Best smartphones of 2021 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 20 October 2021

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  • patoka

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2019Good phone but we all know that Rog 2 has destroyed the One... moreLO It doesn't. How do I know? Coz I just replaced my ROG 2 with Oneplus 7T. The thing with the ROG 2 Tencent Edition is that you either go with the Chinese firmware filled with bloatware, untranslated stuff, missing Armory Crate functions, and more, and keep the OTA updates or go with the WW ROM, which has LTE issues, no OTA, no easy manual update unless you change the fingerprint of the firmware (which absolutely no average consumer will go through) and more. And the camera is ridiculously bad - GCam is better but it suffers random freezes and crashes and every time you use the zoom the resolution resets to 48mp.

Yeah, the ROG 2 has better speakers, 3.5mm jack, air triggers, awesome battery life and other cool stuff but the Tencent Edition has a lot of shortcomings and is more of a niche product. The global version surely will be better but it no longer costs more than double what the 7t does currently. And the 7T works well out of the box with no firmware issues, going through pages of xda threads and risking to brick your phone. And believe me, most people will choose something that has timely OTA updates, doesn't require any in-depth android knowledge and has no software shortcomings because the specs and all the bells and whistles mean nothing if the overall software experience is sub-par

  • Anonymous

Best flagship killers 2019 .... Lenovo z6 PRO 128GB 8GB RAM - $315 AliExpress... Everywhere is underestimated...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2019Good phone but we all know that Rog 2 has destroyed the One... moreRog phone2 is not an all rounder,,performance is good,,camera is not that good

  • pt020

Lucky me my phone is not in this list.

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2019Most people on budget phones and even flagships use gcam mo... more"Most people" are not geeks. They don't visit GSMA like us. There are not interested in technical details.

  • Anonymous

Aakash7T, 23 Nov 2019I have been using the OnePlus 7T from over a month now and ... moreGood phone but we all know that Rog 2 has destroyed the OnePlus 7t at that same price

  • Anonymous

Reatmos, 25 Nov 2019I think because ASUS ROG PHONE II has 120Hz Display. That i... more10% battery life sacrifice isn't worse when you compared to how much the user experience is enhanced.

  • Anonymous

Sonu4678, 25 Nov 2019Most people don't use Gcam mods so that's irrelevant. It's ... moreMost people on budget phones and even flagships use gcam mod since it improves picture quality by a huge margin.
200$ Smartphones matching flagship quality phones in 90% of cases. Why wouldn't people install it.
It is available for 80-90% of Android phones.

I am really eager to read your review of the Xiaomi mi note 8T. Especially to use your image comparison tool and figure out how it compares with my favorite ones in the same price range.
So far my preferred one for the camera is the Moto G7plus - but this phone suffers from a too low autonomy - so I will be also interested to see your test of the Moto G8 plus that feature a decent battery.
I have been disappointed by mi note 8 pro camera

  • User

LG V series and G series phones are very good and premium. far better than other branded android phones.

  • Anonymous

With phones getting heavier that not everyone wants and some regions not getting some of the highly rated phones these polls don't mean a lot to me.

My best smartphone doesn't exist.

1. Screen: FLAT, AMOLED, 68-69 mm of width, 1440p, 18-21:9, no rounded corners, 120 Hz.
2. Design: like Meizu 16s Pro, no notch, no punch-hole, no pop-up selfie camera, rear camera in the corner, round 6-element flash; black color, no fancy bs, no company name; titanium frame, ceramic back, maximum reliability.
3. Selfie camera: ultra-wide, crops for normal photos.
4. Rear camera: biggest possible 12 MP sensor for main camera, telephoto, ultra-wide, all with OIS.
5. Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi ac, NFC with Google Pay support, dual-band A-GPS, USB 3.1.
6. Features: fingerprint scanner, no face recognition bs; don't care about headphone jack and microSD cards.
7. Battery: 5000 mAh, 30W+ wired charging, 15W+ wireless charging.
8. Specs: SD855 or more, 8+ Gb of RAM, 128+ Gb of UFS 3.0+ storage, best possible fan-less cooling.

If I was fantasizing:

- OLED type screen with RGBW full count subpixels (saving on both black and white colors; no PenTile);
- one big rear camera 12 MP sensor with different lenses: main, two telephotos, ultra-wide.

Geric.770, 25 Nov 2019GCam mods are laughing at your comment.Most people don't use Gcam mods so that's irrelevant. It's better to look at the default configuration.

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2019How is the ROG phone 2 not the #1 battery phone? It has the... moreI think because ASUS ROG PHONE II has 120Hz Display. That is more worse for battery than 60Hz Display for ASUS Zenfone 6. Of course, the battery capacity of the ASUS ROG PHONE II and the amoled are better than the ASUS Zenfone 6. However, I think the 120Hz display is worse than their advantages in battery efficiency.

  • tom

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2019Most people who reviewed the phone are using older software... moreI'm not talking about reviewers and the paid dxomark score. I tries them both and the mate 40 pro is way better. Yeah, the mi note 10 pro pics definitely looked better than the pics of xiaomi cc9 pro that gsmarena posted in their preview but still can't compete with the huawei. Yeah, there is the occasional photo that manages to look better but 9 out of 10 times the mate will produce a more natural and detailed photo. The 108Mp sensor has potential and probably samsung will realise it in s11 but then the p40 pro will be out and they'll have to compete with it. Right now the mate 30 pro is the king.

  • AnonD-873534

Best smartphone buyers guide. Really liked the pros & cons display

Sonu4678, 24 Nov 2019Those numbers do not mean anything, have a better look at i... moreGCam mods are laughing at your comment.

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2019You're living in 2017. Wake upYour brain is living in 2017 B.C. Wake up. Not everyone has hands bigger than a salad plate.

  • Anonymous

tom, 25 Nov 2019LOL That's hilarious. Have you actually tried both phones c... moreMost people who reviewed the phone are using older software, latest update especially global version has different results.

  • tom

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2019In every condition, the detail is just better, better focus... moreLOL That's hilarious. Have you actually tried both phones coz I have. The Mate 30 Pro completely destroys the Mi Note 10. It's not even close in every lightning condition and in both the main and the wide-angle lens. Just take two pictures side by side and zoom them in. Absolutely no one who you show the pictures will tell you the Mate 30 Pro is close second. They'll laugh at you