Best smartphones of 2019 - buyer’s guide

22 Nov 2019

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One suggestion: hyperlink the mobile specifications page in the name of the phones in the list.

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WAPC1, 05 Dec 2019Yeah but no dedicated sd card slot. And it's still $900+ here in... moreWhat difference does a dedicated slot makes?
No one buys 512gb or 1tb SD cards since they are expensive.
Most people just connect a pendrive or Hdd to the phone through USB Otg.

Plus there is a 5 dollar accessory you can purchase from Amazon that makes the hybrid slot accept two sims and SD card as well.

Whackcar, 23 Nov 2019There is actually a phone that fulfill all your requirements. It... moreYeah but no dedicated sd card slot. And it's still $900+ here in Australia.

X2 Pro 12/256 at my place is 573$ vs OP 7T 8/128 at 621$. Which of these 2 would you guys suggest?

  • tom

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2019It's clear your just a OnePlus fanboiii. Plenty of sellers shi... moreI can't tell if you're trolling or just so hung on the asus hype that don't want to hear any criticism. I'm not a oneplus fanboy. The 7t is my first oneplus phone. I used the Asus Rog2 phone for a month before selling it. I'm not repeating some made up statements or anything - I actually used the phone. The rog 2 is super fast and the 120hz is way better than 90hz. The front-facing speakers and the air triggers are sweet. I'm not arguing that, but the overall software experience is lackluster - I had issues with apps working on mobile data on both the worldwide and the chinese roms. Call quality is sub-par even after one of the last updates, which fixed it a little. LTE coverage had issues on WW ROM in comparison to the stock ROM. The brigthness of the screen wasn't super even with the bottom part of the display being a bit brighter and with yellowish tint. Grey colors turn red when you dim the screen at high refresh rate.

Stop trying to sell it as if its perfect and has no issues at all. It is a very fast phone with high specs, but definitely not perfect and definitely not for everyone, unless you're a kid who just wants to play games.

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2019Enjoying my ROG 2, having no issues at all. It's clear you are ... moreI'm not a fanboy son. Ease up on the words you choose. Don't act naive. Just because someone doesn't agrees with you, you call them some fancy term. Awful

tom, 27 Nov 2019Well, no brand recognition and awful aftersales support is a bit... moreIn India atleast, Asus's after sales service is below average. OnePlus has a very strong presence with plenty of experience stores, service centers and community support

  • LP780

My personal opinion:

Naturally caliberated AMOLED with FHD/QHD res. & 90-120Hz Refresh rate.
Notch free,Small bezels around.

Build- Metal or least Matte finish Polycarbonate.Glasses is fragile thats why i dont like them on backpanel.
Unique & Beautiful design.

Quad cam:Main,UW,Tele,Night sensor like XZ2 premium
with a ToF sensor
Natural colours,skin tones,good detail preservation.

Battery- 4500-5000mAh

Dual front Stereo speakers

Dedicated MicroSD+3.5 mm Jack

Fast,smooth,bloatfree UI close to Stock android or anything pleasing to use (I hate all chinese UIs that prevent me from buying their phones)

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tom, 28 Nov 2019You're still not hearing me. I don't need to pay 15 bucks more. ... moreIt's clear your just a OnePlus fanboiii.
Plenty of sellers shipping with international ROM as well.

Do you know how many people struggle to flash update via OTA? usually they end up downloading the update file through link and then they open that downloaded file through system updater app to upgrade.

Most users are forced to reduce from 90hz to 60hz coz of poor battery on OnePlus. It's not just the refresh rate but other things Asus worked on that makes this pleasure to use over some other ordinary 90hz panel. You have to personally use it.

You and others are repeating the same talking points.
It's clear OnePlus PR and social media team desperate to prove that Rog at 550$ is worse buy than 7t. Even The 7T pro was destroyed before launch. OnePlus just doing damage control.

OnePlus desperate to collect the fragments of their customers. The most laughable part is that a few year old OnePlus is a well known brand(according to trolls) compared to Asus which is a pioneer in PC gaming and peripherals.

egal, 27 Nov 2019What about Nokia? You get an excellent phone with Android One fo... moreadd 30 dollar more and brought nokia 5.1 plus, much better than this scrap.

  • tom

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2019Man you can get it done at any phone repair shop. Usually they ... moreYou're still not hearing me. I don't need to pay 15 bucks more. I flashed it myself and had issues. You're claiming that flashing the WW Rom makes it exactly as the global version but it doesn't. You don't have OTA updates, there are issues with the connectivity and certain apps, you still have missing LTE bands. I had the phone, used it for a month and sold it. I'm basing my opinion off my experience with the phone. I'm telling you that if you put a oneplus 7t and rog 2 tencent on a table next to each other and tell 1000 random people to try them out and also explain to them that the rog might potentially have issues with apps like youtube, gmaps etc. and required paying someone to flash or reading through online forums and them having to search for the new updates and flashing them manually every time (or do you suggest people paying 10-15 bucks to someone every time there's a new update?), 990 of the people will go for the oneplus, of course also for being much lighter and more comfortable to use with one hand.

I miss the air triggers and the 120hz display as 90hz is more of a gimmick and the difference becomes a lot more noticeable above 100hz, but can't deal with no OTA and other issues. I did that for more than a year with my Leeco Le Pro 3 which was the flagship killer to have 3 years ago, but I can't be bothered anymore and most people wouldn't euither.

And I'm in Europe not the US, so I don't even miss the lte bands. I got my 8/256 oneplus 7t for the equivalent of 35k rupees ($490) and I'm perfectly happy as it is with an actual global ROM and OTA updates and no difference at all with the 8/128 "global" version selling for 650 euro ($715) in my local stores.

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tom, 28 Nov 2019You're not hearing me. Most people buying a new phone won't go t... moreMan you can get it done at any phone repair shop.
Usually they also have someone (software guy) who exists in the shop to flash firmware, rooting, etc. They charge you 10-15$ for this stuff.

So even complete noobs can get it done for 15$. No need to pay 400$ extra. Plenty of people from North America and Europe have done the same. It's the consumers choice, either spend 15$ extra or pay 400$ extra.

Plus, in my country (India) it is available for 38k which is same as OnePlus 7t, and it Destroys every other phone in its price segment. And yeah it is running global ROM out of the box. None of the issues you mentioned. USA isn't the entire world brah. Just because ROG 2 is expensive in US doesn't mean it doesn't destroy competition in other parts of the globe.

pt020, 25 Nov 2019Lucky me my phone is not in this list. Me too bro LMAO!
But at least X2 pro is on the list, which is the sister model of my oppo reno ace

Adlula, 28 Nov 2019Asus only launch 2 phones, with their own strong and unique char... moreI love Asus ideas. But their phones are all not balance with super standout features and obvious shortage.
But if they start to make the balance phone, they are not Asus anymore.
Contradictory. Looking forward to ROG 3

  • tom

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2019You can flash global version firmware on tencent version. No ne... moreYou're not hearing me. Most people buying a new phone won't go to xda and read all the treads discussing the CN and WW Roms and fingerprints. And after going through all of that, having to download and flash on their own every new update. Not to mention the underlying issues like not having good LTE coverage and speed, stuff like some google apps and Youtube working only on wi-fi. It's not just me - other people are also complaining on xda.

The ROG 2 Tencent Edition is a phone for enthusiasts, not for the average consumer. An all-rounder phone is a phone that is good at many things and while not being the best at all of them, it doesn't have any glaring issues and shortcomings. The ROG 2 Tencent Edition is not that with its limited LTE band support, no OTA updates unless you use a stock Chinese ROM and the phone was never flashed, issues with popular apps like Youtube, etc. They should have done what Oneplus does and have the same phone for all markets and consumers being able to flash any localised version of the firmware and still having OTA updates.

  • keep trying

WAPC1, 23 Nov 2019My preferred phone don't exist 1. Expandable storage dedicated ... moreAnd it never will exist.

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tom, 27 Nov 2019Well, no brand recognition and awful aftersales support is a bit... moreYou can flash global version firmware on tencent version.
No need to spend the extra 400$.

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Saadhin, 27 Nov 2019Huawei Mate 30 Pro: Am I Joke to you? - Best camera in a Mobile... moreBest Ultrawide on the market.

  • Adlula

Asus only launch 2 phones, with their own strong and unique characteristics. And this is the proof. They just need to improve their camera performance

Sonu4678, 27 Nov 2019"Or you are just being fanboying on Sony?", where did that come ... moreIt is because people are becoming more aware of new innovations rather than being ordinary, that is.

Also, introduce your fanboyism here.