OnePlus 7T Pro review

21 Oct 2019

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  • Anonymous

thada2607, 21 Oct 2019I don't think the results are better than the 7 Pro's. The ... moreYh the only other differences is it's a 855+ not an 855 and 85mah extra on the battery, minimal differences.

  • Mexx

Nicolas F, 21 Oct 2019Any smartphone that has any of these: - pop-up camera; ... moreYea,you are right :) Go buy Pixel or iPhone,they are so beautiful. cant take my eyes from them hahaha

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2019oneplus the most overrated phones ever. A festival of no-no... moreOne of the only reasons I'd like to upgrade from my current phone (OnePlus 6T) is especially the 90 Hz display that makes all the difference. Literally night vs. day thing.

  • Anonymous

Forget it, not worth the minimal spec upgrade

  • Anonymous

You report that face unlock and fingerprint reader are the only security options in Oxygen OS. So, password and Pin options are removed as security options?

  • Anonymous

oneplus the most overrated phones ever. A festival of no-nos. No audio jack, no microsd, no fm radio. Who cares about monster SOC or 90hz screen... closed phones, like iphones

  • Xhxhyy

From proper flagship killer to Overpriced flagship. Surely they have developed into big company.

thada2607, 21 Oct 2019As I said before, it's objective. You don't like it, fine, ... more"Objective"? Maybe, you meant "subjective"? Because, yeah, my opinion is subjective, as any other opinion by its definition.

You would take a decrease in the reliability of your phone instead of a small cutout in the screen? You love totally unnecessary curvature of smartphone's screen that causes additional reflections, image distortion and accidental touches? Well, that's your choice.

"The world is more than just you." - what was that for? Again, no opinion can be anything but subjective - and mine too. So, this phrase is just unnecessary.

  • Anonymous

I really like it and thinking to get this but with 4G only and the introduction on SD 865 rumored to be next month forcing me to wait a bit more to get a new phone

  • Jual

The normal 7 pro batt is around 85hrs based on their test and 7t pro batt is around 100hrs based on their test and the difference between the two is 85mah and a stronger processor? I suggest to the gsmarena team to retest OnePlus 7 pro coz that doesn't make sense......

Question, will be this phone released only in this stupid blue color or? Anyone got some info? Thanks

  • Anonymous

Looks like a good option for a living room TV.

The patterns on the 7T Pro Mclaren Edition are horrible. It looks like dry yogurt stuck underneath the glass. XD

Nicolas F, 21 Oct 2019Emm, why "oneplus 7t series"? OnePlus 7T not-Pro is okay sm... moreAs I said before, it's objective. You don't like it, fine, but there are people who do, like me. I would take a popup camera over a notch any time of the day, and I also love curved screens. The world is more than just you. Nagging and nagging won't change anything.

thada2607, 21 Oct 2019So you just gonna comment the same thing on every oneplus 7... moreEmm, why "oneplus 7t series"? OnePlus 7T not-Pro is okay smartphone, and it doesn't have any of these three stupid "design choices".
And yes, I'll continue to tell that they are stupid. People should know that if something isn't right - it isn't right.

  • Anonymous

Even though there's minor differences in the T and non-T variant. Keeping it at the same price in £ is great.

  • Chris_Apple

It was just a matter of time to see 90 or 120hz displays become the norm. The upcoming iPhone 12 Pro will build around the same 6.67" screen such as this 7T Pro. But with the tweak to adjust the refresh rate from 1 to 120 hz, with 1-60 being off-screen (Always on Display) and the on-screen rates might variable from 60 up to 120hz.

I have gone through many OP7T reviews, and only GSMarena rates it so highly.

Nothing against GSMArena, of course, but now I am wondering how the battery would perform for a person who uses two sims simulatenously and display is alwaya set to 90Hz, QHD, 60% brightness on average in a 24 hor day.

thada2607, 21 Oct 2019I don't think the results are better than the 7 Pro's. The ... moreWell, they shouldn't be.

I do remember however that when the 7 Pro came out (it was barely 5 months ago), it's camera was not flagship grade (we were bashing the unjustified high rating on Dxomark). I would assume that OnePlus has improved from that point with software updates, on both the 7 Pro & 7T Pro. The results I'm seeing right now are not bad at all. They're still not quite among the best, but certainly closer than ever before.

  • Anonymous

"While OnePlus does deliver the targeted focal length, professional photographers should notice the difference in perspective and geometry."
Lol, digital zoom doesn't have different perspective distortion than optical zoom. It's one of the most common misunderstandings.