Best camera phones 2021 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 20 October 2021

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RandyRiffin, 23 Sep 2021When Gsmarena recommends phones, they have to consider what... moreThey could put it as niche choice. Also can you find a p40 like phone for 500? No. So their are more expensive alternatives, not just alternatives. Even the magic 3 pro plus whose camera is very similar to the p50 pro cost 1500€ while the p50 pro for the same storage will cost around 1100 when it gets launched in Europe. The Huawei will be about 25% cheaper. To me 5g and gms don't worth 400€

  • gs88

I used the Xperia 1 II for a short while, i'm suprised that that phone isn't in this list. Really liked the quality of the pictures and videos!

Also, they already put the Find X3 pro and the Xperia 5 II is not that great value. It's too industrial centric and has too many buttons on the right side. And... like I've said before, the Oneplus 9 Pro does not have much improvements over the 8 Pro to justify its price. Yes, technically it is better, but couldn't you just save a bit of money and get a more or less same package?

When Gsmarena recommends phones, they have to consider what else pple are going to do with it, so yes Huawei makes great camera phones, but you could get kind of similar cameras from a Samsung or Apple, and you would get google services, so they just can't recommend it. If you get a Huawei, yes you would get outstanding camera performance, but then when you scroll out, you wouldn't be able to do much else with it. Seriously? and you bought it with $1000 dollars so...

  • UselessList

Huawei phones should be included if we talk abut best camera phones. The lack of Google apps is irrelevant if what we want to measure is the camera performance

  • Francesco

I hope the Xiaomi 11T Pro will be on this list soon

  • Joker

HS, 11 Aug 2021Did you just missed Oneplus 9 pro?They are mad not mention op 9pro😡

  • nothin

where is sony

  • HS

Did you just missed Oneplus 9 pro?

Chinese lino, 30 Jul 2021What about Huawei phone is not with good cameras Huawei phones has some of the best tech and cameras on the market. In fact, I would put Huawei in the same league as Samsung/Apple. The only downfall for Huawei is the lack of Google play service. Huawei phones imo probably have one of the best if not best Night Modes as far as the camera. Likewise, Huawei phones tend to get faster over time, good battery life, nano SD card slot, and desktop mode with HDMI cable. The real feature that I love with Huawei phones is they still give us an IR blaster which no other company offers except Xiaomi.

  • Chinese lino

What about Huawei phone is not with good cameras

how the oneplus 8 pro is there and the p40 pro is not

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2021Thats not a phone, its a Huawei, no longer a supported device.what are you talking about

  • Anonymous

Bob, 08 Jun 2021Where is Huawei P40 Pro? Thats not a phone, its a Huawei, no longer a supported device.

  • Bob

Where is Huawei P40 Pro?

  • Anonymous

You forgot Vivo x60 pro+

  • Black Joe

This phone is nice

  • Zune

AnonD-973296, 20 Feb 2021why did they put the S21U on top of the list, the N20U take... moreAfter the recent updates, S21U actually takes better photos

  • AnonD-973296

why did they put the S21U on top of the list, the N20U takes WAY better photos in comparison

What!!! GSMArena , you replaced Realme 6 Pro with Realme 7 Pro , The 6 Pro had a telephoto camera with much better zoom clarity ( Actually no justification to drop 2x zoom module ) then 7 Pro dedicated 64Mp. ( Provided you have 8Mp telephoto ) but that's not the case. Again Night Mode , photos though excellent & sharper then 6 Pro they are dark thus providing less details , colours , contrast ( See your own review where you said 7 pro night photos are dark ). Again videos are all better in 6 Pro ( Only no EIS in 4k but clarity is more )
Disappointed with your change.
This is only for camera review though other things are better.