Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro hands-on review

05 Nov 2019

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  • Anonymous

I buy this mobile

  • Sultan khan

Im waiting for this phone 😛😛

  • Mybu

Muni, 25 Feb 2020I am waiting for the mobileWaiting

  • Muni

I am waiting for the mobile

Does anyone know (respectfully) if and when Xiaomi will or would or when they are going to release a US model; like Verizon or T-Mobile? Any models at that too, especially Verizon??? Please.

  • Rajiv kumar yadav

How many days to this mobile phone lunch in India?

  • rishi

how many days to this mobile in relesead in india

  • Maa

Idrees Jamal, 03 Dec 2019When will it come to pakistan on 15 Dec 2019

When will it come to pakistan

  • Anonymous

Speen, 09 Nov 2019You should read the DXO Mark review of the CC9 pro camera, ... moreYet the pictures taken here look shocking to me.

What is the time of releasing in globally?😑
Unofficially, I wanna get this Awesome Device from Bangladesh😐

  • Speen

You should read the DXO Mark review of the CC9 pro camera, it is better than phones twice as much.

  • Anonymous

Sponge, 08 Nov 2019For those on a budget and for those who want a good camera ... moreJust like there are gaming focused devices at cheaper prices, this is the camera focused device at a relatively cheaper price.

For those on a budget and for those who want a good camera and battery life, its a fine handset.

  • CydEv

Its a camera with a phone in a midrange segement for those who cant afford the top tier flagships so there is no reason to complain if you dont want this, dont buy thats easy

Damn, if only SD855+ onboard and 90hz screen it would be a monster!!

  • Anonymous

I looked at the samples from GSMArena's Mi Note 10, and they are much better (ie. with noise, but must less smearing and waxy textures). You can see it here: https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_mi_note_10-review-2020p6.php. Other samples are at: https://www.androidauthority.com/xiaomi-mi-note-10-review-1050031/. This has a lot of face and people shots, which look great I thought.

Shouldn't Mi CC9 be the same as Mi Note 10? Samples taken differ by a lot.

The 2x is 12MP 1.4μm, that's 1/2.55" the size of Google's, Apple's and Samsung's main module in recent generations, meaning with Gcam will reliably provide top quality photos with ~50mm equiv. FoV.
I believe this is the biggest surprise here since the HMX was leaked quite a while ago.

  • Anonymous

I guess for the price it's an okay device. It has many flaws and the design is ugly and not user friendly, also runs android which is a big downside, as well as being a chin-e device which means everything you do will be shared with CN's surveillance/user-monitoring program.

Ppl in CN might not care about this so much as they are used to being watched at every step, however ppl living in developed, non-commy countries, will not touch such a device unless they are forced to.

ron2000xm, 06 Nov 2019My biggest type on this phone is the weight and thickness. ... moreI suppose as camera is this phone's main selling point and cameras (esp. 4K videos) do eat a significant amount of juice, the added capacity can help from situation where a SSSSSSSSR scene appears and you're low on battery.