Best gaming phones 2020 - buyer’s guide

Last Updated 2 June 2020

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  • Anonymous

Don't bother with rog phone. My speaker phone didn't work and it overheated while on its own charger and I sent it in and they said they would not warranty it as I had lint In the microphone hole from my pcoket. Asus is notorious for not honoring their warranty.

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2020No oneplus 7 pro is the best over all can't you guys see.Are you joking?

  • Anonymous

No oneplus 7 pro is the best over all can't you guys see.

  • Rohit

Andreidinutu, 23 Jul 2020The rog phone 3 is better than the 2Yes it is much better than ROG 2

The rog phone 3 is better than the 2

  • Anonymous

mobileman, 05 Mar 2020i think we dont see over 60 hz screen good point or it is n... moreWhat about galaxy s20 phone is that not gaming phone ? 🤔

  • N1ghtmar3

Why there isn't zte nubia play 5g? That's incredible. It's like budget friendly gaming specificlly phone. I love it and it only coast 330 bucks. Soo...

  • Anonymous

Yeah mate I agree iphone 11 is a great and speedy phone

  • mobileman

i think we dont see over 60 hz screen good point or it is negative.

over 69hz eat alot battery, so i hope 60hx stay,but anyway that no matter what is phone screen hx,it can be drop normal 60hz.

useless jsur 'trend' option,just like iris nad face regonation.

  • Izal

Where k20 pro premium?

  • Jones Sitorus

Please make a buyer's guide for midrange and budget gaming phone

  • Hunter

K think oneplus 7tpro is the best phone of gaming in 2019

I would believe in Realme, as their concern to overcome of heating probs on their products.

  • Lolhaha325

I can't stop thinking about the magneficent 6,000 mAh and the cool 120 hertz display along with the amazing performance of the phone📱.I wish I can have that on my hands since my phone is very old😣

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2019Cmon man, you like that ugly notch on front and gas burner ... moreNotch?????? Where??? You mean bezels?

  • Love the Community

I'mPhone, 28 Nov 2019Seriously? That phone is actually rubbish. Not receiving so... moreWhy u hating when you don't have it. Say it when you really suffered, not because of fear mongering.

  • Anonymous

I'mPhone, 28 Nov 2019Enjoy your brick that is not receiving software updates. Cu... moreSame trolling on YouTube trying to pin ROG 2 into gaming category when OnePlus 7t and 7t pro and pretty much everything in its price segment have been destroyed.

  • Anonymous

I'mPhone, 28 Nov 2019Seriously? That phone is actually rubbish. Not receiving so... moreI see that OnePlus PR & social media team has released trolls across all sites and videos repeating the same old bulls**t about Asus. You are commenting on every Rog 2 article.

Asus is a pioneer in PC gaming, ROG represents Republic of Gamers, part of a premium gaming ecosystem. While OnePlus is a few year old company that has non existent support.

The OnePlus 7 pro was destroyed even before launch.
They are desperate to keep customers.


  • I'mPhone

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2019Pretty much a home run for Asus. Seriously? That phone is actually rubbish. Not receiving software updates (refer to the forums, the latter relying on XDA Developers modding the OS which voids warranty and makes device security questionable), poor reliability (no IP rating, dust can enter the phone), and ovehyped and expensive accessories (display cube is even crap). Poor aftersales and difficulty to repair renders it one overrated but idiotic phone. Ipad Pro is still faster, just the fact you'll need to bear with screen size, weight, and build quality

  • I'mPhone

X User, 24 Nov 2019Well, ROG Phone II user here. I can only say I am very very... moreROG Phone is only worthwhile only for gaming, the latter losing out to an iPad Pro. ROG Phone is not even receiving regular software updates, go check Asus forums and people complain of not receiving it. Dust can enter the camera too, so reliability is questionable. You have the cool accessories, some of which aren't necessary and too costly. Just a waste of money and effort. You have yes, the iPhone 11, then the OnePlus 7T, or cheaper Mi 9,K20 Pro (9T Pro) or some other Chinese OEMs. Asuck needs to care more about its customers.