Best camera phones 2020 - buyer’s guide

Last Updated 02 May 2020

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ithehappy, 24 Nov 2019Yes, everyone does night mode and night shots now, but how ... moreSorry the Mi Note 10 is really the kingpin of camera (photos)
1) mi note 10
2) mate 30 pro/p30 pro
3) Pixel 4 ~ galaxy S10/Note 10 ~ iPhone 11

Yes, everyone does night mode and night shots now, but how good are the results, how good is the implementation thereof is the main question! Pixel 4 under the camera category at least should be in second spot, only after iPhone 11.
For camera it should go like this-
#1- iPhone 11
#2- Pixel 4
#3- Note 10

Anything different is simply being biased.

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Disappointed, 23 Nov 2019I'm very disappointed with your picks, as they seem biased.... moreMi note 10 indeed deserves the crown. Huawei comes second, Apple and Samsung at third place (only comparing camera not video)

The detail level completely blows the iPhone and Samsung out of the water.
Natural colors in low light unlike that on the Huawei or Samsung or Pixel.
You are just disappointed that a 550 Euro device is ahead of the 1000 Euro BRAT PACK.

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Anonymous, 24 Nov 2019You forgot to mention that the Pixel 4 has the hands down b... moreXiaomi mastered portrait mode better that too on their budget devices. The Mi Note 10 gives bokeh effect without using portrait mode. Almost DSLR like.
This is on top of the pyramid.

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You forgot to mention that the Pixel 4 has the hands down best portrait mode in the competition. And that's something that actually matters

  • Disappointed

I'm very disappointed with your picks, as they seem biased.
(Let's see if you can deal with critics, or simply delete it quickly.)

The Mi Note 10 doesn't deserve the title. Most notably, it's the only camera left today that doesn't have a proper night mode (even Apple finally has one with the iPhone 11). The fake night mode it does have does pretty much nothing, except restoring a highlight here and there. Calling that "night mode" is just plain ridiculous and nothing but an eyewash.
Main camera colours are a bit dull, but some people like them like that.

Mi Note 10 2x zoom is of poor quality, as it's quite noisy even on broad daylight, and dynamic range suffers as well. This is certainly not fitting for a "Best phone camera" title.
5x zoom isn't that bad, but still noisy, so it's no surprise it can't hold a candle to the P30 Pro, which you also noted in your review.

If you had mentioned the Mi Note 10 as "Best bang for the bug", that would be fine, while mentioning its deficits (no real night mode, poor noisy 2x zoom).
But it's certainly a long shot form being the overall best camera phone.

Speaking of P30 Pro, it DOESN'T have an "Uncertain software future". Even at present conditions, all Huawei devices that came out prior to the trade embargo will still get full Google updates for its life time, so there's nothing uncertain about it.
Right now, more US companies are getting trade exemptions to deal with Huawei again. Microsoft already got one, and Google will probably be right around the corner. So there won't be problems with the Mate 30 Pro either, if you really want to use Google apps - even though there are much better alternatives out there.

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Finally all haters can shut down and accept that mi Note 10 has the best camera.

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JDK, 23 Nov 2019In the IPhone 11 Pro section you mentioned there was autofo... moreNo auto focus on Ultrawide either.

iPhone 11 Pro camera:
Pros: Selfie cam has autofocus
Cons: No AF in selfie cam

  • JDK

In the IPhone 11 Pro section you mentioned there was autofocus on the selfie camera but in the minuses you mentioned that there was no autofocus in the selfie cam.

Who the f need AF in selfie cam that it need to be minus in every phone you listed 🙄