Best smartphones of 2024 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 2 May 2024

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s24 ultra best phone

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    • Anonymous
    • 7tT
    • 14 Jun 2024

    GSMArena team, it's high time you update the buyer guides

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      • nih
      • 03 Jun 2024

      Terminatorjump, 29 May 2024OnePlus 12 best all-rounder periodOneplus is nothing but another BBK sub-brand with even worse customer support. Wouldn't touch one with heavy duty gloves on.

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        • Raghuvarv
        • rJj
        • 31 May 2024

        I find the absence of the Motorola G34 here to be surprising.

        In some places, the G34 is currently going for USD 144-180 (about Euro 133-166) for the 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM version. Its build quality and performance for the price class are nearly unmatched, and it comes with close-to-stock Android with fast storage for the price class. It has decent main and selfie cameras (at least for the price class), good battery back-up, and stereo speakers plus 3.5mm headphone jack. It also has excellent wi-fi reception (though it is wi-fi 5 and not 6), dual band GPS (not all markets), and NFC (not all markets). And, on top of all that, it supports more 4G/5G bands and has stronger signal reception than most other phones in this price class, and there are also eSIM + 1 physical SIM versions available in some countries (which essentially turns the memory card slot from a hybrid to a dedicated one).

        Pretty much the only things wrong I can point out with this phone are the 720p display (albeit a very good 720p display) and the slow 18 Watt charging (takes 2 hours for a full charge) when Motorola themselves have provided the same SOC in another model with 33 Watt charging.

        Dear GSM Arena, please consider a full review of the G34. I'm sure you'll come to the same conclusion. I mean... That the Motorola G23 and G14 are present on this list, but the only slightly more expensive but immensely superior G34 isn't?

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          • Terminatorjump
          • m1T
          • 29 May 2024

          OnePlus 12 best all-rounder period

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            • T the Tinkerer
            • mFd
            • 18 May 2024

            When listing a 'best in US market' pick, please choose and Android phone as well as Apple product. Some people have their entire app library in Android and Apple products are out of the equation.

              Nitin , 14 Apr 2024thanks for the list update! you should do it more periodica... moreNothing has changed.

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                • O S
                • XB5
                • 01 May 2024

                I would love to see a Tablets buyer's guide

                  No mention of the X100 Pro in battery champions, flagships or cameraphones? Not even the Find X7 Ultra in the cameraphone category? Dunno how to feel about this. Happy to see the Xiaomi 14 Ultra in some sections, just weirded out by the lack of Vivo or Oppo but ig their availability must've influenced the judgement. Hope they at least review the X100 Ultra.

                  But really happy to see Nothing in the best midrange all rounders! THIS should've been their first phone, would've been different from how the Apple-ish looking camera module and a great midrange phone for the price with nothing substantial to complain about.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • mx1
                    • 19 Apr 2024

                    too many apple products,overrated

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                      • Reza
                      • apI
                      • 14 Apr 2024

                      I think this is Downdate No Update

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                        • Nitin
                        • CbF
                        • 14 Apr 2024

                        thanks for the list update! you should do it more periodically, I genuinely wait for the buyer's guide!!!

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                          • Ji
                          • FnF
                          • 13 Apr 2024

                          Why are you not updating the list please?

                            AnonF-1006353, 10 Apr 2024They must be kidding us.. iphone like 4 times #1 wtfXiaomi 6 times

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                              • AnonF-1006353
                              • JBi
                              • 10 Apr 2024

                              lol, 20 Mar 2024iphone leading camera phones WTFThey must be kidding us.. iphone like 4 times #1 wtf

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                                • 10th April 2024
                                • fxT
                                • 10 Apr 2024

                                Buyer's Guide not updated. Date,

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                                  • Audioboy15
                                  • LCJ
                                  • 09 Apr 2024

                                  Why don,t upgrade your list?

                                    Hello, I got OnePlus 12 two days ago, and came without charger, the charger I have Xiaomi 33 watt, the question is, is it good to use to charge my phone or it may affect the battery life also what tips can be used to increase battery life

                                      oh come on GSMArena Team, this buyer's guide need to update.. 😄😄

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                                        • MP6
                                        • 05 Apr 2024

                                        2024 edition please?