Phones with best battery life 2020 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 26 May 2020

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  • Khairul

Vicky, 22 May 2020Why flagship phones are not battery life champions for the ... moreThe more features and functionality, the more efficiency is needed to be sought.

How can we see this section from gsmarena app?

  • Alucardnos

I thought fastest charging champion is black shark 3, it top ups in 38 minutes the 5000mah battery

  • Vicky

Why flagship phones are not battery life champions for the money one spends? Always larger batteries are given for mid range and entry level phones.

Where's the realme 6i? It scored 186hrs on the endurance test, topped the leaderboard.

  • Ben

I couldnt find here Doogee phones. As far as I know they have 12,000mAh batteries by now. Check it out guys.

  • Joy

Eh where is the king ? Rog 2?

  • Anonymous

The M30s has upgraded internals from the M30(I am a M30 user and have seen M30S reviews) to make up for extra power usage they put an extreme 6000mAh battery to replace the amazing 5000mAh battery on the M30(why I got it over its competitors with better internals). The ROG 2 also has a 6000 mAh battery, but crazy internals that need such a battery.

  • ILoveEeEe

Nokia, I am still waiting for you as your progress seem very slow than those PRC phone.

  • Anonymous

Letrix, 04 Dec 2019What happend with the ROG 2?Forgotten beast? Most probably, yes!

What happend with the ROG 2?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2019Do review to m30s ...I'm still waiting itYes pleaseeeeeeeh

  • toja

BlackView P2 - 5000mA battery, lasts 2 days with everything enabled plus standard usage

  • Anonymous

Do review to m30s ...I'm still waiting it