Realme X2 Pro review

25 Oct 2019

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  • Sidd

ferdi, 22 Jun 2020there is NFC in this phone ?Yes sir

  • X man

theduke1989, 07 Apr 2020I am coming from Xiaomi devices (see the complete list belo... morePlease tell your current experience of using the phone for 2months

  • Xmen

abblaze, 17 Jun 2020Please update the battery life this x2 pro mobile phone aft... more50W is splitted as 25W each to two 2000mAh batteries. Simple but innovative design solution. So no heating issues.

  • ferdi

there is NFC in this phone ?

  • Jake

Hi Realme, can you please add AMOLED WIDE GAMUT color profile on display settings. It would be a perfect phone if this is available in the next update. Thank you

Please update the battery life this x2 pro mobile phone after a long run. Wanna know how the battery fared with all that heat from the 50W charging.

  • Anonymous

My Realme X2 Pro from China rom. How.did you guys get Internation version?

  • Dan

KRT, 16 May 2020whether Realme X2 has in built call recording,IR,OTG???Built in call recording: yes,
Ir blaster: no,
Otg: yes

whether Realme X2 has in built call recording,IR,OTG???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 May 2020Does it have a fm radio?No

  • Alan

Does it have aptx?

  • Anonymous

ZukMikeOck, 18 Apr 2020I have a Realme X2 Pro for some months now and I never felt... moreDoes it have a fm radio?

AJ, 05 Mar 2020Realme X2 or Redmi k20 pro ? If Redmi k20pro is $70 less.The realme is superior in everything, in my opinion. it is faster, the cameras are better, it has stereo speakers, faster charging, 90Hz refresh rate screen with HDR10+...

Alex, 17 Feb 2020Can you enhance the camera experience by installing the G c... moreyes. the camera is already superior to Xiaomi's Mi9T due to its 64MP sensor and the software is getting great, but if you install GCam, which yes, it is possible, you'll get amazing results

Iriz, 01 Mar 2020Why not come with 5g and battery more than 4000mahIt is a 400$ smartphone. Although it carries features comparable to 1000$+ flagships, it would be impossible to have features like that and keep the price low. however, 5G is still not very developed outside China and the battery lasts for more than one day, even with heavy usage (9+ hours of screen time).

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2020Indication light!It is not that important, I was used to such a feature but I changed to a Realme X2 Pro and I do not miss the LED indicator. If you are very used to it, you can always install an app which uses the screen to do the same thing, and I believe that the next OS update will bring light effects to the screen, such as the borders lighting up in some colour when a notification comes in

Davy, 15 Apr 2020Realme X2 pro, Finger print slow respon, often failure, pl... moreActually the fingerprint scanner is one of the fastest of the market, and it works really well. It is fastest than Samsung's, OnePlus' and Xiaomi's under display fingerprint scanner

Yoyo, 16 Apr 2020Is this upgradable android 10?Yes it is. The stable version was globally released on April 13th. However, many users complain about problems such as fast battery drainage and overheating, so it would be a good decision to wait for the next, fixed version

Mukhlis, 14 Apr 2020Are the touch delay issue is fixed ?I have a Realme X2 Pro for some months now and I never felt any delay, the display is really good and actually feels very fast and snappy because of the 90Hz refresh rate.

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2020Is that display OLED or not?yes, it is a SuperAmoled actually