Motorola Razr hands-on

18 Nov 2019

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Anonymous, 18 Feb 2020The Motorola Razr nightmare continues. A week after I purc... moreI will definitely be waiting for them to work out all of the issues with foldable phones for at least a year if not more before I jump on board. I had a Razr when they first came out in the US around 03 or 04 and I loved it but I am not going to get a foldable phone until everything is worked out and has been for at least a year.

  • Anonymous

pt020, 22 Nov 2019I live in the Netherlands and it was my first mobile ever..... moreIt was also extremely popular in Greece at the time, ie. early 00s. It was very thin and light and came in many colours, which made it popular.

  • SARO

Working only with eSim limits it’s market

  • Anonymous

The Motorola Razr nightmare continues.
A week after I purchased the foldable phone, the plastic OLED display on the $1,500 device is now peeling apart... at the fold.

  • Anonymous

SOC = enough, RAM = enough, ROM = enough, Battery = a joke, Price = a joke and that chin is massive! The folding mechanism was tested and is likely to break during the use-cycle of 2 years. This phone screams experiment but is offered at 1500$ only due to foldability. Though I like the attempt, this phone should have been the first purchasable prototype of a clamshell foldable and available at 850$ maximum! The specs are those of any 350$ Motorola. The price for new tech should be around 500$ on top.

I think the phone, it looks very good. As others stated here all the new phones are just slabs. Turned off there is not much difference between them. Its definitely different approach. I can understand why they used lower CPU because of the heat management. The battery is a bit too small and the price is a bit too much. Well maybe in couple years time this will evolve to the point new one will cost standard midrange price.

  • Am I an alien?

6GB ram, 128GB rom on a 2,510mah battery , LMFAO

  • Trooper

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2019How is this phone any different from a $1000 iPhone..??This phone was designed to fold, whereas the iPhone, wasn't... :p

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Anonymous, 30 Jan 2020How can I get itAs with other goods and services, with Money. Either electronically transfered to the seller, via debit or credit card; of physically using cash.

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How can I get it

  • Ryanide

Fingerprint magnet? So was the Moto Razr's sibling, the Krzr. I've owned both back then, and this newer phone reminds me of both of the older phones rolled into one.

Once the screen begins to slows folds, people might begin ditching the expensive foldable concept.

  • Bill

I had an original Razr. Never again! I thought I'd like it, but I found the form factor to be very annoying in daily usage. There's something to be said for having a device at the ready immediately upon removing it from one's pocket or lifting it from the table. Unfolding it each time is not conducive to that.

I'm aware that the new Razr has a secondary screen which should mitigate the problem of immediate readiness. But, will it really?

  • Anonymous

How is this phone any different from a $1000 iPhone..??

  • Mohammed

Razr 2004 was the best I ever had and believe will use 2019 since price should drop after some time

  • Gass

Very expensive phone.

  • Anonymous

To Expensive for the specification the phone have.

  • Gedas

Razr 2004 was the best I ever had and believe will use 2019 since price should drop after some time

  • Anonymous

lpl, 23 Nov 2019It all depends on what you want your phone to be able to do... moreIt's still unrealistically priced.

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2019You seem upset even thought you sort of agree. I did said i... moreIt all depends on what you want your phone to be able to do. A 50€ phone with barely 3g and a 2mpx camera was once a technological marvel that was selling for 600€. Just because a phone doesn't have the latest and the greatest in every possible way (no phone does btw, there all always compromises and things that could have been done better), it doesn't mean that it technically isn't an amazing thing, even more so when it combines a foldable screen in a tiny body. And of course, when it combines the tech with function, which this phone does. The goal here isn't stuffing a phone with all the functions known to mankind, but trying something new with, again, COMPROMISES that needed to be made for the main goal - a foldable screen in a pocket friendly body - to be realized. I really don't think they build the new razr around the form of the old one (nostalgia). I think the form of the new one exists because of the market prerequisites and the logical flow of foldable technology.

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lpl, 22 Nov 2019Exactly the opposite! People like you who are comparing thi... moreYou seem upset even thought you sort of agree. I did said it's a nicely engineered hinge. True technology lover care more about function than style or nostalgia. I see why people are excited to get a glimpse of future. I just don't see it when people said this is the phone they actually want. Considering the price ,it's spec and how little it brings to the table.