Xiaomi Mi Note 10 review

06 Nov 2019

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wtf with that battery performance, is it because unoptimized of MIUI 11 or what

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2019Is it possible to take 27 megapixel raw photos?The way this camera works is it takes photo at 108mp and then pixel binned it to 27mp for tighter visual. Taking raw picture at 27mp will give you less detail. If you shoot at 108mp and process it yourself, the result won't be that much better, according to the review. This is a camera phone, it's not a DSLR. If you want to post-process then get a real camera.

Horrible battery performance

  • Anonymous

Bad quality lenses.

Check the photo tool . It beats Redmi Note 8 Pro near center of the image, but objects near edges like Spongebob are much worse.

It does very well at higher ISO, but it should not be using that much.

  • Essen

For a 5000+mah battery, 95 hours is not too good an endurance. Xiaomi have messed up something there. Perhaps MIUI 11?

Igor Pro, 06 Nov 2019I wanted to buy this smartphone. But I will not buy because of t... moreMy last curved phone was S8. As you said I will never ever buy another curved phone

  • arch06

xiaomi mi 9t battery endurance details : 33:20h(3g talking time) 11:35h(web browsing) 17:19h (video playback)

total endurance is 100 hours for mi 9t.

mi note 10 battery endurance details : 33:34h (3g talking time) 12:32h (web browsing) 22:20h (video playback)

mi note 10 gets more time in all of the battery tests , according to mi 9t. more web browsing time, more video playback time etc..

but how can mi note 10 get 95 hours in endurance test, while mi 9t gets 100 hours ?

doesn't make any sense..

r33fd, 06 Nov 2019Most likely cause the screen and soc are less efficient. The ... moreThe difference is too big. It's probably a software problem.

  • Khan

550 dollar mi note 10

Aby, 06 Nov 2019Battery endurance is way less for a 5200mAh battery mi 9t wi... moreMost likely cause the screen and soc are less efficient.

The mi 9t has higher quality screen and 7nm soc vs 8nm soc.

Shui8, 06 Nov 2019P30 Pro still one of the great camera shooter out there. Low lig... moreThanks for the advice, but I don't want to buy new phone, this is just my opinion. :)

Photo comparison tool makes it clear winner at that resolution, some can do better hi res shots through day, but its sure to be more laggy and worse at low light.
Colors are great too.

battery is very bad !!!! why? Huawei p30 pro is 100h with 4200mAh

  • Alienware

Igor Pro, 06 Nov 2019I wanted to buy this smartphone. But I will not buy because of t... moreBut curved screen makes a premium feel.

Wow that battery is a big disappointment and night samples are nothing good a true night mode would've produced a bit better result I was really excited but am now really disappointed

  • Anonymous

in china its 2800RMB ($400) (360euro)
and yet its priced 550euro in EU? thats %50 more, almost 200euros
i bet this will have to be repriced similarly to the Mi 9T pro as both are similarly priced in China.

I wanted to buy this smartphone. But I will not buy because of the curved screen.

  • Latvis

Thanks for review. I am really dissapointed for battery endurance. Its even below 100h, so still not a phone can replace Lenovo P2 :(

  • Unileeds

ZTE Axion 10 pro is now down to €399 in-store in Germany. Xiaomi takes perfect hype and delivers a trashed global product. 128gb memory but no SD slot or an overly inflated prices version with a 730G. What a downer. Realms X2 or Axion 10 pro...

  • Anonymous

This is a pre-launch model and not very well finished in software department. After an update ora two this phone will be a beast.