Best compact phones 2021 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 02 August 2021

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  • Anonymous

If you are looking for a cheap compact phone - try used/refurbished Xperia XA2. It's definitely not young, but still has a fast enough CPU for browsing web and some gaming (tried PUBG mobile and its playable).

Also checkout Xperia XZ2 or XZ2 Compact, but their prices are relatively high - especially for Compact.

  • Anonymous

Thank you for removing the "Almost there" section. It's really nice that you are listening to feedback from users.

  • Anonymous

hello i'm looking for a budget compact gaming phone around 5+ inches with a good battery life (i would've opted for the iphone 12 mini/iphone se 2020 but one is not very budget friendly while the other does not have an ideal battery life for gaming). does one even exist?

  • Saumya

Mifopal, 24 Aug 2021Article on compact phones without mentioning the screensize... moreHaha! very correct

  • Anonymous

Mifopal, 24 Aug 2021Article on compact phones without mentioning the screensize... moreRightly said.

  • Mifopal

Article on compact phones without mentioning the screensizes is as good as phonereviews on iPhones only to talk about android

pj, 12 Aug 2021I would like to have a phone for daily use as. A am not a g... moreGo for nokia 1. It's cheap, robust and SLOW.
Easily fits in pocket and 100% dependable.
Go for iPhone se.

  • Anonymous

I can recommend Mi 9 SE. I traded that phone for Nord CE. People might think 147 vs 159mm isn't that big but it is. I regret my swap. The Nord is a fine device but I can't stand the size. Barely fits in the pocket and this is supposed to be a somewhat compact device. Imagine having a Moto with almost 17cm tall. I will buy the first compact phone that has a decent soc, fast charge, OLED, 90/120hz and 8gb ram. If it has MIUI or realme UI i don't care I just want a comfortable phone.

  • Gooey

AverageIndianUser, 29 Jun 2021hi samsung if you are reading this....release a budget comp... moreSold.

  • pj

I would like to have a phone for daily use as. A am not a gamer, I just want fast, compact, easy to carry smart phone. Screen (FHD) size should be between 4.5 to 5 and minimum bezels. Ram minimum 4 GB and battery life at least 24 hours.

  • Anonymous

Nabsie, 01 Jul 2021Where are the true compact phones below 5" ? I've... moreTimes have changed. People use to call 5.5 inch phone as phablets

Imso orsom, 01 Aug 2021Except the iphones none of these are small...All of the currently listed ones are within reason of the iPhone SE 2, especially the Pixel 4a and Zenfone 8.,1518,1784,1401,1669,1559. Also the Pixel 5 should probably be on the list if the 4a is. The Meizu 18 is also within reason.

Matjazz, 31 Jul 2021This is sad. These aren't compact phones. I was hoping... moreI agree. Many women I know want a smaller phone but there isn't much choice and they want an Android phone for some reason. I hope companies do some surveys and come out with at least a sub 6" phone in their lineups.

  • offended

You forgot my phone: Palm Palm
I am a happy user of it. That´s really a compact phone. The major issue is batery, buthtere is a trick. Don´t use it too much.

  • Imso orsom

Except the iphones none of these are small...

  • Matjazz

This is sad. These aren't compact phones. I was hoping that iPhone mini would encourage someone to make a compact phone.
I work for a phone company and people often ask me if there are any good small phones. So there definitely is a market for small phones but why everyone ignores it is beyond me.

Anonymous, 24 May 2021Why no android phone with same design and size as iphone se... moreBuy Xz1 compact, it's Old but used to have flagship Soc, so it's comparable to today's Midrange.

  • John

wtf has gone wrong with the world... Half these phones don't fit in your pocket and they still call it compact?

Yeah! I'm angry about it! Think I'll move to the country :)

  • Anonymous

how is any phone over 130mm tall a compact phone? I live in a subtropical climate and always wear shorts, and don't fancy carrying a tablet with me all the time or a back pack

  • Anonymous

Hamma, 15 Jul 2021How is a 6.3" display a Compact Phone? What is this?6.3" is the largest size I consider reasonably compact actually. I can mostly use phones like the Galaxy Note 10 comfortably. I agree that 6.4+ are too big. It is definitely a matter of preference in this case though.