Huawei Mate 30, 30 Pro, 30 RS hands-on review

20 Sept 2019

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  • Josh V

A super expensive phone with no google support. Best used for chinese people only.

after google banned huawei, p30 pro price drop ridiculously here in indonesia... it's even cheaper than s10e.. it seems people here in indonesia really lost interest after google vs huawei... i'm kinda hope google ban still applied until january 2020 so i can buy this :)

  • Anonymous

That 7680 fps gonna need extremely well lit conditions.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Yeah inventing the Nokia lumia 1020 of android lol.

Where is Mate 30 X?

  • Nathan

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019So, if you are linstening to music or podcast and need to m... moreNo you don't. I have the p30 pro and can adjust volume listening to music or a podcast while screen is locked. Audio is actually fantastic

[deleted post]Agreed. Nothing really amazing but this phone at that high price. Phones in the mid-range pricing are pretty much the same as the Note and Pro for less

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019So, if you are linstening to music or podcast and need to m... moreno? you can just double tap the side and adjust the volume with the slider, it doesn't just turn off especially since there's an always on display.

Whats the use of Watch GT2? It seems quite over priced

  • Anonymous

So, if you are linstening to music or podcast and need to make volume up or down you need to wake phone up everytime?

That is awful .....

  • Anonymous

Lol this rounded display, I can feel the first scars and shatters after a couple day xD Worst idea ever to follow this smasung trend, especially with milion dollar amoled

  • Anonymous

You know

That dang phone is beautiful

CristianGMoraru, 20 Sep 2019I must preorder this phone!!It is not available in E.U..Anymore. Never.

Waiting for the Mate 30 Pro full review.

Is it also - one hw button flagship - from what I see.

Will enjoy also super wide masterpiece, 10mp & 40mp, "competitors" got 1/3" f2.2 at best and Mate30pro 1/1.54" f1.8 meaning almost 4x difference in size, bright aperture and quad bayer.
A lot of comparison tests show how wide lens are better, but forget nothing comes close to super wide lens.

It does look awesome on this pictures, especially from the

I must preorder this phone!!

  • SteveFox

I don't think Mate 30 has OIS on its 40MP sensor, just on the periscope.
Richard clearly mentioned the OIS on the Pro and it was in the slides, but the Mate 30 didn't have it in the slides.