Xiaomi Mi Note 10 review

06 Nov 2019

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Marco M, 07 Nov 2019Don't look at the overall number, it is very misleading, look at... moreGSMArena also accounts standby drain. Is it so hard to understand? :-)

S Yu, 07 Nov 2019Short summary on the cameras: The main's processing seems bet... more"Night: Generally just bad. Not flagship grade."
When zooming in on the night photos, the appearance of unpleasant tones is the same as any flagship. All in all, it is the finest camera out there. I am talking about the main camera only.

I am not bothered by dynamic range either. Seems well to me. If you are bothered by it, you can probably easily fix it with either camera setting either editing after to suit your view.

  • Anonymous

The 27 mb output from the main camera is AMAZING, judging from the photo on the "snail". The grass and leaves are finally not sharpened and noise reduced to death!!

Short summary on the cameras:

The main's processing seems between P20P and Mate20P, among the quad bayers. DR seems slightly disappointing from the reflections in the first shot. It's almost certain that this is output is single shot, not stacked by default like Apple, Google, and Samsung. It's the brute force of 27MP over 10MP that yields most of the advantage, not a bad thing though, it means that if Gcam could port, it would bring groundbreaking improvements.

The 108MP mode is basically a gimmick, but a notable observation is that DR seems on par between 108MP and 27MP, meaning binning itself does not increase DR, the 4 pixels binned do not have different gain/exposure time, unlike many have hypothesized.

The 2x is better than Samsung's not only in the sense that it smears much less (but the oversharpening is much more notable) but also that the lens has impeccable corners despite a lens just as fast, and covering a larger image circle. Again, this 2x would bring smartphone photography at ~50mm equiv. to a new level when Gcam ports(it's entirely possible that Gcam could only handle this 12MP, not the main).

The UWA is quite soft as noted by the authors, with notable edge degradation, but I personally prefer this as opposed to waxy texture resulting from excessive sharpening of a soft readout, which isn't really sharper anyway.

The 5x(3.7x cropped...) is better than the Reno at a glance, and probably better than P30P, but this needs a comparison, and again sharpening is excessive like the 2x. Also this implementation really makes me wonder what the performance is at this telephoto's native 3.7x, does it read out the whole thing or is it a forced cropped readout(with an insufficient image circle for example) that would have to merge with the 2x output? Or is it simply cropped 2x, which would be slightly disappointing?

Night: Generally just bad. Not flagship grade. The night mode is especially bad, smearing, artifacts, possibly worse than P20P. 2x has excessive noise visible at ~VGA resolution for some reason, completely unheard of in recent years. The hardware will easily afford flagship grade performance with stacking, obviously there's still no stacking with the 2x even though it shouldn't be a performance issue. Gcam please come to the rescue.

Overall the hardware is a huge bargain, but the software needs a lot of work, but porting Gcam would already solve a lot of problems. When the software is fixed, this will easily surpass everybody else, the hardware has the potential.

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123, 07 Nov 2019417 eur is price in aliexpress, before taxes, vats in europe and... moreOn Ali is a diference of 100$ between CC9 pro and mi note 10. But those are proces of companies from HK who sell. The prices from launch are recomended to ne sell nu european distributors. With the diference of 100$ they cam pay salaries, rent for stores, distribution transport etc.

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2019Can this camera do long exposures? I wonder how good it will be... moreI dont know how good the result will be. But this phone definitely could do it. Even my old mi 5, have manual mode that can change shutter speed up to 32s

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Anonymous, 07 Nov 2019Becouse of taxes, certifications, all needed for selling the pho... more417 eur is price in aliexpress, before taxes, vats in europe and so on. Price for worldwide does not matter ship to usa, europe or else.
Even if I pass (they are passable) paying vat and taxes, it is still 55$ more expensive than the Xiaomi ad. Or 55$ goes for aliexpress per piece, which seems steep in my mind.
Those chineese smartphone makers make ads look 350$ with 855 snapdragon, and then you realise the hype is fake ad, and the phone is 500$ cheapest before tax, vat, before anything, base price for exporting it from china (before shipping as well) and nobody actually buys this item for 350$.

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2019Actually yes but the Huawei P30pro price has come down a lot and... moreActually its possible to get p30pro at about 450euro, but 10mp is not 27mp, add a jack, premium 2x tele hw and it being new phone, there is little to consider.
Unlike 64mp champions before, besides it being on the same level or better in other fov's, 27mp is way sharper than 16mp shots, not to mention colors are not oversaturated.
With xiaomi stores opening here and there, its also more likely to be bought.
Bargain price aside, because of ban, p30pro is sold by carriers still at the same price - mate30pro should be with, imagine the results.
Not that other brands have it easy, its pretty big difference between 12mp and 27mp output, hands-on in store will surely broaden i/s-sheep thinking.

5x zoom video quality is a deal breaker. Why does it look so awful?
I like the main camera but I need 5x or 10x zoom for me to upgrade

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vrvly, 07 Nov 2019Camera output is actually about as great as mate30pro, but for h... moreActually yes but the Huawei P30pro price has come down a lot and one can find it already for less than 700€, so I wonder, at such prices, which would be the best buy...

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Can this camera do long exposures? I wonder how good it will be if mounted on a tripod and do long exposures on low-light.

  • Anonymous

It may be 27mp but looking at photo comparison tool, the image quality is worse in both detail + colors than even xiaomis own 12mp phones. Megapixels aren't everything...this phone is only for idiots who don't realise that.

  • Tr3d

Pictures took became very artificial
Design 4/10
Nothing new, crtl c crtl v

Camera output is actually about as great as mate30pro, but for half the price and with google right now.
Mate30pro actually produce better per pixel quality in all fov's, a better colors in ultrawide, but thats all.
Do not forget it got also the Jack.
Even if other brands come with something similar half year later, I do not expect them to be competitive in this price.

  • Anonymous

123, 07 Nov 2019I am sorry 417 eur before shipping is too much for 6gb 128gb bas... moreBecouse of taxes, certifications, all needed for selling the phone oficially in Europe

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b0d0, 07 Nov 2019Awful standbyProbably related to miui 11 becouse some devices have the same problem with battery drain in stand-by, after the latest update

  • 123

I am sorry 417 eur before shipping is too much for 6gb 128gb base mi note 10
advertised cc9 pro price was 400$ for same 6/1280 is 55$ less!! Basically same phone they just added global rom and google services that's all

  • Blueprint

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2019108mp pics take 15-20 seconds to process and it even gets hang s... moreIt's a relatively long time, yes, but even with a SD855+ it'd take like 9-10s, because there are 9 times more pixels to process.

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Lew, 07 Nov 2019So did anyone actually make a purchase and test it out in real l... moreThe price will very quickly fall..

"Upscaling and then sharpening the 27MP will give you cleaner images with only the slightest bit less fine detail"
For me these 27MP photos look awfully artificial, like upscaled already. Even after downscaling to 12MP I do not see any advantage over my 2-year phone. The 108MP ones look pretty much useless. This is definitely overshoot.