All Sony need to do is to bring back the 3.5mm jack.

  • Kenyp

how much are the bezels?

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2020Wireless Bluetooth buds can sound great. Just try Anker Sou... moreThere are literally no high quality audio formats for Bluetooth audio right now due to power consumption limits, the need for radio interference tolerance, and latency constraints. You can find a few BT headphones with good tonal quality but they will occasionally suffer from noticeable bandwidth deficits.

  • Steve H

Sony needs to learn how to make bezel less phones, as they are lacking...
Also battery life is very poor, need to make good battery life for android phone.
Camera resolution is not great compared to Huwawei and Samsung.

  • Nice

Sony will always be best phone 📱 for me no matter the design

Ive been using my Xperia 5 for 3 months and I have to say I am very happy with it. I have the white one, which looks amazing. The software is running smooth, never a freeze down. The camera..hmm . I never understood this 30-40mp and once I am seeing the photos on my laptop they looks awful. This camera is amazing. Even if it is only 8mp the quality is perfect. I dropped the phone once from about 1.5 meter and not a crack or scratch. When I dropped my iphone x from about 80cm the phone looked like a broken glass. So my overall opinion is xperia5 is a top class phone which is really underrated.

  • Lijo George

It's high time to replace the product designer Sony, still living in the past. 6.1" display with 8 MP FF Camera..WTF??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2019Can this model perform WiFi calling trough network settings... moreUnlikely. I saw this thing on Pixels and Galaxies only.

  • Anonymous

Just got this phone. It looks very nice, unique, feels good in the hand. Also I have Galaxy Note10+ and Google Pixel 4. Only one must stay. Regarding the camera, Pixel 4 makes better shots to my opinion. Xperia 5 is somewhere in between two others. Still deciding what to keep because all these phones aren't perfect.

  • Anonymous

kevinmcmurtrie, 05 Dec 2019I've never heard Bluetooth sound good. I can tolerate it i... moreWireless Bluetooth buds can sound great. Just try Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Wireless Earbuds or even Samsung Galaxy Buds. You might be surprised.

  • Suresh

All of the above features are fabulous except battery , battery should be around 4000- 5000.

  • Zer0_C00L

When will this be available in South Africa????

  • Tuxsen

Tusxen, 23 Dec 2019I can't to use this device 🤞👌I can't wait to use this device.... When is it gonna be Available in South Africa?

  • Tusxen

I can't to use this device 🤞👌

  • Sabin

How to get this beautiful gorgeous mobile free...

  • Blaxican

Can't wait to try this device, it's a very interesting model.
Hopefully it's as comparable to the playstation then i hope!

  • Anonymous

Al, 13 Nov 2019I am looking for really compact device. Something like 110x... moreMe too

  • Slayer

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2019Total bullsh*t!!! That's why: 1. No wireless charging and ... moreJeez, you people are always whinging and whining. How many premium phones have a headphone jack? 18W fast charging is plentiful and is less likely to harm your battery life.

No one is forcing anyone to buy the phone, make your choice and be happy instead if whining and crying like a little "baitch"

Ólãriq, 22 Nov 2019If you're using bluetooth headphones (aptx, Ldac etc.) Sony... moreI've never heard Bluetooth sound good. I can tolerate it in a moving car but not for headphones and home listening. Even in a car it's a miracle if there aren't periodic drop-outs that drive me mad.

I've also given up on 256Kbps AAC or 320Kbps MP3 for music. Maybe 1 in 10 songs will have severe artifacts, especially if there's spatial imaging effects on distorted synths. A microSD card full of FLAC music and a headphone jack is the way to go. (I'd also be fine with a second USB-C jack that could be dedicated to headphones)

  • Anonymous

Can this model perform WiFi calling trough network settings or only through apps such as Skype and whatsapp?