Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max review

25 Sept 2019

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For me, 3D touch was never a failure. How very convenient to have such amount of pressure when you touch on your screen...

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Chrishd3z, 27 Sep 2019But it’s still an iPhone though. I’m an Android user and it... moreiMessages and Airdrop? I see both as lame excuses why anyone would stick with Apple unless you only communicate exclusively with the less than 15% iPhone/iPad-owning population or send files exclusively to the less than 10% Mac-owning population.

A lot more phone users worldwide use FB messenger or What's app for messaging (except in Cina where they use WeChat) and a lot more users use Wi-Fi file transfer app for android phone to PC For wireless file sharing, or 'Share it' or 'Files' by Google for phone-to-phone transfer. 'Files' app by Google also duplicates as a fully featured file manager and storage management/storage optimization app too. Both Share it and Files app allow you to wirelessly share/transfer apps via Wi-Fi direct (no data or internet needed) so you don't have to waste data redownloading a huge free gaming app to all your devices.

CptPower, 26 Sep 2019Man in the box is 5W charger not 18. Everybody says that ... moreWow. Now we see. You spreading rumor and lies agains just whoever you think you don't like( Except your beloved crappy chinese brands). No substance, no real information but pure rumor/lies. Maybe you ain't even a shop owner.who knows?

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Huge notch makes these phones look outdated even before launch

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CptPower, 26 Sep 2019Man in the box is 5W charger not 18. Everybody says that ... moreThats ridiculous, its so much bigger than the 5W charger and clearly marked with 9V 2A, which is 18 W.
I didnt use the charger anyway, got 18W charge already with a usb-c to lightning cable on macbook pro.

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Galaxy Note 10 Pro, 27 Sep 2019Still no Dual WhatsApp and Dual iMessages !! $2000 plus in ... moreOmg, stop the production, it doesnt have dual wattsapp! Apple lost a buyer who wouldnt buy anyway, what an emergency, esp since most users dont use whatsapp at all.

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The touch of 11 Pro is much better than X/Xs, Was easily noticeable so i did a test with thin gloves that didnt work on Xs, no problrms on my 11 Pro.
Nightmode is as the review says great, and its surprisingly easy to get good long exposure shots, no blur from freehand shaking. Its better than one can imagine, really top notch.
However, i tested with some shots of a fashion doll collection, i saw online that flash is popular when photographing such dolls, to get sparkle effects in hair and such, and i got them with the 11 Pro flash BUT the colors are super cold, way off, need to find a way around this or stick to night mode. Postprocessing is not an option.

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If there is any company that is working really hard on software optimization, using lesser ram & battery yet achieving higher results then it is Apple.. being a hater of iPhone i really appreciate iphone for these aspects.

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SP, 27 Sep 2019Iphone is just a brand. May be its quality is better than m... moreBut it’s still an iPhone though. I’m an Android user and it’s great to have a feature packed phone like the Note 10 Plus (had it, sold it). The thing about Apple, at-least here in the USA is iMessage and AirDrop. I can’t drop Apple while these two great features are still missing in the Android world.

  • 2020 A14 Chipset

Next year's 2020 A14 chipset doesn't need to be much faster as it will have 5G. Possibly breaking the 500,000 barrier on AnTuTu.

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can't believe 2018 ipad chip A12X beat this A13 chip's performance by about 20%

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Anonymous, 27 Sep 2019Actually, no. In 2019, an estimated 85% of the entire mobil... moreVery much agree with your comment. One can only hope that 15% market share continues to drop. For the first time in a while, it seems Apple was forced to look at its products' features and attempt to scale them up. The enlarged battery capacity was a shock to me, I expected them to try to get away with a small battery as they've usually done. I think they are beginning to move in the right direction, but still have a lot more baby steps to go.

Still no Dual WhatsApp and Dual iMessages !! $2000 plus in my place!

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Love it. Apple you did it again

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Iphone is just a brand. May be its quality is better than many other but if we see usefulness its far behind many good flagships. I used xs n s10 simultaneously n s10 is gud in all aspects except battery issue. Now i switch to samsung note 10 n must say iphone stands no where in functions n usefulness in front of note 10

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2019We have a wallet thick enough to buy $3000 on a phone but w... moreFor me it's also not a wallet issue, but a common sense one.
Redmi Note 4 does so much more

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Anonymous, 27 Sep 2019We have a wallet thick enough to buy $3000 on a phone but w... moreExactly.

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Anonymous, 27 Sep 2019Apple and DxO are still negotiating score vs. price. Exactly. I used to respect DXOmark when it focused solely on dSLR's and dedicated compact and interchangeable lens camera. With DXOmark mobile, scoring methods and weighing percentages that contribute to overall score are unknown. Testing and scoring methodology changes periodically and weighting methods become murky and highly dubious. It will be iPhone 11's chance to top the charts now if the 'negotiations' go well. Otherwise, it will be the Pixel 4's turn, then Mate 30,then Samsung S11 next year and so on, repeat cycle. Anybody serious about mobile photography should never trust DXOmark's phone manufacturer negotiated scores. Remember that DXOmark mobile collaborates with phone manufacturers so they will have an idea how to maximize their phone's scores in DXOmark's "standardized" tests.

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TechRadar, 27 Sep 2019Wow, the hate is really pure on the brand for such litany. ... moreWe have a wallet thick enough to buy $3000 on a phone but we ain't fools to spend that on a mediocre device.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

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Anonymous, 27 Sep 2019I'm an android user since 2012 and mostly Samsung phones. O... moreVisit xda community.
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