Google Pixel 4 XL review

29 Oct 2019
The Google Pixel 4 duo was not Google's best-kept secret. We saw pictures of the phone weeks before the event, and we even learned about Face unlock while Google teased the Motion Sense features ahead of its event. The Google Pixel 4 XL represents everything that Google has learned in the first four iterations of the Google Pixel, including a mid-cycle and mid-range Pixel 3a which was very well received.

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  • Anonymous

The only reason why Google was praised was the camera and now, even the 7T Pro beat it on some shots. So why bother buying such a crap? Google is seriously garbage even Apple was able to make this years Iphones very interesting. Apple over Google anyday.

  • Anonymous

Mate 30 Pro has better battery life. I prefer Mate 30 Pro for longevity.

123, 30 Oct 2019edit myself - 6 different 5G bands. uncomapreble with compe... moreI really don't understand your point. You disagree with me saying that the rating is too high for this phone, but then you say it's a fair rating because they made too many compromises and stuff...
I sense a language barrier issue here...
You're just giving me tech specs of a random Huawei phone.
I'm saying the phone is not in a 4.0 state at the moment, and the star ratings in general are pointless and useless and should be ignored or removed all together, they diminish the integrity and credibility of the reviewer. Same goes for movies and video game ratings. "This game is 90%"... 90% of what? Good? Bad? 90% action? 90% sex scenes? Buying games or renting a movie based on stars and imdb points is idiotic, same as buying a phone based on that. It's personal preference and tastes and needs, not everyone cares about the same features in the same way. Coldn't care less about the camera on my phone, or a headphone jack, for example. Yeah, I'm one of those weirdos.

123, 30 Oct 2019mate30pro will have full google services after 17th of nove... moreWell, I sincerely wish that would be true.. The trade ban on Huawei is clearly affecting the purchasing decisions of general consumer in a bad way.

Quame, 30 Oct 2019Best camera on any phone = iPhones 11, 11 pro & pro Max... moreBest camera on any phone = Huawei Mate 30 pro.
Best all around smart phone = OnePlus 7t pro!
Best price performance phone = Realme X2 Pro!

Overpriced phones, Iphone11/promax and Google Pixel 4/XL.

123, 30 Oct 2019I disagree. Star rating is very good and fair 4.0! too many... moreNot talking about Mate30 here, never mentioned it, not sure why you're bringing it up. I steer clear from Xiaomi, Huawei and such, since I had a couple and hated them, also the notches and puncholes make me sick, still waiting for that useless fad nobody asked for to go away.
The 4.0 rating on this phone makes no sense if you read the entire review, it should be lower. A lot. It's a mediocre phone to start with, with added broken feafures, bad battery life and serious security issue. A 4.0 phone should be acceptable for the majority of people to buy, considering the price as well. Nobody should buy this phone for that price in the state that it's in right now, until Google fixes their stuff and lowers the price. That was my point regarding star ratings, i don't care about if this phone is good or not or what other brands are better. The ratings in general make very little sense and are misleading, which is very obvious in this case. That's my point.
Does this thing even have IP6x rating??? Oh right, and the storage options, forgot about that...yeah...Google really wants you tu buy that cloud storage, really badly. They're pulling an "Apple" here, but hey Google, you're not Apple and your user base is very different than Apple's, that shyte don't fly with us. We're capable of installing an SD card into a device, thank you.

  • Anonymous

123, 30 Oct 2019mate30pro will have full google services after 17th of nove... moreDo you have any prove or link?!.

  • 123

edit myself - 6 different 5G bands. uncomapreble with competiton. also 1st integrated 5g into main cpu. new 990 kirin is 95% as fast as 855+
also best video performance in low light. and a lot other stuff

  • Anonymous

KnightX, 30 Oct 2019Iphones are no match against Huawei Mate 30 pro you can cry... moreSaw lot of camera comparison between mate 30 pro vs iPhone 11pro Max and note 10 plus both phones kills mate 30 pro when it comes to camera especially in video even though mate 30 pro comes with 4K@60fps still not as good as iPhone 11pro Max and note 10 plus 4K@60fps plus mate 30 pro has some issue in darker scene.

  • 123

I disagree. Star rating is very good and fair 4.0! too many compromises for that price tag!
Look mate30pro 5g after us-huawei ban goes down after 2-3 weeks. Untouchable. 4500mah, fastest wireless charge, 1 of fastest cable charge, best cameras, yes no 90hz but brilliant waterfall screen. a lot other tech. integrated 5g modul in cpu with 5 5g bands!

  • Anonymous

Don’t care about SD card and headphones jack, but when it comes to design and screen brightness no google it’s important

  • Anonymous

Quame, 30 Oct 2019Best camera on any phone = iPhones 11, 11 pro & pro Max... moreWith that dim OLED that not even in par with S10e when it comes to brightness level no. Best rounded phones are IPhone 11pro, 11pro Max, note 10 plus and S10 plus.

  • Nair

Its like Google dont even want to compete, they are just releasing phones every year to showcase their software To hell with hardware and design, lol

With all due respect, you guys should really ditch the star rating system because it's starting to make less and less sense. Rating system on anything makes very little sense, there is context and details that should matter to the user, points and stars tell you nothing. You might buy a five star phone and be completely unsatisfied with it. When I read the entire review, I expected it would get 3 stars max. On Pros you admire the face unlock (which is essentially broken and shouldn't be used at the moment), but you also condemn it in Cons, it makes no sense. It has hyped essential features broken or unpolished and unfinished, how many stars and points does that camera bring in to justify all the issues?
If this was a Sony, it would get obliterated by stars and points and reviews in general. The reason I mention Sony is because I was on the fence between Xperia 5 and Pixel 4, wasn't sure what to buy. Either way, this review helped me decide, but what I'm saying is just in good intention and with all respect, revamp or eliminate the star rating, it's useless and often misleading and contradictory. The battery performance alone would cripple the rating a lot for some reviewers, not to mention the rest of the issues. And the price...Jesus...How good is that camera really, is it 800$ good and the rest is for the actual phone? Come on...
It's like you gave it a rating for in the future when maybe eventually the issues get fixed, if they do fix them. I'm all for making updates to reviews, if a phone gets a major update that fixes serious problems, great, give it another precious star, but not before and in advance.
Also updating reviews with newly found negative remarks, like for example with the S10 or Note10, whichever it is that can be unlocked with an unregistered fingerprint... That stuff should be added in bold red and all capitals in the reviews, not to mention Samsung should notify their users with a service message, a pop-up of sorts, warn them not to use the feature or whatever, it's a serious security risk. I bet you Samsung will never be able to fully solve this because it is the essential flaw in how that fingerprint reader is designed, it was flawed when they first introduced it, still is, I'm amazed they're sticking with it.

  • Anonymous

Noncy, 30 Oct 2019Samsung note 10+ is a much better phoneUnfortunately it's true. Nothing to add. Actually I think even Note10 is a way better phone.

  • Love the Community

I guess that Apple's DeepFusion software finally beat Google at their own game. If Google coughed up more cash to get IMX586, none of the camera woes would've happened.

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 30 Oct 2019When Google announced Pixel 4 series I thought it was so me... moreGoogle seems don't care. They step in the same s**** from year to year.

Just as we expected. This phone has far too many compromises to be considered for purchase at that price point.

And you know the camera isn't that special when it has to be compared with 7T instead of Mate 30 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Anonymous

Julian M, 30 Oct 20194/5 seems awfully generous given the phone's shortcomings (... moreCompletely agree with what you said. It's not worth the money they're asking for it right now. I'm very disappointed with what Google did this time. A lackluster, sub-bar phone for nearly $1k. No, thanks!

  • Gnu

acemang, 30 Oct 2019they don't sell on those markets not because they are stupi... moreThat is a BS. I bought a Pixel in Germany, and I live in Poland. Everything is working, even G asistant in Polish, so what You are saying is not true i guess. Android supports every possible language so to sell Pixels in most countries they dont have to do anything. The easiest way would be creating oine store for european market with warranty support, but no, Google doesnt want money from Polish users or, Hungarian users. That is just stupid. Look at chinese brands. Many niche chinese manufacturers have better market distribution than Google. In Poland i can buy Xiaomi, Oppo and many many more chinese junk, but not the Android "flagship". That is just stupid.