Best camera phones 2023 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 18 May 2023

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gsmarena should replace the Xiaomi 12 Lite with the Pixel 7 and add the Find X6 Pro to this list unless you are payed to post some specific phones

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    • 07 May 2023

    fotograf, 04 Mar 2023On the list of the most prestigious portal about smartphone... moreYou mean dxomark where the ranking is payed ?

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      • 02 May 2023

      Super Android 22, 22 Apr 2023Im really struggling to see how the s23u is "best came... moreSamsung is the best so you only have to cry harder. No matter how much effort you put at the top of your lungs, you'll cry again because you can't handle reality!

        Im really struggling to see how the s23u is "best camera smartphone" when they've literally done tests proving its not. I just dont get how GSM still try and push the ultra from samsungs flagship line with so much ignorance and biased.

        Its not the best cameraphone (puttting 2 average sensors on just so it can do 2 different lengths doesnt make it good), its main sensor is a numbers gimmick and again has been proven it gets out performed by the imx 989. Its not like there isnt other phones with 2 telephoto sensors, a main and UW.

        Ugly phone, way too heavy, doesnt have the best screen even though everyone uses samsung screens, has a pointless pen that could be removed for way better hardware features. Average UI, not better performance with an overclocked SoC, one of the slowest charging on a flagship, stupidly sloe wireless and reverse wireless, no extra hardware features like 360° NFC, DP connection through usb c, an actual face unlock sensor, actual improvments with battery materials and tech, high pwm screen or touch sampling rate.

        The biggest laugh is its replaced the s22u as "best cameraphone" which wasnt even in the top 5 of best phones or cameraphones... Come on GSM 🥱🤨😮‍💨

          Anonymous, 28 Mar 2023It is very bad at night! (You can see CNET review)Not true, pixels actually have some of the best low light pictures on the market. The weird thing is doing a blind photo test peoples favourite night pics were from the oppo find x5 pro, pixel 6a and pixel 7 pro (not in that order). They all absolutely destroy the iphone 14 pro max (they messed up swapping to the new 48mp main).

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            • 13 Apr 2023


              Anonymous, 28 Mar 2023Hello Excuse me do you know what is chipset fragmentation? ... moreLike how Europe got Exynos chip variants while others got Snapdragon. But that is not the case anymore with S23 since all of it uses Snapdragon chip

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                • 30 Mar 2023

                Canon Eos R5 and Sony Alpha 1 are winners 😎
                Professional cameras are truly incomparable with artificial intelligence cameras (Of course, we also have winners from Nikon, Panasonic, etc)

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                  • 28 Mar 2023

                  Anonymous, 01 Jan 2023I like goople pixelIt is very bad at night! (You can see CNET review)

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                    • 28 Mar 2023

                    NEED PERFECTION, 25 Mar 2023Why is the S23 Ultra still have the "Chipset fragmenta... moreHello Excuse me do you know what is chipset fragmentation? I don't know

                      Why is the S23 Ultra still have the "Chipset fragmentation" Con?

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                        • 20 Mar 2023

                        This surely needs and update due to the new phones on the market...

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                          • 04 Mar 2023

                          On the list of the most prestigious portal about smartphone cameras, the S22 ultra is 16th.

                            Mate 50 Pro is clearly better

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                              • 01 Jan 2023

                              I like goople pixel

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                                • 21 Dec 2022

                                SirArtur, 07 Dec 2022Why Pixel 7 has in cons "charging speed" and iPh... moreExactly!

                                  YUKI93, 15 Nov 2022For camera phones of 2022, my vote goes for the Xiaomi 12S ... moreSame here but in my testings Xperia 1IV have some amazing results with some third party! So I would give a no 1 to Xperia 1!

                                    Where is the honor magic 4 pro/ultimate? Also mate 50 Pro takes better quality pics than the pixel, iPhone and s22 ultra, just a far better main cam even if it is just an imx 766. Also why does the pixel 7 Pro have "tensor chip" as a positive (tensor chips are the worst "top end" SoCs on the market) but you didn't put it for the pixel 7?

                                    Also iPhone has very slow charging and the fact it doesn't come with a charger which aren't included (also it still uses the dead lightning port and American models come without a sim card tray) as negatives but the Sony Xperia has these as negatives and the pixels? The galaxy s22 ultra doesn't have any of these as negatives either or the fact many models have had power issues, batteries melting aswell. (same for the Oneplus, it literally can snap in half yet this isn't a negative is it not?) You not gunna correct the mistakes and placement of devices?

                                    I keep saying you guys have brand favouritism (Oneplus is definitely in your top 5 favourites) but this is a bit silly with these obvious mistakes and biased choice of devices (s22 ultra just isn't the best on any scale you could think of except versitility).

                                      Why Pixel 7 has in cons "charging speed" and iPhone does not? They are roughly the same.

                                        For camera phones of 2022, my vote goes for the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Sony Xperia 1 iv, and Vivo X80 Pro. The 12S Ultra is a massive improvement over the Mi 11 Ultra when it comes to photo processing algorithms. It really pays dividends to have Leica on board. The Vivo is a real champ for Night Mode photography. Vivo really nailed the whole thing right by not making Night Mode photos look like an oversharpened daylight photo. However, if I want total Manual control, the Sony is definitely my choice. Having a native 4K/120fps video recording support across all three cameras is one thing, having a telephoto camera with continuous variable zooming is another.