Realme X2 Pro review

25 Oct 2019

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  • Shiny Dave

That is one heck of a price-performance disrupter. I worry that the battery heat will create a repeat of the infamous Note 7 fire hazard, though?

Suffice to say, though, that only caution of some kind (be it that, the OS, or simply anxiety at owning a Chinese phone at a time of Sino-American geopolitical turmoil) can even begin to justify paying more for less with one of the traditional Android players. And I speak as someone who has that caution.

  • Anonymous

I do not agree with the comment on the value of the camera which is actually qualitatively similar to the competitors in question. Than I think a nice camera !

  • Anonymous

AnonD-706668, 25 Oct 2019Night night camera performance is totally useless. Yeah it seems that night shots unfortunately is not the Samsung 64 mpix sensor's strong side.. also the wide angle cannot record 4k video for whatever strange reason

  • AnonD-706668

Night night camera performance is totally useless.

  • Anonymous

As part of a review here GSmarena, since Android 10 has been out 2 months, you should on the customers behalf ask Realme when Android 10 comes to this device. It is after all their flagship which they choose to release with obsolete software (Android 9)

  • Anonymous

Those side bezels look quite a big thicker than Mi 9T Pro..

Realme phones have shaken the Indian market
are selling very well here in India
They provide excellent specs & good looking devices for less
They have gained the most market share in one quarter than other brands

X2 pro seems to be another good offering
waiting for it to release in India

  • Anonymous

But what about future software updates ? Thats a big deal to consider when comparing to Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (that is also 80 Euro cheaper).. with Xiaomi you at least get some updates now and then..

Looks an excellent proposition
The hardware is identical to one plus 7T
The software remains to be seen

  • TechEnthusiast

Does it support Widevine L1?

For that price point, it is certainly a steal. Not much to dislike about that phone.

This is what OnePlus phones were like until OnePlus decided to go the premium route.

Calm down Gsmarena