Phones with best battery life 2021 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 19 May 2021

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  • loczero

Pet Evo, 25 May 2021F3 comes w SD870...not SD888.............................True

  • Pet Evo

F3 comes w SD870...not SD888.............................

  • Anonymous

Where redmi 9T?

  • SAM

Realme 6i (rebranded Narzo 10) scored 186h earlier on your test with only 5000mah battery, so Realme 7i Global (rebranded Narzo 20) with 6000mah battery otherwise similar specs should be the highest scoring phone that GSMarena has reviewed.

Both phones have 6.5" HD+ display and G80 and G85 processors that they use aren't that power hungry either. I own the 7i Global version and get around 8-11h screen on time depending on usage (gaming, videos, web browsing etc.)

Ulefone Power 3s is my previous phone I used for 3 years its not on GSMarena and is discontinued now, it has the best battery life of any phone I know of with 6350mah battery and P23 CPU very efficient I got 10-15h screen on time with it. Oh and all of the 3 mentioned phones cost only around 150€ amazing budget value and big battery life for the price.

  • Dan3e

Does F3 come with 888?? Wasn't it 870?

  • dumbutt

Ben, 05 Mar 2020I couldnt find here Doogee phones. As far as I know they ha... moreI guess. Their phones aren't well-rounded. The chips are under-powered, the phone is too heavy, and the camera is bad overall. I think more people would buy it if the phone was well-rounded

I don't get those tests really. I've never had any phone since the original Nokia 3310 that lasts a day. I charge my phones, new phone every year, regardless of brands, 2-3 times a day. And turning off almost everything seems quite stupid when you pay around 1000 US for a phone. It's like buying a new car and leave the battery at home. I know I'm probably an excessive user, around 10-12 hours screen time is quite normal for me. Sometimes up to 16 hours a day. No gaming, some movies a month, and maybe music 3-4 hours a week. I'm mostly online or taking pictures and writing a lot.

  • Anonymous

not satisfied, 10 Feb 2021if you want to make brief review... if its about battery, u... moreikr, smartphone battery life chart not including the battery capacity of said phones, i would like to know degenerates who wrote this

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2021The recipe for a phone with the best battery life : 1) HD+ ... moreThat no one follows 😔.
Though technically it's not possible to fit a 6000 mAh battery in 6" phone. Phones like moto g7 power with super AMOLED (& smaller bezels of course) could be a perfection.

  • Anonymous

The recipe for a phone with the best battery life : 1) HD+ (not full HD) 6.0" or 6.2" amoled display. 60 hz refresh rate. 2) 8 nm or less processor. 3) 6000 mah battery with fast charge. 4) Stock android or a UI skin optimised to close background apps aggressively.

I dont think anyone makes a HD+ amoled display or there are phones with HD+ amoled displays. It could be a new category of phones (killer battery life).

  • not satisfied

if you want to make brief review... if its about battery, u should at least told about the maH and watt and how long daily use of all phone in simple way. dont waste my time to scroll and click one by one to know their spec.

  • Grammar master

Biswa, 23 Jan 2021It's has fingerprin no sur it has no fingaarprin LOL

  • Biswa

It's has fingerprin

  • aasakti

A-dri, 03 Jan 2021How bout the M51? It has a big 7000 mah battery and 25w fas... moreBecause Poco F2 Pro using more power hungry flagship SoC

Please make test for motorola g9 power
I think this mobile must be added with those mobile

  • A-dri

How bout the M51? It has a big 7000 mah battery and 25w fast charge. Its far more better than the poco f2 pro.

Defiancestar, 26 Dec 2020Samsung m51 have the best battery ever I have and M31 and am astounded with the battery life, Im certain the M51 does an even better job, it also has 25W fast charging, which is far more desirable with large capacity

  • Defiancestar

Samsung m51 have the best battery ever

  • Felix

I prefer mi note 10 lite and poco f2 pro.

How is m51 is not there !!! It's 7000 mah