Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro hands-on review

05 Nov 2019

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  • zzee

lot of complain about the quality of photos but ppl missed the fact that these photos will surely and. mostly goes to social media platform and there it will definitelty be compressed.

  • Anonymous

geek-a-contra, 05 Nov 2019impressive photo results, as resulting from dxomark for the... morecan your old camera make phone calls? nope. you will have to carry your old camera for taking photos AND carry a phone to make phone calls. that is much heavier than this phone.

  • Anonymous

Camera is kind of disappointing. Some of the images look like ones I shot with my Xperia Z back in 2012.

If the processing gets (worthy) update, results should be way better. Hw is great, even 2x tele camera got flagship worthy specs of f2, 1.4um pixels.

  • Anonymous

Just looked at sample images from a different review and the skin smoothing of the main camera in not good light conditions is really terrible. Looks like oil painting indeed.
In good light conditions the 50mm camera and 92mm camera oversharpen a lot.

  • Anonymous

Although the camera hardware captures a lot of light, the low light noise reduction in the default mode is quite bad even when downsampled to 12 megapixels.

  • Rahat

It's good idea of all users too

  • tomo100brt

SpiritWolf, 05 Nov 2019Those 27mp photos are pretty awful actually. A lot of noise... moreBloom effect spoted. I see it too.

  • Cilus

I like the approach of providing high end camera in mid tier devices like this. Lots of people don't play games that much but use the phone as their main Camera and they can get this now without paying the premium for top notch internal components. For casual gaming and works, SD730G is a solid choice.

  • Anonymous


UrsuGras, 05 Nov 2019If you are legit saying that these photos are worse than wh... moreThose 27mp photos are pretty awful actually. A lot of noisebut detail is lackluster, sharpening halos (but pictures are still soft) and i don't know what they are using instead of post processing. All the faces on photos are oil paintings. Yuck.

  • Frmg

If there's no hiding problem or cut, it will be surely my next smartphone.

Sincerely, this phone is so good that I'm beginning to get suspicious. I'll wait for the full review before I make a decision

Some may found out already, but there is a reason samsung use dual aperture(sony may also soon). Time to consider how you shoot with this camera as more of objects is going to get blurry, not because of optics, processing or focus. Its to do with a sensor size and depth of field.
To get the same depth of field as xz2premium's 1/2.3" f1.8, sensor close to this size - 1/1.5" needs aperture of f2.6 .
So when shooting, how far are you from the object or what is focused on will matter more than before. Its actually great for mid to long range shooting as you get bigger sensor, but for close ups having second aperture and better handling of noise would help.
So its not all roses.

  • Anonymous

It's more expensive than a Mi 9T Pro over here in Malaysia. That's expensive. I ordered Mi 9T Pro on 9. 9 but Lazada oversold it and refund me after 2 weeks waiting for my phone. Atm I rather look at Mi 9 Pro 5G, Realme X2 Pro and Red Magic 3s. Those are more premiumish phones with sd855+ gpu. All these cameras just doesn't do it for me. If I want a super camera I would buy a camera.

impressive photo results, as resulting from dxomark for the premium edition, but.. at 157.8 x 74.2 x 9.6mm and 208 grams... i rather carry my old compact camera: much better photos at much smaller frontal... footprint (103x60), though thicker, and slightly larger weight to carry in my pocket. and pretty much same price....

  • Anonymous

now we will have a good budget phone for excellent performance realme x2 pro and for excellent camera redmi note 10 pro boils down to what you prefer 2020s best choice

  • Anonymous

Livius, 05 Nov 2019Are those 108MP real or it's software bullshit like the new... moreNote 8 pro has 64mp camera that can be downscaled to 16mp

  • Anonymous

dadhi, 05 Nov 2019No 90Hz display though :-(Not a Gaming phone.
Emphasis is on camera

  • Anonymous

vga, 05 Nov 2019Just don't zoom in the ultra-wide shots and you'll be fine ... moreNight mode update for other camera is coming.
For everything else there is gcam