Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro hands-on review

05 Nov 2019

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  • Anonymous

I guess for the price it's an okay device. It has many flaws and the design is ugly and not user friendly, also runs android which is a big downside, as well as being a chin-e device which means everything you do will be shared with CN's surveillance/user-monitoring program.

Ppl in CN might not care about this so much as they are used to being watched at every step, however ppl living in developed, non-commy countries, will not touch such a device unless they are forced to.

ron2000xm, 06 Nov 2019My biggest type on this phone is the weight and thickness. ... moreI suppose as camera is this phone's main selling point and cameras (esp. 4K videos) do eat a significant amount of juice, the added capacity can help from situation where a SSSSSSSSR scene appears and you're low on battery.

Tomorrow 6 Octomber will be launched international version Xiaomi Mi Note 10..

Phone is made for camera use only.

  • Anonymous

Sun Sand, 06 Nov 2019Just need a regular single lens camera at the back with fla... moreYou can buy redmi go then

  • scr

OS: Android 9 Pie; MIUI 11 kernel 4.14 only spyware gets attention?

  • Anonymous

I think it is better if comes with os android one. Globally acceptance.

  • sinaj

Missing most popular wireless charging

  • patoka

GAMIRSFM, 06 Nov 2019The phone is made by Xiaomi, not Samsung... How can they pa... moreThe camera sensor is made by Samsung.
Anyway, the photo samples are so bad it's not even funny.
How this phone got a dxomark as high as the Mate 30 is mind-boggling. Just look at the faces of the people, their hair, clothes, the leaves of the trees, the people in the background - everything is ridiculously overprocessed to a point where everything looks like an oil painting or rather like one of these CGI-generated anime movies. And the oversharpening is so crazy that everything has a contrast halo.
Someone has definitely paid good money to dxomark. Doesn't matter if it's xiaomi or samsung

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2019108MP Is the selling point of this midrange phone. Why leav... moreThe phone is made by Xiaomi, not Samsung... How can they pay someone for a phone that they didn't manufacured?

SpiritWolf, 05 Nov 2019Those 27mp photos are pretty awful actually. A lot of noise... moreHold on, you are so right! The faces have that oil painting effect.

Good photo, but I'm still not convinced that the 27MP photos is better than the Nokia Lumia 1020 with native sensor. I'm not that impressed with the photo quality.

BooGSM, 06 Nov 2019These tiny-weeny phone cameras still can't beat the DSLR ph... moreThanks, Captain Obvious.
The cameras on this phone cost less than 100 dollars, so what did you expect?
It's a phone with cameras, not a DSLR with call functionality.

These tiny-weeny phone cameras still can't beat the DSLR photos using real flash!

  • ron2000xm

My biggest type on this phone is the weight and thickness.
Why not just put 8n a 4000mah battery and make it down to less and han 190g?
People who buy this phone are not gamers so that there is no need to make it last a day while playing games. For me I'll charge it overnight anyway so 4000mah is good enough.
People buying the phone want a good camera and decent phone performance and the specs fit perfectly.
Even at this seemingly attractive price, I do not think it will sell as well as all the hype suggested. There are are things that xiaomi need to improve, or adjust rather.
The is a bold move from xiaomi and I am sure they will learn and improve on future phones.
I am looking forward to future phones, but not this one.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2019The mpix race really needs to stop now ! These samples show... moreAre you sure? The dynamic range and depth of field look better. I wish they would use the resolution properly though.

  • Anonymous

"But then why not market the camera as an 8MP unit, to begin with?"
They had to decide whether they advertise the camera as an 8 megapixel 3.8x camera or as a 5x camera with approximately 5 megapixels (it's actually approximately 4.6 megapixels). 8 megapixels and 5x would have been a lie as the sensor doesn't have so many pixels at this field of view.

  • Anonymous

Thanks for the hands on. But the photos are crappy.

You will notice, the 108mp sensor's photos are clearly ahead of the rest of the videoish sensors. They would have been better off using the 1080mp sensors image for everything and use digital zoom in that, plus optical zoom. No wonder the camera didn't score more.

This is pricey. You get 855 units for that price, which people are attempting to get 8k with in freedcam's video configuration editor. Does this get 6k, 8k, or 12k video in freedcam? It charges like it does.

That Samsung sensor is the sort of mobile sensor I have been waiting for, but it is not mature, no 8k mode here, no 6k mode, it should even be able to do a 12k mode, and do quality video compression on the chip stack itself. But nothing. Maybe the new version of 108mp for the s11 will do some of that, and closer to 20 stop dynamic range?

Now the existing 108mp great job Samsung. We wait for 200mp 1 inch version. :) (16k downscaled to 8k quadbayer pixels).

  • Anonymous

Dude , 05 Nov 2019That's all fine and dandy but am I the only who is disappoi... moreNo, you're not the only one. Not sure if it's either the sensor itself or Xiaomi's processing but the 27MP images come nowhere close to 27MP detail. I'd rather have something like a 16MP 1/1.33" sensor with variable aperture (1.5-2.4) instead of an effectively 27MP 1/1.33" sensor with questionable detail levels. If the rumors are true I want to see how Samsung's processing handles a 108MP sensor, I'd assume Samsung would resolve more detail and bring higher dynamic range to the table among other things

this is the mi max 4, definitely jump from previous, screen and camera improvements.