Xiaomi Mi Note 10 review

06 Nov 2019

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5x zoom video quality is a deal breaker. Why does it look so awful?
I like the main camera but I need 5x or 10x zoom for me to upgrade

  • Anonymous

vrvly, 07 Nov 2019Camera output is actually about as great as mate30pro, but ... moreActually yes but the Huawei P30pro price has come down a lot and one can find it already for less than 700€, so I wonder, at such prices, which would be the best buy...

  • Anonymous

Can this camera do long exposures? I wonder how good it will be if mounted on a tripod and do long exposures on low-light.

  • Anonymous

It may be 27mp but looking at photo comparison tool, the image quality is worse in both detail + colors than even xiaomis own 12mp phones. Megapixels aren't everything...this phone is only for idiots who don't realise that.

  • Tr3d

Pictures took became very artificial
Design 4/10
Nothing new, crtl c crtl v

Camera output is actually about as great as mate30pro, but for half the price and with google right now.
Mate30pro actually produce better per pixel quality in all fov's, a better colors in ultrawide, but thats all.
Do not forget it got also the Jack.
Even if other brands come with something similar half year later, I do not expect them to be competitive in this price.

  • Anonymous

123, 07 Nov 2019I am sorry 417 eur before shipping is too much for 6gb 128g... moreBecouse of taxes, certifications, all needed for selling the phone oficially in Europe

  • Anonymous

b0d0, 07 Nov 2019Awful standbyProbably related to miui 11 becouse some devices have the same problem with battery drain in stand-by, after the latest update

  • 123

I am sorry 417 eur before shipping is too much for 6gb 128gb base mi note 10
advertised cc9 pro price was 400$ for same 6/1280 is 55$ less!! Basically same phone they just added global rom and google services that's all

  • Blueprint

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2019108mp pics take 15-20 seconds to process and it even gets h... moreIt's a relatively long time, yes, but even with a SD855+ it'd take like 9-10s, because there are 9 times more pixels to process.

  • Anonymous

Lew, 07 Nov 2019So did anyone actually make a purchase and test it out in r... moreThe price will very quickly fall..

"Upscaling and then sharpening the 27MP will give you cleaner images with only the slightest bit less fine detail"
For me these 27MP photos look awfully artificial, like upscaled already. Even after downscaling to 12MP I do not see any advantage over my 2-year phone. The 108MP ones look pretty much useless. This is definitely overshoot.

THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 07 Nov 2019GSMArena does not mention stand-by times of devices individ... moreBut who gives a flying F about standby time?

We are awake only 16-18 hours a day anyways. Use time, screen on time, this is what matters. Not standby time. If it matters to the total score, then they should list is as part of the measurements. One point I would easily ignore :-)

  • BornInEU

lol guys ... there is no such thing like mobile DSLR, even iPhone 11 pro is far far far away to any Sony APSC mirrorless camera pictures quality.

I have Mi9 and endurance was poor at the beginning (android is learning how you use your phone) but after week or two and few updates the phone is beast now. I bet that with Mi Note 10 it will be the same.

Marco M, 07 Nov 2019Don't look at the overall number, it is very misleading, lo... moreGSMArena does not mention stand-by times of devices individually and yet it is factored in the final "hour" rating of the battery result.
So it is indeed possible that Mi Note 10 has such a poor standby performance that its overall rating falls down. I too noticed a reduced battery drain when I moved from MIUI 10 to MIUI 11 on K20.

Essen, 06 Nov 2019For a 5000+mah battery, 95 hours is not too good an enduran... moreDon't look at the overall number, it is very misleading, look at the measurements.

It beats the Mi A3 (101), Reno2 (102), XA2 Plus (104), SG A6+ (106), SG J7 pro (107) and the SG Note10+ (107) on all points, yet still receives a lower total score.

Something's just not right here.

Mi Note 10 (95h endurance rating)
Talk Time 33:34
Web browsing 12:32
Video playback 22:20

SG Note10+ (107h endurance rating)
Talk Time 32:32h
Web browsing 12:07h
Video playback 18:50h

So the Mi Note 10 has slightly better talk time, slightly better web browsing and nearly 20% longer video playback time, compared to the SG Note10+, and still gets a lower score?

So did anyone actually make a purchase and test it out in real life? I'm quite interested in Mi Note 10 because everything sounds quality. Watched the launch online and it was like $610 USD. Then I saw Gearbest is offering this model at $499 for a limited time, which is a lot cheaper lol. Any advice? Is it worth buying at the price point? Thanks, everyone.

  • Anonymous

CompactPhones5ever, 06 Nov 2019So let me get this straight: - It has way weaker chipset t... morethey are way over their head, tricking people with their brand, 5k mah, 108MP camera

TheGoldenMellifluous, 07 Nov 2019I can't believe Mi Note 10 ER battery life with 5260mAh los... moreIt clearly didn't loose. Check the specifics.

Mi Note 10
Talk Time 33:34
Web browsing 12:32
Video playback 22:20

Xperia 5
Talk Time 28:34
Web browsing 11:40
Video playback 16:28

The overall scoring seems to be completely off on the Mi Note 10, as it beats the Xperia 5 on every point, but still gets a lower score.

It also clearly beats the Mi A3 even though it has an overall score of 101. Same with Xperia XA2 Plus which has a score of 104.

TaK Tran, 07 Nov 2019This is the phone with the most versatile cameras, with all... morePinch to zoom has been know for the average user for years. They don't need to know what's going on in the background, they just see the awesome end result.

Clicking the circles to change between the focal ranges (or "zooms"), is also very easily understandable. Just like it is on phone with two, or more, options.