Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro hands-on review

05 Nov 2019

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Livius, 05 Nov 2019Are those 108MP real or it's software bullshit like the new... more? do you know what quad bayer is? if not Google it.

  • SteMa

Which edition did you test? Because the premium edition should have those better lens. Images of the main sensor are a bit flat and hazy, but have enough detail. Let's hope that gcam will work with at least 27mp mode, that usually solves these issues (like for the oneplus phones this year)

Are those 108MP real or it's software bullshit like the new camera from Note 8 Pro which really has 16MP but upscaled to 64 by software ?

  • Anonymous

There isn't a huge difference between the 50mm camera and the 92mm camera. The reason is that the 92mm camera just has 8 megapixels, so the details are comparable to a 12.2 megapixel 74.5mm camera. That's just 1.5x compared to the 50mm camera.

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 05 Nov 2019Daylight samples are staggeringly good, but the camera quic... moreYou can't compare camera at Isos. Many people (even some professional reviewers) make this mistake. Every company defines Iso differently. Iso 1000 from company A can mean the same thing as Iso 3000 from company B. Iso doesn't cause noise by the way, Iso is just a description of how bright the jpg photo is in certain light conditions at the same exposure. Iso is not a hardware specification! Sometimes companies even ignore Iso definitions and relate it to analog amplification. You can compare cameras only when the exposure (exposure time and fnumber) and the light conditions are the same.
And by the way, as the camera has 27 megapixels, one needs to downsample it to 12.2 megapixels in order to compare the noise.

  • Jaff

Is that going to be launch in India

  • Anonymous

The main camera is equivalent to the sensor of an iPhone 11 with f/1.0 OIS lens. The lens seems to be quite sharp. It has a 24mm field of view.
The 5 megapixel 120mm OIS camera seems to be actually a 4.7 megapixel crop of a 92mm 8 megapixel camera with 8mm² sensor and f/2 lens. The 4.37mm effective aperture diameter is even larger than the one of the P30 Pro.
The portrait camera has great specs, too. It captures as much light per time as Apple's portrait camera at f/1.45, though it doesn't have OIS.

Daylight samples are staggeringly good, but the camera quickly becomes a disappointment at higher ISO. Washed out colours, overexposed highlights, mushy details and lots of blur introduced by handshakes. Not that it matters a lot to me since if I had this phone I would simply slap gcam to it to enjoy the full potential of its huge main sensor, but Xiaomi could've done it better nonetheless. Hopefully the issues will be addressed in future software updates.

Not the best image processing but the best sensor and price. Depends on taste.

Those are some of the finest samples I have seen. It has a DLSR look to it. There is little to no Over-Sharpening and loads of texture details. Colors are off though. I am waiting for Sony's own version of these in coming days!

  • Anonymous

Gsmarena, I think you should try even closer macro shots. Xiaomi showed sample images that were taken within a flower

  • Anonymous

108MP Is the selling point of this midrange phone. Why leave out the Samples and shoot 27mp, it kind of defeats the point, unless Samsung are sponsoring you as they plan similar for next year.

Bailey, 05 Nov 2019sorry have you tried the phone as you sound as if you have?You don't need to own a phone to know how it's camera performs. There's plenty of samples provided (both here and on other sites including Dxomark) for us to judge it's performance.

Try to be sensible, will you?

  • UrsuGras

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2019The mpix race really needs to stop now ! These samples show... moreIf you are legit saying that these photos are worse than what Sony IMX586 phones can put out (be it from Xiaomi, Oppo, Asus, Samsung or whatever), you are intentionally trying to mislead people or need to have your eyes checked at a doctor.

  • Bailey

Whackcar, 05 Nov 2019Nope. It's decent enough, but nowhere near as good as the h... moresorry have you tried the phone as you sound as if you have?

  • Anonymous

Looks really like P30 Pro tbh.
But overall very impressive. 5000+ mAh battery, amoled screen, headphone jack, quick charging, fast processor outside flagship, and lots of cameras this is nearly perfect for me. Only need just a 90 Hz screen and its perfect.

When you factor in the price, this is a great all-rounder. Two-day battery life, 65mins full charge, OLED, IR port, 3.5mm, etc. It would be great for most people. Sure, it doesn't have an IP rating, wireless charging, top-tier processor, but those are things aren't that necessary for a lot of people. Waiting for full review to see actual display and speaker quality. Regarding image quality, maybe future updates will improve it a bit, keeping in mind it's targeted at upper mid-range after all.

  • Anonymous

Don't expect a flagship camera on a mid-range phone. If the camera is flagship class then they would put it on a flagship phone. This is a mid-range phone. I'm sure this camera will be great if compared to the phones of the same price range.

Dude , 05 Nov 2019That's all fine and dandy but am I the only who is disappoi... moreNope. It's decent enough, but nowhere near as good as the hype Xiaomi was trying to build up, nor anywhere as good as the Paidmark's score might imply.

All that said, we should remember it's price tag and go easy on it though.

  • vga

Just don't zoom in the ultra-wide shots and you'll be fine and sold... :D