Best compact phones 2020 - buyer’s guide

22 Nov 2019

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RAFL, 08 Feb 2020Mi A3 is a better buy then Mi 9SE in my opinion and should also ... moreThis is about compact phones

  • jaki

Yogi, 08 Feb 2020Why manufacturers completely forgot about people with smaller ha... moreYes and the funniest thing is that mostly chinese manufacturers push huge phones however asians have little hands. Why do they want unusable size phones? They are crazy!

  • Yogi

Why manufacturers completely forgot about people with smaller hands and people who just want a smaller phone? :( Lets create a petition or smth....

Mi A3 is a better buy then Mi 9SE in my opinion and should also be included in this list.

Sorry but none of these can be called compact, it's a "smallest available yet still big" list at best. The iPhone SE is small; actually it's on the boundaries between small and big, with the iPhone 4S being closer to what a small smartphone should be. Everything on this list is much bigger than the SE.

The only small/compact smartphones you can currently purchase are the 2016's iPhone SE, which is still available as new in many stores, or the 2018's Palm Phone, a really tiny Android that apparently has very limited sales. I can see why most people prefer bigger phones but it's extremely odd that not even a single big company will produce a small one, when there's clearly a demand for it. I hope this trend ends soon.

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Ungarisch, 22 Jan 2020I'm clinging on to my iPhone SE still because it was the last no... moreI agree perfectly with you. We need 5 inch smartphones with 90+ screen to body ratio with 4000+ battery

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I have small hands. I cannot hold modern phones at all, and this is becoming frustrating.
IMHO compact is not about length, but width. About 65mm in the past. Now it's 70mm.
All I care is about price, battery and dimensions. I had a S4 mini and it was truly pocket, amazing lightweight. I still use a Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime because it was the best at the time, now it's still fast (snap 660 +3gb ram). Unfortunately the camera is mediocre. I wish to buy something new just for pics and videos, but every phone on this short list is expensive with short battery life, compared to 4000mha. To have something nice, I will probably have to buy something like a Mi 9 Lite and just forgive myself.
I DO NOT CARE ABOUT BIGGER DISPLAYS AT ALL!!! I can live with 5". I have a tablet for other uses like everybody!

DownUnder, 21 Jan 2020Agreed - I'm soldiering on with a Sony Xperia Z5 compact bought ... moreI have the Z5 compact but need to replace it since it's heating a lot and not battery efficient when mobile data and GPS are on and the 2GB RAM can't keep up with my needs. Since sony didn't have a proper compact i went for an XZ3 approx. $270. I miss my Z5 compact how i wish sony will make a full screen compact phone with Z5C or XZ1 dimensions. Sony is pushing it's 21:9 aspect ratio screen. maybe a 21:9 foldable xperia will somehow be considered a compact.

  • Ungarisch

I'm clinging on to my iPhone SE still because it was the last normal sized phone. I'm sorry, but a 6" screen phone is NOT compact!!

I wish someone made a 4.8-5.0" all screen phone, something iphone 5 size, you know the size we used to use before things got absurd! I do not want to stuff a netbook down my pocket, especially when I primarily use it for phone calls and texting...

  • DownUnder

mtrantalainen, 18 Jan 2020I wish we had ANY compact phones in Europe year 2020. Last high-... moreAgreed - I'm soldiering on with a Sony Xperia Z5 compact bought mid 2016. Still a nice little phone, but it is getting a bit old now (CPU is a bit slow, and prone to overheating).

But Sony have discontinued selling mobile phones in Au/NZ, and I cannot find a viable replacement ...

  • CompactBuyer

Why there are no $200-300 Compact phones. I miss those days when Phone and Phablet were different things.

  • mtrantalainen

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2020Wish we had more compact phones 2020I wish we had ANY compact phones in Europe year 2020. Last high-end phone that was even remotely compact was Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact and that thing has huge bezels.

The only phone released in 2019 that was remotely compact was Sharp Aquos R2 compact. That is not sold internationally so unless you live in Japan, that's not an option.

The smallest phone on the market that is widely available is Samsung S10e.

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Wish we had more compact phones 2020

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To everyone saying these aren't compact: Sadly, they are. Those are the smallest midrange or flagship phones of 2019. And it looks like it will get worse this year...

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Anonymous, 28 Dec 2019Once my Redmi 3S died and I was in market for new phone I was sh... moreGet a second hand mi5. 129gms, 820sd . use custom ROMs, can get good one in 6 to 7k . I m using it.

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Once my Redmi 3S died and I was in market for new phone I was shocked to find out that Redmi 7 (and 8) now are the SAME size as Redmi 7/8 Note, which I always thought were big brothers in lineup. My disappointment. Only reasonable option for budget phone that I managed to find was Xiaomi Mi Play, but still went for Redmi 7 for money reasons, now regret it and are looking for "new" compact phone, but unless you can buy high end, you have no real options in current market.

  • HuLk

I agree with most of comments here. A compact phone lower than 140 tall with flagship specs is now a "real dream". Since 2018, I am unable to understand the philosophy of making bezelless phones with 157-164 height. Why don't these phone companies make phones below 140 tall (5 to 5.5 inch screen) with SD 855/865 or similar power.

I m also using a 2 year old compact phone and desparately searching for an upgrade. I will wait for February 2020 and if failed, then will go for Samsung S10e as last option.

  • rah ha sia

Almost 2020 and here I am still stuck with my sony xz1 compact
I just hope compact phones like the 'new moto razor' gonna be way cheaper when the times come I need to replace mine

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2019whatÂ’s wrong with plastic body on Pixel 3a? the best material f... moreAgreed. A selling point for me.

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2019S10e great phone Tho they not making a s11e And lowest scree... moreYep, a shame, as the form factor is really easy to use, and the flat screen is a plus. Add a few mA of battery and it would be an epic device. I'd have been happy with two e models, kinda wish they would do a plus version. And include the extra camera.