Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max review

25 Sept 2019

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Hakir, 25 Sep 2019Dont buy it, believe me its waste of money, just believe meNo thanks, some internet jockey doesn’t dictate mine or anyone else’s purchase.
Believe me, you don’t know everyone’s needs

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bobby_gBG, 25 Sep 2019I was looking in the performance section - about the "mile ahead... moreThe a12 is faster than the 855, no worries that the a13 will continue to dominate over Qualcomm’s next offering.

I, love apple IPADS but this piece of junk or the remix of all the smartphones is the most useless and rip off for the people who have never ever tried Android phones till date.....I agree the camera module is awesome but it's not a DSLR, it's a smartphone which is only smart for those who are not...........Typical Apple, releasing 4 years old technology and making it's FAN go like oooooooo, WOWOWOWOW.................Applaud.

SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

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Anonymous, 26 Sep 2019"It goes to show just how worthless supreme processor power is i... moreYeah right. The transition between cameras in an iPhone is so smooth... one of the very few areas that are actually useful to the user....the work of the mighty bionic processor. All the rest, the all-powerful bionic processor CAN'T DO like true multitasking/multi windows/picture in picture, being able to EXTENSIVELY customize the phone to your heart's desire without restrictions, manage, transfer and share files, media and apps without limits, seamless integration with smart TV's (wireless screen sharing), PC's and other devices (mouse, keyboard, flash drives, digital tv dongles to transform the phone into a portable tv, etc.).

It's sad how the ULTRA POWERFUL, ALMIGHTY bionic processor can't do any of those and just cries like a wimpy genie put back into the lamp.

As I've been pointing out, Apple can brag about the bionic processor as being the fastest in the entire universe or the app store and software update support as the pinnacle of excellence but that's all there is to it. In the end, what matters more are many things android allows and can do that no iphone with its Almighty bionic processor csn ever do. Like an all powerful genie (bionic processor) crying wimpily while retreating back into the lamp (Apple's walled garden).

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Anonymous, 26 Sep 2019Sorry. I can never like a product that restricts me, prevents us... morein your comment ur the only 1 who is enjoying. u ddnt even ask if apple user will enjoy using android. its just ur own opinion keep it to ur self. and just enjoy whatever u have. its just a phone if ur not happy just replace it. end of story.

S Yu, 26 Sep 2019The camera of course, but as I said it's from impressions alone,... moreI'll have to disagree, though that may be because I prefer the colors of the iPhone. Agreed with an actually comparison though, we need one after the Pixel 4 launches

Stele, 26 Sep 2019"We love wrapping up iPhone reviews as it doesn't really matter ... more*snaps* Nailed it. Execution is key, and Apple is fantastic at it.

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"The 3.5mm adapter has been excluded from the iPhone bundle since the iPhone XS lineup and it is just as missing here in the iPhone 11 boxes."

D**b decision to force planned obsolescence on 3.5mm jack users.

- The notch (F*GLY) is still enormous since iPhone X in 2017. Many smartphone manufacturers have "killed" the NOTCH for REAL SCREEN ESTATE.
- The rear camera design could have been better (Trypophobia users beware)
- No 3.5mm jack or audio adapter in the box since iPhone 7 in 2016, iPhone XS Series in 2018 respectively, limited NFC usage compared to Android.
- The file management and transfer in iOS isn't that easy to understand compared to Android which supports an EVEN WIDER variety of file formats
- The camera photos come out bland, loses to Huawei P30 Pro, Galaxy Note 10 Series, Galaxy S10 Series etc.
- Ultra-wide camera lacks autofocus and Night Mode
- Telephoto cam is 2x while competitors are already at 3x and even 5x.
- The camera options MUST BE INSIDE the Camera app, c'mon (C*)Apple!
- Expensive. Very Expensive. Ever since iPhone 7 ditched 3.5mm jack as STANDARD in 2016.
- No microsd slot since Original iPhone in 2007. It's 2019 FGS!! (C*)Apple has many years to do it!! Cloud is just too limited in storage, expensive in increased storage including security & privacy reasons.
- iOS as a whole is generally STILL CLOSE-SOURCED, despite open sourcing SOME components. C'mon, be like Android and open source as a WHOLE, please?? So that developers can use them to develop custom iOS ROMs for older iPhone models that can't support the latest iOS.

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Butt ugly

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2019So, last year when i said iphone performance is currently 18 mon... moreYou cant compare Antutu score ón 2 different platforms. You just can´t, it tells exactly nothing.

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Anonymous, 26 Sep 2019"Probably the most awesome feature, showing off the power of App... more"It goes to show just how worthless supreme processor power is in the restrictive, suffocating, crippled, jurassic, iOS walled garden system which is more like a walled prison actually."

Clueless talking, go to store and test new iPhones camera zoom, how smooth and seamless it is between 3 different cameras. It changes all the white balances to match every scene with every cam etc. Then you understand what processor power can do. It does everything automaticly in blink of eye so people just take it granted and can't understand how much the device does to archieve that and lot of other things.

Well done,GSMA,nice review..
Obviously,a good phone from Apple,but saw a price of the 11 Pro Max (256GB) in my country in EU,in iStore..1685euro!!.. unbelievable
There simply cannot be an overpriced,too expensive Android device on the market,next to this..not even those with folding display(s),a Porsche Mate, or even that stunning Mix Alpha...

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[deleted post]Yeah right. If you actually read and digested my rant, they are all VERY VALID complaints from a user who doesn't want to have a very LIMITED, CRIPPLED and SAD phone experience. If you are happy not being able to customize your phone to your heart's desire (try Nova launcher with gestures, developer options, ADB commands), to manage and transfer files, media and apps without limits, if you're happy with all those stupid limitations in a $1000+ phone with no dual sim and zero storage expansion, go ahead. If you think the lighting bionic processor speed and timely software update support is all anyone will ever need or appreciate, think again. For all you know, it's you who's talking BS.

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Anonymous, 26 Sep 2019So, last year when i said iphone performance is currently 18 mon... moreAs if that is relevant out of a benchmark. In the range of flagships all them have enough performance. But iPhones still have some lacks in multi-tasking and background apps.

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So, last year when i said iphone performance is currently 18 months ahead of the rest and that Xs would still be faster than any android when it was replaced by the new iphone, This is for the clueless haters who didn't believe it: You just been owned hard.

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[deleted post]soo , what u gonna do about it ? made fun of it ?

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Anonymous, 26 Sep 2019best battery life is rog phone 2 and note+ beats it in durabilit... morehe just said best battery life apple did ...he didnt said best battery of all smartphone

why u bring other brand that got nothing to do with apple ... wow , people really uncomfortable what apple did ...

before u comment , dont show ur hatred too much ....

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Anonymous, 26 Sep 2019So much hate in one comment. Use one first. Then u'll know. I al... moreSorry. I can never like a product that restricts me, prevents useful user customization and treats me like a baby. (It actually treats its users like stupid idiots). No amount of ultra high speed processor is going to be good enough for me if Apple keeps on restricting iOS (no proper file management, crippled file sharing, crippled wireless screen sharing, crippled customization, etc). and limiting hardware options (no micro sd, no dual SIM, no headphone jack, huge ugly notch, with no all screen display, etc.) A powerful genie (bionic processor) is just that - useless show of power with nothing absolutely meaningful and useful to offer. It will be Android for me all the way until the time Apple tears down its walled garden and offers hardware options many android users have been enjoying for years.

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worst look

  • Chandra

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2019best battery life is rog phone 2 and note+ beats it in durabilit... moreWhich parallel universe do you live in