Best gaming phones 2021 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 20 October 2021

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  • Tobi

You guys need to update your gaming features, how can you put iphone as part of the best gaming phone,

JdRDMS, don't think it's gonna happen. Asus gaming phones I believe just take whatever best Snapdragon chip is available and extreme boost that. It's why the ROG 5 Pro has like 72 fps on Gfx bench, way better than others with 888. But yeah, I like the idea. They'll probs just add more software gaming features.
Also, I've said this before but they didn't put Poco here because the Poco is already a flagship killer, and they want to focus on that.

Guys just chill. The reason they left the iPhone 11, mi 10 lite is cuz they still good for gaming on the budget. Give it some time, they'll add the iPhone 12 later. Just look at other articles: Nord 2, Pixel 5a and iPhone 13 came out, you can't expect them to just add these phones all on their lists the next day. DQ, iPhones are just different, they could have no high refresh rate but yet still could be a top gaming alternative just cause they offer great gaming performance. I wouldn't really recommend the Xperia 5 II. Yes, it's a great phone but it just costs way to much for what it is.

I've gotta disagree with the iPhone 11 being on here but not the 12. I'd actually consider the 12 a better buy with its infinitely better screen, faster processor, and 5G support for streaming games and playing online without a Wi-Fi connection. It's also smaller and lighter while having the same screen size. This isn't to mention all the other upgrades the 12 has that make it better when you're not gaming (and if you're spending most of your phone time gaming and barely any time on other features you shouldn't be considering an iPhone anyway). Ceramic Shield, Night Mode on the Ultra Wide and Selfie cams, Dolby Vision recording, and an extra year of software updates (possibly more given the processor node jump from 7 to 5 nm). I'd consider the 12 easily worth the $200 extra Apple's asking for over the 11, and if it were up to me, I'd replace it in a heartbeat, especially because the Red Magic 6R is on there and it doesn't have great battery life (in fact the iPhone 12 actually got a higher score in the battery test than the Red Magic 6R lol, 84 hours vs 76). If you really wanna keep the 11 for a more affordable option, then at least put both the 11 and 12.

Unrelated to the iPhones, what would you guys think if Asus started making their own gaming-optimized chips for the ROG Phone line? I think that'd be pretty sweet. If they worked together with Qualcomm or something at first, the ROG line would probably be able to add better performance to it's list of already long pro list over other gaming phones.

  • CrazyBORG 4.0

SPA1HCKE, 10 Jun 2021What about the Poco f3??? Isn't that quite a gaming ph... moreYeah bro. It's so funny 😂😂.
Poco f3 is super great and on top of that it's really cheap

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2021Rubbish cameras on Poco F3But we are talking about gaming phones

  • CharlieCats

asus rog 5 forthewin!

  • Anonymous

black shark 4 pro!!!
-world powerfull gaming phone
-flagship killer
-king of glory
-ultimate gaming experience
it's very good for gaming,music,videos.,

  • Anonymous

The Razer 2 was the most fragile phone I've owned, apart from that it was great.
My current Black Shark 3 has even better speakers (which I didn't think possible!) but gets no software updates. The BS4 isn't likely to either (plus putting the camera in the screen sucks in games and videos).
The most important feature to me is the sound, yet this is rarely mentioned in any reviews!!

  • Colin

You should insert LG Dual Screen as a value proposition due to its dual-screen game pad. Very good value for either LG V60 or the Velvet.

  • Anonymous

SPA1HCKE, 10 Jun 2021What about the Poco f3??? Isn't that quite a gaming ph... moreRubbish cameras on Poco F3

Why all those Stupid concerns bout No wireless charging so much on Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro? There is no way to wireless charge while playing !!! In Fast charging 120W, 100% in just 15 min !!! Do you really fucking Understand? The time after you pee , your phone is FULLY CHARGE 100% !!!

What about the Poco f3??? Isn't that quite a gaming phone considering the specs it has and it's competition with the iPhone 11.🤨

  • WhySoserious

Where is the Lenovo Legion Dual 2 review???

What about Poco F3 and X3 pro? They have flagship level chipset and performance for gaming

How is the iPhone still in this gaming list? I mean we know iOS has a bunch of quality exclusive and all, and their performance is top notch... but this list should focus on what makes a gaming phone different to any other flagship device.
This list should only include devices with the following features:
- 120Hz display (maybe 90Hz)
- Front facing speakers (at the very least stereo but Front Facing should be a must)
- High touch sampling response
- Unique gaming features (additional triggers / buttons, Heat Suppression, software management etc)

In my opinion, the Xperia 5 II is better deserving of a spot in this list.

This article is meaningless, all iphones with a13 / a14 should be on the list.

  • beep bop boop

Hey Du, 16 Feb 2021Where is the Poco f2 pro?yeah and what bout OP8 pro, iphone 12, S21U, the mi note 10 they reviewed recently

Where is the Poco f2 pro?

AnonD-973296, 24 Jan 2021they should have switched the iphone 11 for the iphone 12 by nownope both can be on the list at the same time cuz a13 is better than s865