Phones with best battery life 2021 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 02 December

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proUser, 06 Apr 2022This is 2022 Please update your all list.I literally just bought a Redmi Note 10 Pro (and had I have more money, I'll buy poco F3)

the latest isn't always the greatest, sometimes 1 year old devices is fine as long as you know what are you looking for

    This is 2022
    Please update your all list.

      Masoud, 05 Dec 2021I think that Galaxy M51 should be on top, but it's not... moreCheck the update data. It had been replaced by Galaxy M62

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        • ShalokShalom
        • ndh
        • 03 Jan 2022

        The Sony Xperia 10 III can diversify this list, since its not only long-lasting, it's very small compared to the other phones

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          • Masoud
          • gCk
          • 05 Dec 2021

          I think that Galaxy M51 should be on top, but it's not even included!

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            • bob
            • Lfw
            • 04 Dec 2021

            what about motorola g60? 6000 mah battery, it lasts for days.

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              • BlueMagic
              • LiQ
              • 28 Nov 2021

              Vicky, 22 May 2020Why flagship phones are not battery life champions for the ... moreBecause there is no room for bigger battery in a flagship phone as those have more components and bigger camera sensors then mid-rangers.

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                • Anonymous
                • 33i
                • 23 Nov 2021

                No Sony Xperia 10 III?

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                  • wyim
                  • HmY
                  • 18 Nov 2021

                  why no Samsung Galaxy A52s/A52???

                    My Oukitel wp15 blows top 4 out of the water combinied.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • y6V
                      • 03 Nov 2021

                      Sepfian, 27 Oct 2021Your setting suppose the cause.i myself i got a 34 hour screen on time with my poco f3.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • GEm
                        • 27 Oct 2021

                        This review is suboptimal. The best battery performance has the Samsung M51 with 7000Ah. It lasts 2-3 days. It si relatively unknown - neverteless, this is the best phone I had since the Blackberry.

                          Anonymous, 22 Jul 2021Hmmmmm. I have a poco f3 and the Battery is a bit dissa... moreYour setting suppose the cause.

                            How about samsung m12?!
                            Are been tested?!

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                              • Ice Cream Man
                              • TK9
                              • 17 Oct 2021

                              Hi, please consider the Xiaomi mi 11 lite 5G NE to be among the considerably good battery lists here. Wondering what's the cons. tq gsmarena

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                                • Patrick
                                • tDP
                                • 04 Oct 2021

                                Is there any chance you will be actually reviewing and rating the Samsung F62 / M62?

                                The reason is I'm currently choosing between the M51 and M62, but I heard that the battery life of the M62 is about 30% worse than the M51 due to its less efficient Exynos 9825 among many factors.

                                However, I also heard that a recent update last month has improved the M62 battery life significantly. This particular battery life issue will ultimately be the deciding factor for me to choose either the M51 or M62.

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                                  • Maxi from Indonesia
                                  • XUy
                                  • 01 Oct 2021

                                  don't forget Samsung M51 and Tecno Pova 2

                                    I have seen other comments and I want to say this: The Poco F3 does not have Snapdragon 888, it has the 870, guys calm down. GSMArena editors just made a mistake. Also, the reason why they put the F3 first is not because it has the best battery life, but because it has most great features AND great battery life. What makes a smartphone appealing isn't just if it had astounding battery. Just look at the Energizer phone, it lasts 50 days doesn't it? But you can't really do much else with it. Like that Poco F3 will most likely be a better choice than Samsung M52 or Realme 8 even if the battery isn't up to those standards, just because it excels in other areas.

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                                      • Aries
                                      • rAQ
                                      • 06 Sep 2021

                                      Where is m51

                                        wait, poco f3 didn't use snapdragon 888