Google Pixel 4 XL review

29 Oct 2019
The Google Pixel 4 duo was not Google's best-kept secret. We saw pictures of the phone weeks before the event, and we even learned about Face unlock while Google teased the Motion Sense features ahead of its event. The Google Pixel 4 XL represents everything that Google has learned in the first four iterations of the Google Pixel, including a mid-cycle and mid-range Pixel 3a which was very well received.

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Nodec07, 29 Nov 2019I find it funny how everyone tries to roast the phone but t... moreIt's the underdog. πŸ˜‹

I just purchased this phone off eBay in December. A company on there sold me a refurb with a one year warranty. I bought the 128gb Oh So Orange 🍊 color. Since everyone screamed bloody murder about it's battery life, I never switched on the radar. Battery life for me has been better than my Pixel 2XL, 3a, & 4a. I'm running Android 12L on it perfectly as my "daily driver". So for me it's good.πŸ‘πŸΎ

  • Just another guy

Anonymous, 24 May 202170h and 80h is average, maybe 5hrs SOT, 6 at best 90h is... moreI am using a mid-range android device with 4000 mAh and get around 9-10 hours of SOT.

  • Anonymous

CRITICS, 21 May 2021Can you please start mentioning the SOT you got on there re... more70h and 80h is average, maybe 5hrs SOT, 6 at best

90h is good
100h+ is top tier (usually the 5000mah battery phones achieve this)


Hood676, 05 Feb 2021Don't buy this phone. This brick is a hot mess of sens... moreCan you please start mentioning the SOT you got on there reviews, your test doesn't make sense to me, 75 h or whatever doesn't tell me nothing,

Don't buy this phone. This brick is a hot mess of sensory overload it's hard to text with hard to make calls with hard to even put it in your pocket without it going sideways and launching several apps including Google Assistant

I'm never buying another Google phone

  • Anonymous

I use pixel 2 xl it is good both camera+speed

Whoever wrote this review might as well need an eye upgrade, at least when it comes to low light picture comparison. Why on earth you're saying 7T "is more sharp and has better details", when it's absolutely terrible compared to pixel? Just look at that underground parking lot photo. God damn, 7T is just a noisy mess with smeared details. Can't even read what's written on those plates. As some comment below said, comparing 7t and pixel was insulting.

  • Mark

Gsmarena used oneplus for comparison? Thats a big insult to this phone.

  • Handyfan

I think that some people here never held the phone in their hands but make horrible comments. Maybe sponsored by some other manufacturers. The only negative points I can make is that here in Europe we only get the 64 GB version and the phone has no wide angle camera which may not be a deal for some people. In return, the Camera on this phone compensates you with phantastic pictures. Face unlock works fast and perfect and there was an update in March which corrected the issue with the eyes closed. With adaptive battery, my phone lasts me 2 days with moderate use. Also the brightness of the screen was improved. The audio is excellent. I ordered the Handsfree from google for 35 Euro. They have an excellent sound. All in all, the phone is very good and you get your regular updates for at least 3 years. The price has also come down. No need to shell out 1000 Euro when you can buy this for 700. Storage is overrated. Why do I need 256 GB on a phone. 128 GB should be standard. Please google consider this next time. And by the way, I have not had an issue with dropping signal.

  • billm

Don't buy this if you live in an area with weak T-Mobile or Sprint systems. my phone drops calls all the time even when I'm standing next to a router with a fiber optic connection. I have been reduced to using Skype for calls from home. This never happened with my Huawei phone on AT&t. I thought the Pixel would switch over to internet or Wi-Fi to make calls when they were stronger, but it's incapable of doing this. I have spent 5 30 minutes sessions factory resetting the phone, changing cell providers, filling with settings. No one at Google support can turn this phone into something useful. It was great to use in Europe and Africa, but using it in the US is for me out of the question in upstate New York

  • Anonymous

The display of this phone is dull comparing to note 10 plus and there is no way that is has
435 cdm2 brightness level. It’s noticeably lower brightness than on note 10 plus and note 10 plus has around 380 cdm2 brightness.
Performance of the phone is excellent but home screen icons and layout are horrible!
The settings menu is even worse and very complicated with some basic settings are hidden deep inside.

  • flagshipper

Omg this phone looks bad on paper. Face unlock with eyes close, apps dont support it so you will type passwords like crazy. Worst battery life in all classes. Huge bezel doesn't even accommodate led diod? Gtfo

  • Anonymous

Nodec07, 29 Nov 2019I find it funny how everyone tries to roast the phone but t... moreNever heard of choice-supportive bias?

  • Anonymous

Love my 4xl no problem with battery life gets me through a day easily, the camera is amazing

  • Anonymous

I think this phone is great. Photo quality is actually so amazing, battery lasts ALL day and I am constantly on my phone.

I am someone who has had Apple for a long time and made the switch this year from the iPhone 8. I am so glad that I did. I still can not get over how good quality photos this camera takes in all modes. My boyfriend is even jealous of how well it takes photos especially night mode and portrait! (He has a Samsung S10)

I was terrified about the fact there is no finger print sensor at first but now now totally and utterly got used to it and kind of love it. My only gripe would be some banking apps have still not updated to allow face unlock but that is nothing to do with the phone itself.

Highly recommended this phone to anyone who needs an upgrade and is looking to either swap sides and join android from Apple or who is currently android and does wanna upgrade - I would say it is an upgrade from any phone - my boyfriend would agree having seen my phone in comparison to his S10!

  • Nodec07

I find it funny how everyone tries to roast the phone but they don't even have it. And yet the average person who does have it when asked loves it.
Why does everyone hate pixel, I don't get it.

  • Anonymous

For the record, the Pixel marketshare tells me not many people wanted the older phones either.

  • Anonymous

Why are there no pictures by the Pixel 4 (XL) in the Photo Compare Tool?

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2019I don't know a single person to recommend this phone to. It... moreTrue. No one wants a plasticky yet bendable phone nowadays. Hardware is rubbish. For a similar price or cheaper there are many better alternatives, even an iPhone 11 is cheaper wth