Best smartphones of 2020 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 1 December 2020

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Whackcar, 22 Nov 2019You wrote Mi Note 10 as the No.1 Camera Phone? That's just ... moreAre you nuts? Ni note 10 got highest number at DXO... That's why it's here..

I have been using the OnePlus 7T from over a month now and I wholeheartedly agree with Gsmarena on this one. This is the best and the fastest phone I have ever used hands down. The cameras are decent, the battery life is good, the performance is blazingly fast and OnePlus's resale value is good too. Very nice deal at $529 or Rs38000 in India

  • dfv

yup pretty much agree with the list here less a few differences on the mid range part.
Now if only my wallet would agree with my mind sometimes but it is rather stubborn 99% of the time. Then again it helps keep me in check.

Palmu, 23 Nov 2019Pretty much on the same boat here. Except no need for wirel... moreCharging ports break far too often and require (sometimes a pricey) replacement. Also it's a whole lot easier just to put your phone somewhere instead of plugging it it.

Of course, if you're swapping your phone every year or two you'll never notice that.

  • Palmu

The Voice of Reason, 23 Nov 2019The best smartphone of 2019 doesn't exist. It's a phone ... morePretty much on the same boat here. Except no need for wireless charging.

But everybody has their own opinion of best smartphone.

  • Note9 User

Great, just in time for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday.

All buyer's guides, useful for anyone looking for an older model:

The best smartphone of 2019 doesn't exist.

It's a phone with:
* headphone jack
* a 90-120Hz refresh rate AMOLED screen with 16x9 ratio and FullHD+ resolution
* dual SIM
* stereo speakers
* no notch nonsense
* wireless charging
* at least four years of guaranteed updates
* a large battery (at least 4500mAh)
* user-replaceable battery which is easy to buy

Some come close but nothing matches these requirements. Everything on the market today exists to make you buy a new smartphone sooner rather later.

  • patoka

Btw, I just saw that the EU warehouse oneplus 7T just sold out on giztop and is on pre-order now. If someone else decides to jump on that ship or another thing they're selling, don't forget to use the "gtre4" code for additional 4% discount

Whackcar, 22 Nov 2019You wrote Mi Note 10 as the No.1 Camera Phone? That's just ... more100% agree. Hands down both Mate 30 Pro & Iphone 11 Pro Max is the king of 2019 smartphone camera with their own respectable forte.

Mi Note 10 is close, but no way its quality surpass those two.

  • patoka

I'm sorry but there are 2 better flagship killers than the realme x 2 pro, especially given that you comment about EU availability. First, the oneplus 7T 8/256 model can currently be bought for around 445 euro (shipping included) from the European warehouse of Giztop in Germany, so no customs taxes and such and is better deal than the realme given its software experience. And also the ROG 2 can be bought for around 460 eur again available in Europe - yeah, with global version of the software that doesn't support OTA, so you have to update it manually, but still that's a ROG 2 for half the price of the global version.

Mi 9t pro vs the Realme X2 pro for flagship killer then the X2 pro had e higher points. Nice work from these Chinese companies.

  • Dr.Jones

These phones are missing i think :
-Realme 5 Pro
-Galaxy M10s
-Galaxy A50
-Mate 20 Pro
-Moto G8 Plus
-Redmi note 8 pro

You wrote Mi Note 10 as the No.1 Camera Phone? That's just absurd. If you don't wanna write a Huawei phone, then you could've at least named the iPhone 11 Pro. It would've been closer to reality.

If there was the title of best smartphone overall, mateX would be best choice, as it came with hi end cameras doubling as selfie while giving more screen in foldable fashion. Can only imagine the sales if it were not for a ban.