Best smartphones of 2020 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 1 December 2020

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Yeah, enjoy your notches and no headphone socket! :P

Only phone worth considering is the Sony Xperia 1 II.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2020Samsung number 1 in flagship and flagship killer. They sma... moreI don't think s20 fe is flagship killer it's more like a high end

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2020GSMArena is forgetting the craftsman phone category - the r... morenokia 3310 would win ALL THE TIME lol

  • LasVegas1

users reviews seems to have different opinion. I trust them more

  • TechGeek

2020 has been a very beneficial year for Samsung, so I am not surprised that they have stolen a lot of these categories. I really do think that the S20 Fan Edition was a real flagship killer, and it was probably one of the best value phones this year. I agree with the placement of the Realme 6 as it offers a lot of features, but I do think that if you can stretch your budget and buy the Realme 7 5G, it will make it worth it. It has a better chipset and is ready for the future. The Xiaomi is great value as well, especially for £150/$150.

  • Anonymous

Samsung number 1 in flagship and flagship killer. They smashed it well done

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GSMArena is forgetting the craftsman phone category - the rugged phone that will withstand almost any kind of abuse. I have the Ulefone Armor X7 Pro. Its dirt cheap but alright.

  • Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2020I'm confused on the Premium all-rounder... I thought t... moreGood

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HB, 20 Dec 2020Best compact phone: The Galaxy Z Flip. True that it acts like a ladies compact but I doubt these cheap chinese subpar phone lovers would appreciate the price and constantly complain even though it would be the best compact.

  • HB

Best compact phone: The Galaxy Z Flip.

  • Anonymous

I'm confused on the Premium all-rounder... I thought this is the best entry to 5G phone which most people voted for the OnePlus Nord? How can Moto Edge won given the history of their near non existent software update? Given both are similar phones?

I own Sony Xperia Xa2 Ultra. I know my smartphone is GSM, but is it GSMA or GSMT? Important because I am changing Wireless Service Provider.

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Zaxk34, 18 Oct 2020Find X2 Pro or Xperia 5 II or S20+? I came from Samsung S8... moreI gave my kid my Galaxy S8 and it's still going strong. Constantly on TikTok watching garbage and the battery lasts as what is expected imo.

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Lead2XL, 20 Nov 2020Most of these phones, other than the Realme 6, have under d... moreIt's no wonder people like yourself prefer the inexpensive phones vs the quality that Samsung and Apple put out their (can't believe I promoted Apple in any way, yuck) but if you would pay the extra for a proper premium phone than you wouldn't need to buy 2 phones a year.
Just sayin'.

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lol, 24 Nov 2020imo this list should start with number 4 this year and leav... moreYou're just sour that Samsung is finally getting recognized for the outstanding quality of their phones that have been neglected to incorporate cheaper versions to keep the market competitive.

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ME, 04 Dec 2020Where is the Sony Xperia 5II ?Yeah

  • Hurdles

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2020Best near stock Android/ stock Android/ Android one phones ... moreMoto Edge +

  • ME

Where is the Sony Xperia 5II ?

Hard to find great flat oled + snap phones.

  • lol

imo this list should start with number 4 this year and leave first 3 empty for lack of innovation.