Sony Xperia 5 review

18 Sept 2019

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  • Anonymous

Al, 13 Nov 2019I am looking for really compact device. Something like 110x... moreMe too

  • Slayer

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2019Total bullsh*t!!! That's why: 1. No wireless charging and ... moreJeez, you people are always whinging and whining. How many premium phones have a headphone jack? 18W fast charging is plentiful and is less likely to harm your battery life.

No one is forcing anyone to buy the phone, make your choice and be happy instead if whining and crying like a little "baitch"

Ólãriq, 22 Nov 2019If you're using bluetooth headphones (aptx, Ldac etc.) Sony... moreI've never heard Bluetooth sound good. I can tolerate it in a moving car but not for headphones and home listening. Even in a car it's a miracle if there aren't periodic drop-outs that drive me mad.

I've also given up on 256Kbps AAC or 320Kbps MP3 for music. Maybe 1 in 10 songs will have severe artifacts, especially if there's spatial imaging effects on distorted synths. A microSD card full of FLAC music and a headphone jack is the way to go. (I'd also be fine with a second USB-C jack that could be dedicated to headphones)

  • Anonymous

Can this model perform WiFi calling trough network settings or only through apps such as Skype and whatsapp?

  • Ólãriq

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2019No. It doesntIf you're using bluetooth headphones (aptx, Ldac etc.) Sony will give you best quality sound quality experience.
Truly amazing and no going back when you experience and enjoy that.

And Sony has done that long before others, when aptx was best codec many years ago, many flagships didn't offer that, only Sony and that was then one of the criteria for me.
Now it's even better with bluetooth Ldac, truly Hi-fi quality.. Well it's Sony after all, you know that history, right?

Call me fanboy... Damn, I am!

  • Ólãriq

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2019No. It doesn'tYes it does very nice job with dolby atmos, fantastic difference when you're using phones own stereo speakers. Louder, more bass, mods and clarity.
Best regards
Happy Xperia 1 owner.

Ps. So highly likely Xperia 5 will be like same.

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2019nexus 6p had hdr+I'm aware of that, though I don't remember if those devices were from the same year. 6P's HDR+ was already decent as long as DNG output was used. The version of Gcam compatible with my phone output the best results when the 6P algorithm was used, not that of subsequent models, interestingly.

This is the first ever Sony "21st gen" smartphone I loved on all aspects.
Keep it up the notch, Sony.

  • Al

I am looking for really compact device. Something like 110x60. No one offer a good compact smartphone or even a not-bad compact one.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2019Total bullsh*t!!! That's why: 1. No wireless charging and ... moreFaster charging reduces number o battery cycles.

  • Anonymous

S Yu, 22 Sep 2019Rated by who? Even if that's true, the simple explanation i... morenexus 6p had hdr+

  • Ian

I'm in doubt between the xperia 5 and Huawei p30 pro. which one should I choose and why?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2019Total bullsh*t!!! That's why: 1. No wireless charging and ... moreyou don't really need a 1440p screen at that size since it isn't even that, this phone isn't targeting a normal smartphone market but a sort of video focused niche. So, i don't think it's absolute bulls#*t

  • Anonymous

Total bullsh*t!!! That's why:
1. No wireless charging and only 18W fast charging, the battery's size is cut
3. 16 cm long for a "compact" phone?!?!
4. 1080 p FHD instead of 1440 p QHD
5. Video recording is in the midrange level
6. With Pie on October made flagship... Android 10 was fact before the announcement of this device, Mate 30 how got Android 10
6. Ultra overpriced Rog phone 2 is 100€ cheaper in my country

  • ME

Is this review about what you like or about the phone?

Pre-oredered mine already! Picking it up on the 1st of November!

  • Nicci

It would be the perfect t phone if it had a headphone jack.

  • Bork

Can anyone explain why the review of the Xperia 5 states that the 4K footage lacks fine detail? The gsmarena video compare tool for the Xperia 1 (Xperia 5 not available in this tool) shows that resolved detail clearly equals that of the Note 10 and beats that of the iPhone 11:

Or is it real world scenarios where the Xperia's struggle?

  • Nick

Nek, 01 Oct 2019WTF!?? this is the most stupid thing i ever read about phon... moreFirst of all your tone is not really polite! Then, I also confirm that using XZ with one hand, is painful! The corners are painful!

Woodvsgoodexperience, 11 Oct 2019From my experience it is yes. I have try Huawei Samsung iPh... moreTop experience!