Huawei Mate 30, 30 Pro, 30 RS hands-on review

20 Sept 2019

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I'm willing to forego Google services for $499.

  • gti

they don't get it, it a question of transparent and trust

Its probably gonna b super easy to install playstore ,in my country the chinese varient of mi phones are sold and they dont have playstore either ,but its super easy to install playstore without any issues

andrylim, 21 Sep 2019I think, I'm gonna love this. Pure android with no bloatware.Lol who said that it doesn't have bloatware?

pajson89, 21 Sep 2019Phone of 2019 you are right if you like ugly giants....

I thought that led flash was xenon but turned out it was a led flash. I wish we have xenon flash phone again, I know its gonna get bulky because of how big the capacitor is but screw thin phone, we all want bigger battery anyway.

  • pajson89

Phone of 2019

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2019All phones not only huawei must ship without gapps preinsta... moreamen to that. We need NO bloatware. Empty phones... then it's the user who decides what to install

I think, I'm gonna love this. Pure android with no bloatware.

  • Anonymous

Look like a Cartoon phone and a Toy from the back.
But one question still huawei exists for Global Market?
If even its exist i am not in a plan to buy it without Google Services i can't miss without Google Maps, Youtube, Google Files(best in terms of chinese crap Shareit), Google Assistant, Play Store they are always way better then Huawei Chinese bloatware apps.

  • Anonymous

No mention of camera flash on all tech-news portals...

  • Anonymous

All phones not only huawei must ship without gapps preinstalled. We need less bloatware

Vegan Leather... "We played with this edition for a few minutes, and while it sure looks like leather, it feels more like plastic".

That's because in all likelihood that's exactly what it is - plastic. Genuine leather comes from animal hide, so the only way it's vegan is if it's synthetic. In other words, "vegan leather" is marketing glamorisation nonsense for "artificial leather" - you know, like "sanitation specialist" for "janitor".

[deleted post]Flagship? Maybe not even Lite version.

AverageUser, 21 Sep 2019My expectatons were low, but DAMN... I knew the back would ... moreMy expectation on Note 10 low as well...when it came out, damnnn its became even lower...same old same old look as others, dejavu feeling with a single mole on the front forehead.

Mate 30 circular area are camera module. DSLR & actual camera are circular. Lumia got one of the best design, using circular camera module. Spill it boy, its just because this thing is not Samsung rite? Hopefully next year Samsung outs with this circular module camera as well, see how u react.

AverageUser, 21 Sep 2019My expectatons were low, but DAMN... I knew the back would ... moreAs its resembling pro cameras, every full size camera is ugly for you. What a good sense you got.

My expectatons were low, but DAMN... I knew the back would be ugly, but this is just next level, this is comparable to iPhone 11 Pro ugly...

  • s-pen pusher

i am not a fan of samsung anymore, but just a heads up- that air gesture has been with samsung way back 2013, and the smart rotate wherein the orientation of the screen follows the orientation of your head was first implemented in gs3 in 2012. i would admit this is one good looking phone- i don't mind the notch nor even if it had punch hole; i adore the back especially that rounded camera island; and the new cameras do up the ante a bit higher. what holds me back though, as with other samsung flagships, is the curved screen edges. i don't mind the absence of google services, i can still have it on my other devices. just for the camera though, i think i will be selling my xperia 1 and get the mate 30 pro. hmmm... mate 30 pro or iphone 11 pro max?

As usual, the regular version is better and less expensive than the Pro version (3.5mm headphone jack, flat screen, smaller notch, etc...)

  • Anonymous

No google services is good for those who want not to be spied on by government. I am sure that huawei also has spyware in china as google, samsung, apple, intel...and everybody else. But chinese government is not interested in what john or george does, if he avoids taxes, if he speaks bad about government... they only want your money. On the other hand, all usa companies are forced to submit your data to government. Read about lava mail history if you do not think it is so. Eye opener