Best smartphones of 2020 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 11 May 2020

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  • Anonymous

GSMARENA should please don't forget that their are Huawei fans in this page,imagine Huawei not even surfacing on the list even the best camera group it is unfair.ppf

  • tm

S20 best phone and best camera. Hahahahahahahaha. On what planet?

  • prediction

Motorola is in a very sweet spot atm. They reach a level where they can build phones that are flagship enough. They have better prices, cleaner OS, and are possibly the only western alternative to Samsung phones which people start to be tired of (think bixby, duplicated software, minimal improvement from generation to generation, huge prices). In 2-3 years we might see that the best Android phone will be a Motorola.

  • Daiquiri Melã

This list doesn't take into account the support longevity and the bloatware-free dimensions. too bad.

Android One phones the way to go, more than specs

  • Piotr Marcinkowski

Somewhat strange that oppo find x2 pro is not included here

mjmartin, 25 Apr 2020Recommendations for best Android with a FLAT screen?? Preferably... moreProbably go for the Realme X50 Pro

  • cherry

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2020Any relevant recommendations? Xiaomi mi 9se is not manufactured ... moreTry Samsung S10e, it is not that expensive. If you get the Snapdragon version it is amazing.

  • cherry

mjmartin, 25 Apr 2020Recommendations for best Android with a FLAT screen?? Preferably... moreI would go with Xiaomi mi 9 or Xiaomi mi 9t Pro, both with flat screen, good size and have last year's best Snapdragon 855. I got a mi 9 last year for 350€, best buy for the price. It also has a better DXOMARK that iPhone 11 (110 points vs 109). I had both devices and I can say they have very similar camera capabilities, while I prefere the way I could personalize Xiaomi.

  • Anonymous

Any relevant recommendations? Xiaomi mi 9se is not manufactured for months. No other alternative for compact phones but the overpriced Samsung and Sony.

  • mjmartin

Recommendations for best Android with a FLAT screen?? Preferably Android 10 with Snapdragon.

  • L.

How come nearly all of the recommended phones are not waterproof?
I plan on going out when the quarantine is over :(

  • Vicky

@gsmarena: Ur website is one of my favorites for mobile review. I am eager to see if u can pls give a Top 10 best flagship smartphones ranking system like some websites do.

  • Pol

Best 'Music' smartphone?

Guys, you need to update this list

  • Anonymous

With the new releases I think you either need to update this article or add a timestamp at the top for the last update. Both would be perfect.

  • AnonD-833125

Best smartphone is the one that you can afford.

  • Anonymous

incredibleman, 15 Mar 2020Yeah.. great list of phones. But are they real SMART phones? An... more1. Huawei P20 does it in 1 swipe and 1 tap
2. This doesn't necessarily make a smartphone "smart". The feature you want isn't something everybody wants. Not having music controls on top of your phone doesn't make a phone less appealing.
3. That's just plain distracting if you're doing a lot of reading. A simple swipe-down on the notifs bar is essentially the same. If you're changing music, you're already distracted anyway. Why have your cute little marquee up top?
4. There's such a thing as Glove Mode. Look it up
5. You can hold your phone without covering it when watching films. Who'd want to watch a movie on a small screen like your BB Q10 when you can do it portrait mode on a Note10+? The Note10+ still has a wider screen on portrait than your BB Q10.
6. Bring a powerbank.
7. This only happens using specialized cables, but yes, there is. Ever heard of Samsung DeX?
8. Even BB's of the old slowed down at 90% capacity. Desktop PCs slow down on 90% RAM, and people call them "smart".
9. Get a case, but yeah, there is.
10. Scaled up (due to inflation), the price of your BB Q10 back then would likely be relatively similar to the price of a mid-range phone nowadays.

Lemme ask you: is your Q10's original manufacturer still in the phone race? No? Yeah, didn't think so. The makers of your Q10 aren't so smart after all now, are they?

  • Gandalfdenvite

Smartphones are no longer interesting, they all feel like "old technology", already fast smartphones get marginally faster unnoticeable i daily use, and already good enough cameras get a little better, all you can do with a smartphone today you could do with smartphones ten years ago, but "flagships" get extremely ridiculously more expensive today!
I visit this page hoping to find something new, ten years ago I could always read about something "revolutionary", but I no longer find anything worth my money!

MeMyselfAndI, 17 Jan 2020Sony Xperia 1 is the most underrated phone of 2019. It si simply... moreUnderrated? One of the best phones for sure but with that exorbitant price there is no chance Sony would sell a lot. Sony doesnt have the brand recognition so they have to sell at a lower price to sell their phone.

anyway, why would they remove the 3.5mm jack if they have got it back after two years? stupid decision on Sony's part.

  • Anonymous

The links for amazon's Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ are "renewed" listings. It is not fair to compare to the others selling as "new", specially when a new Note 10+ is twice the cost compared to most of the other phones in this list.

As for what "renewed" means, it is literally anything that works and looks new, the actual quality of the product can wildly vary and the 90-days warranty reflects that. This is not the same as refurbish (even tho you can be lucky and get a refurbished unit)